Clarkston Dermatology- A place you can rewrite the story of your skin!

Tweet For many of us, our skin speaks to the world in ways we might not want it to. It speaks to the world by the way it looks. Lines, wrinkles, acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation ....more

The Best Carrot Cake Recipe..... Ever

So, I love to bake!  And I actually have a culinary bucket list.  I have made some of the things on that list, and need to update it.  Interestingly, carrot cake wasn't on that list.   I have never made a carrot cake before, and although I do like it, I am more of a chocolate lover.  However, there is just something about cake that makes me ooh and ahh.  Not sure why cake is such a big thing to me, but it really is!  Cake and cupcakes.....I love more than any other swee...more

Best Carrot Cake Recipe!

Tweet So, I love to bake!...more

Let’s get an amazing Student to the Netroots Foundation Conference!!

Tweet Another of the amazing people I have met is Morgan Malone....more

Texting can be kids say what????

So yesterday was a pretty exciting day for me.  Some of my classmates in my women's studies classes are also in a class about Feminism and the Media. In this class, they created Zines, which are like handcrafted, smaller version of a magazine....more

My kids think I am always angry with them……what??????

Tweet So yesterday was a pretty exciting day for me....more

The wisdom of my kids?????

Tweet I live in a household with three male adolescents....more

Let’s Help Educate Some Students in Africa!

Tweet While I have been pursuing my degree at Old Dominion University I have had the great pleasure of meeting some wonderful people....more

Women should be in control of their own bodies!

I have always been an advocate of reproductive rights for women. Every woman should have the right to decide for herself when and if she wants to have children. This decision is a very personal one, and each woman should have the right to make it for herself. Without interference from parents, siblings, spouses, and especially from the government. There are two points I would like to make. The first is that I am deeply offended by the anti abortion people using the phrase “right to life” as their catch phrase. As if being pro-abortion rights makes you somehow “against” life....more