7 Ways to Change the World on Human Rights Day

Here's a quick game of Have You Ever: Have you ever written a rant post? Have you ever written a critical tweet? Have you ever shared a strong opinion not everyone agrees with? Have you written about an election or your government? Have you ever openly dared to be different? If you can say yes to any of these, and you are still living freely without jail time, isolation, whippings or worse, then you likely live in a society that values the freedom of expression. Not every blogger is so fortunate. ...more
Thank you for the post. I wrote out 12 letters yesterday and sent them out. Reading each case in ...more

A Story of Migrants

I originally posted this as "Night Train to Germany" over on my personal blog. Shortly after, a friend shared in the comments news about 71 people found suffocated in the back of a truck along a road linking Budapest to Vienna, men women and children. So I'm sharing that blog post here as well. The flood of migrants is no doubt a strain on resources and poses a massive question of what to do with all these people but we cannot ever forget that they are people. I'm was deeply sorry to hear the new of this discovered truck, and it made me think of those families I saw on the night train to Germany....more

Your 2025 Blogging Time Capsule

Have you ever considered what your last blog post will be? Just recently while sailing on a transatlantic ship during the night, while the waves were pounding the boat and we rocked back and forth in our beds, the question on my mind was this: If we were to sink, my very last blog post would be about waiting in LaGuardia airport, using the $7 a day internet. It would be a final snapshot. But really, is that what I want to go out with? Paid internet? No. Definitely not. ...more

Forget SEO: 10 Better Reasons to Blog

You've probably come across posts listing reasons people and businesses should blog. SEO, branding, etc. Those lists are practical and have useful advice around building an audience. But here's the thing: the very best blogging I've ever encountered has had nothing to do with brands or being seen or newsletter growth or client acquisition. The very best posts I've ever read have been from the heart, and have beautifully touched upon elements of life too easily missed. With that in mind, here are my top ten reasons why blogging really matters. ...more
turtlehead thanks Lynn. Your post about the checkout girl was one of my inspirations in writing ...more

8 Simple Tips For Starting Your Own Podcast

It was just over a year ago that my friend, Kevin, said to me: "Hey, why won't we start a podcast for writers?" At the time, I barely knew what "podcast" meant. I'd been playing with a blog and Twitter account to promote local writers, so I had a platform (then called Ottawa Writes). But podcasting? What was that? ...more
Just wanted to let folks know that there is a support group for women podcasters on ...more

Bechdel Test Your Writing

Have you heard of the Bechdel Test? Well this week we take on another Write Along Challenge by turning the Bechdel Test, normally used for movies, into a easy Writing Exercise for you writers. All we’re asking you to do is stop and consider your narrative, characters and how you tell stories. That's not too much to ask, right?...more

How to Craft a Memoir

Today’s interview gets emotional as we dive into the area of writing memoirs. From a workplace’s secret investigation, broken public systems, publishing a diary, to receiving haters online – today we are so honored to interview and share the story and memoir writing process of Shannon Hernandez, author of My Final Forty Days as a Public School Teacher....more

10 Things to Do While Waiting for Test Results

1. Knit. Can’t tell you exactly why you should knit, except that I’ve noticed that some extremely resilient people knit during the hardest of times. Even in that book Tale of Two Cities, the women knit their way through crazy revolution (and transmitted secret messages). So, when waiting – Knit. Of course if you are like me it’s more like 1) Find knitting needles and yarn, 2) Try to knit, 3) Abandon knitting. ...more
I love this.more

Stop Skinny Bashing

I was at work the other day when a work colleague began talking about Cher. She picked up some magazine, and expressed relief that Cher had finally put on weight. “Finally she’s gained weight! She was way too skinny. It’s unhealthy to be skinny. I feel so much better now that I have more weight,” she explained to a colleague. “I used to be thin like that and it’s not healthy, I’m much stronger now. It’s not good to be skinny.” ...more

Tying Strings Together with a Professional Site

Way back when I started blogging as Bumpyboobs on Wordpress, I never considered my brand or platform. It was really just about getting out experiences and sharing that online. Then I started my Twitter account with the same approach – just go to it! And then there were the Facebook pages: my writing page, my online journal page, my Bumpyboobs page, my community event page plus the Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, and the various articles all over in different ezine and blogs. After a while the internet was scattered with pieces of me....more