10 Things to Do While Waiting for Test Results

1. Knit. Can’t tell you exactly why you should knit, except that I’ve noticed that some extremely resilient people knit during the hardest of times. Even in that book Tale of Two Cities, the women knit their way through crazy revolution (and transmitted secret messages). So, when waiting – Knit. Of course if you are like me it’s more like 1) Find knitting needles and yarn, 2) Try to knit, 3) Abandon knitting. ...more
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Stop Skinny Bashing

I was at work the other day when a work colleague began talking about Cher. She picked up some magazine, and expressed relief that Cher had finally put on weight. “Finally she’s gained weight! She was way too skinny. It’s unhealthy to be skinny. I feel so much better now that I have more weight,” she explained to a colleague. “I used to be thin like that and it’s not healthy, I’m much stronger now. It’s not good to be skinny.” ...more

Tying Strings Together with a Professional Site

Way back when I started blogging as Bumpyboobs on Wordpress, I never considered my brand or platform. It was really just about getting out experiences and sharing that online. Then I started my Twitter account with the same approach – just go to it! And then there were the Facebook pages: my writing page, my online journal page, my Bumpyboobs page, my community event page plus the Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, and the various articles all over in different ezine and blogs. After a while the internet was scattered with pieces of me....more

Smile! You Aren't Breaking Copyright - Getty Images Now Free to Embed

The news of Getty Images is awesome for us bloggers. What news is that, you ask? They’re making a selection from their huge image bank available for free embedding.  Why is that a good thing? Because it’s legit.  ...more

Happy Birthday, Online World: 25 Reasons Why I Love the Internet

The internet just turned twenty-five years old! That’s a good year, isn’t it? A year to be noticed and applauded. As a birthday gift, I’ve made the internet a list of twenty-five ways it has impacted my life. If you have ideas to add, leave them in the comments below, or you can hop over to your own blog, write about it, and link back here for sharing. Here we go. ...more
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If you crowdfund, think BIGGER than the number

Holy Money Making Machine, Batman – these are impressive numbers! Through Kickstarter The Veronica Mars Movie raise over $5,000,000, and tech project Formslab’s 3D printer nearly hit $3,000,000. With success stories like these, it’s easy to understand how people may become swept up in the excitement to hit it big through crowdfunding....more