How People See You When You're Big and Black

I’m big, I’m black, and I’ve become well aware of how those things shape the way people see me, what they assume about me, and how they treat me. On Being Big My first vivid memories of body shame came in fourth grade. At nine, I was tall and chubby. Kids were constantly jumping on me for piggyback rides without permission. I guess they assumed I could handle their weight. They thought it was fun. I hated it. ...more
Miss CeCe: Bravo, well written!  The title caught my eye and drew me in thinking I would find ...more

Dear 'Unapologetically Fattist' Daily Mail Writer: I Am Unapologetically Human

The average newborn is 7.5 pounds. I came into the world at 10 pounds, so you might say I’ve been a Plus Size Princess since the beginning. I was eight when I began feeling bigger than the other girls. I was 12 when my pediatrician wrinkled her nose and bluntly told my mother that I was fat. I’ve been dieting, losing weight … and gaining more back ever since. ...more
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Plus Size Prom & Formal Dresses

Two of my Plus Size Princesses recently asked me about plus size formal dresses. Naomi is looking for a prom dress, and Rose is on the hunt for plus size wedding guest dresses (so am I!). Their emails got me thinking about how hard it is to find trendy, plus size formal dresses, especially if you’re on a budget. So I grabbed a few of my blogger boos of different shapes, sizes, and styles, and we created a plus size formal look book for you, with ideas for prom and other fancy events. ...more
There are all of the dresses.more

My First Plus Size Fashion Look Book!

Here are a few looks that I’ve been rocking this month. Let me know what you think! Black & White Dress: Black Cardigan: Pink Pashmina:.. ....more

Curvy Yoga Party: February 15th @ 1pm! NYC | Plus Size Fitness

Thank you to everyone who shared my response to “that” xoJane article last week. After reading many comments about my fellow plus size princesses who are uncomfy in yoga classes, I... Read more at! ...more

My Favorite Plus Size Lingerie & Plus Size Corsets | Valentines Day 2014

Before I got boo’d up, I would purchase sexy plus size bras and stick them in the back of my drawer with a deep “I can’t wait till I get a boyfriend” sigh. One day, the light... Read more at! ...more

Getting Out of Our Comfort Zones | Thank You

Can we talk a little bit about comfort zones today? On the way home last night, I began thinking about what it takes to get out of your comfort zone. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while,.. ....more

To the XOJane Writer of "There Are No Black People In My Yoga Class"

This is my my response to Jen Caron's post on yesterday, called "IT HAPPENED TO ME: THERE ARE NO BLACK PEOPLE IN MY YOGA CLASSES AND I’M SUDDENLY FEELING UNCOMFORTABLE WITH IT." Here is an excerpt of what she wrote: ...more
Wow!  That was about the most powerful post I've read in a long time.  I was moved by your ...more


Below is my response to Jen Carons post about taking Yoga with a “fairly heavy black woman” on xojane yesterday. Here is an excerpt of what she wrote: A few weeks ago, as I settled into... Read more at! ...more

Preppy & Prepping for Spring | Plus Size Fashion

*Yawn* My winter style has me bored. This polar vortex is forcing me to dress for function more than fashion so I feel like I’m in an endless rotation of black tights, boots and big coats.... Read more at! ...more