Clean Eating: Dirty Rice with Chicken

Tweet I have posted previously about our journey to eating “real Food” which for us meant going organic and healthier. In doing that I lost about 25 pounds and Karol lost 40. I have kept those 25 pounds off for about two years, but it is time for me to take things to the next level ....more

Anti Racism vs Non Racism

So this morning as I was scrolling through my Face Book feed. (I actually set a timer and give myself 15 minutes of guilt free scroll time before I begin my day). One of my friend had posted a video made by The Guardian that addressed the difference between Non-Racism and Anti-Racism. It made me think. A lot! So I wanted to write about Anti Racism vs Non Racism....more
Excellent piece.  Congratulations on providing an "anti-racist" piece that teaches us a little ...more

CO2Fit in Richmond: Fun, Fast and Fab workouts!

Tweet So I have been working out for years. And by years I mean YEARS!!! I joined the Navy in 1984 and I guess that is when I started working out ....more

My foray into Network Marketing

Tweet So this is the reason I haven’t been blogging as often as I used to. That plus the holidays, and finals, and well, just plain life. But mostly because I ventured into the world of Network Marketing ....more

Menopause, what can we do about it?

Tweet Sorry if you are sensitive. I am going to be talking about my period today. And menopause ....more

What I did about "Openly Gay Leaders" in my Boy Scout Troop

Last Monday night this happened:And this:...more

What I did about “Openly Gay Leaders” in my Boy Scout Troop

Tweet Last Monday night this happened: And this: And the next day I received an email to all Troop leaders about a meeting to discuss how to deal with the BSA policy on allowing openly gay leaders....more

The Bugle’s Call

Tweet I am about to graduate from college. I am about to turn 50....more

How Old Dominion University Responded to My Questions About Fraternity Rape Culture

It would be illegal for ODU to kick these kids out, even if it is against university policy.  If ...more

Just a frat boy prank? Or more about rape culture?

Tweet So, many of you may have seen this heinous picture on social media and wondered if it was real? No way would this be allowed at a college that says it prides itself on educating it’s student body and faculty about ending sexual aggression and inappropriate sexual behavior, as well as sexual harassment. A University that has “Safe Space” training on a regular basis to end harassment of LGBTQ people, and a large and quite diverse student population? ...more