Vietnam Vet shot and killed in his own home: we need more training for Police!!

Tweet One day a few months ago I was doing some research on local veterans for a piece I was writing. As I scrolled through local news stories, one in particular caught my eye! I started reading and couldn’t stop crying ....more

My Clean Eating interview with Foody Direct

Tweet I was contacted by Foody Direct, and asked if they could interview me for their blog. I was honored and of course I said yes! Here is the link to the Interview and I have cut and pasted the interview here for you all to read ....more

My Interview on Foody Direct

This is an interview I did on Foody Direct.Carol Rood is a 20-year Navy vet who has a unique and interesting viewpoint on life, kids, food, LGBTQ issues, and why we all need a great beauty regimen. We recently sat down with Carol to hear her thoughts on food, cooking, and clean eating.Tell us a little about yourself. Why did you decide to start a blog?...more

Arbonne detox Cauliflower Shepherd’s Pie

Tweet Okay so life has been busy and I haven’t been blogging as often as I would like during this challenge. I have been cooking diner almost every night and putting it on Facebook live. That has been fun ....more

30 Days to Healthy Living- Arbonne- Day 1

Tweet So if anyone reading this has been reading my blog posts over the years you know the things I blog about are generally the things I struggle with. Such as blending our families, LGBTQ issues, social justice issues, dark spots on my face, and FOOD! I have a problem with food….well to be honest I have a problem with my love of food ....more

Equality is NOT the same thing as Equity

I am a 50 (almost 51) year old woman and I am passionate about a lot of things, my family, the beach, good food and therefore working out, and equity. Notice I didn't say equality....more

Equality is NOT the same thing as equity

Tweet I am a 50 (almost 51) year old woman and I am passionate about a lot of things, my family, the beach, good food and therefore working out, and equity. Notice I didn’t say equality. There is a common misconception that equity and equality mean the same thing — and that they can be used interchangeably, especially when talking about how people live ....more

Delicous meals with The Neighborhood Harvest

Tweet I have been blogging for many years. In those years I have been contacted by companies to sample their products and write about them. Some have been fun, some have been okay and some not so great ....more

Feta stuffed Chicken Breasts

Tweet I scroll on Facebook. Time wasting, black hole, Facebook. But for every minute I spend scrolling on Facebook, Karol spends 5....more

Why this 50 year old woman plays Pokemon Go!

As soon as the Pokemon Go app launched I immediately downloaded it and began looking for Pokemon in my neighborhood when I walked my dog in the morning. I was so excited about catching Pokemon! However, when I shared my excitement with other adults I know I received comments such as:"What a waste of time." and "That is for kids." and "Really?" and some even laughed at me.There were a few adults who were joining in the festivities as well, and with them I talked about what we had caught, and where, and which Team we were on....more
Denise I just saw this comment. I had a Pikachu before my partner did as well and I was afraid ...more