Can Trump change for the better once he is President?

Every day I listen to National Public Radio. Sometimes I tune in to Fox News channel on my XM radio. Sometimes I listen to CNN on my radio. I do my best to get news from different perspectives. I am in my car a lot driving and so I have time to sit and listen to the news....more

Mean people suck

Tweet So I have not always been the nicest person, and have done mean things in my past, and maybe that is why I feel as though I get back plenty of meanness from people. And maybe I am not alone, maybe everyone deals with mean people on a daily basis, and maybe I am just feeling more sensitive right now?? I am not sure, but dang I seem to be meeting mean people on a regular basis these days ....more

Can Trump change once he is the President?

Tweet Every day I listen to National Public Radio. Sometimes I tune in to Fox News channel on my XM radio. Sometimes I listen to CNN on my radio ....more

What is God to me?

Tweet I love National Public Radio. Our local station is WHRV, and I listen to it most of the time. I especially love Morning Edition and BBC Newshour ....more

Best Turtle Cheesecake Ever

Tweet A few years ago I was looking for a Turtle cheesecake recipe for Karol....more

Vietnam Vet shot and killed in his own home: we need more training for Police!!

Tweet One day a few months ago I was doing some research on local veterans for a piece I was writing. As I scrolled through local news stories, one in particular caught my eye! I started reading and couldn’t stop crying ....more

My Clean Eating interview with Foody Direct

Tweet I was contacted by Foody Direct, and asked if they could interview me for their blog. I was honored and of course I said yes! Here is the link to the Interview and I have cut and pasted the interview here for you all to read ....more

My Interview on Foody Direct

This is an interview I did on Foody Direct.Carol Rood is a 20-year Navy vet who has a unique and interesting viewpoint on life, kids, food, LGBTQ issues, and why we all need a great beauty regimen. We recently sat down with Carol to hear her thoughts on food, cooking, and clean eating.Tell us a little about yourself. Why did you decide to start a blog?...more

Arbonne detox Cauliflower Shepherd’s Pie

Tweet Okay so life has been busy and I haven’t been blogging as often as I would like during this challenge. I have been cooking diner almost every night and putting it on Facebook live. That has been fun ....more

30 Days to Healthy Living- Arbonne- Day 1

Tweet So if anyone reading this has been reading my blog posts over the years you know the things I blog about are generally the things I struggle with. Such as blending our families, LGBTQ issues, social justice issues, dark spots on my face, and FOOD! I have a problem with food….well to be honest I have a problem with my love of food ....more