8 Tips for Taking Better Camera Phone Photos in 2014

I'll start off by admitting the obvious: I am by no means a mind blowing photographer. A lengthy scroll through my 1600 Instagram photos, if you dare, will tell the tale of improvement; although there still are plenty of hastily taken and posted photos. However, I did do that art school thing: I have a foundation of the basic principles/elements of design and composition... blahblahblah. ...more
Thanks.  Such great tips.  I took a photography class when I got my Sony CyberShot.   That's ...more

Some Children Can't Tell You What's Wrong

[Cross-posted from 4Life4Life Blog]To Moms and Dads of babies, and children getting old enough to know right and wrong."My kid doesn't have Autism or ADD or any of that stuff the doctors are making up these days which  parents are using as an excuse for their badly behaving kids."This message is for you, Momma and Dad who may have thought something similar to the above sentence.This message is for you, yes, and it is for me, the me I was a mere year ago......more

When Having Cooked the Puke of Fame Award-Winning Dinner

[cross-posted from 4Life4Life Blog] I remember eating one particular late night dinner my mom made, and it was so disgusting that I legitimately wondered if she was secretly a witch....more