My first marriage ended on Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a day to celebrate and honor the service of all U.S. military veterans. Additionally, the day marks the anniversary of the day my first marriage ended, the day I left....more

Is self-actualization selfish?

Faced with a milestone birthday, it was time for some reflection. As a parent of teen and tween boys, I realized I wasn't taking care of myself -- not sleeping enough, not going to the gym, and not writing. Not self-actualizing. But is self-actualizing selfish? Or is raising children my highest calling?...more

Gratitude adjustment

“I wouldn’t know: I’ve never not had a garage,” she sniffed (haughtily, I imagined. In all fairness, though, it was nostril-freezing cold out.)I snapped, “Well, maybe in the next snow storm you should leave your car in the driveway so you can see what it’s like.”It certainly was not one of my most tactful moments....more

A relaxed approach to the holiday season

When I hauled the three boxes of Halloween decorations and costumes back up the attic, I realized that the candy bowl I’d been looking for the week before – the one with the grabby hand and sound effects – was in one of two other boxes of Halloween stuff that I had completely overlooked. “Oh, well,” I thought. “All this will still be here next year.”...more

Have I Been Savoring Parenting Moments Enough?

Imagine the Air Jordan logo. Now imagine it rotated 90 degrees to the right. That was me standing in front of the blackberry bush, except I wasn't doing anything with a basketball. I was reaching to pick berries from a cluster on an out-of-the-way branch, bracing myself against the barbs that threatened to disrupt my most precarious balance, lest I drop the container of already-picked berries that I held in my other outstretched hand. The sweet smell of the leaves and grasses and marshy foliage reminded me of picking blackberries during my childhood....more
kristins4kids So hungry!more

Unchaperoned at the bus stop

I won’t be needing this anymore, I thought to myself with almost the same amount of wistfulness that the grandma in the Dunkin Donuts commercial had while retiring her baking pan when Dunks started making muffins. In my case, it was the 3:30 p.m. alarm I had set on my cell phone that I dismissed. I did not get up from my desk....more

Hey, you in the bleachers

At first glance you might think this is just another pic of my son playing catcher, but if you zoom in and look between the batter and my son, you will see the fan that would've won the "Most Obnoxious" award in this game -- if I had one to give....more

Personal victories

“Who wants to help me write my talk?” I asked the boys....more

The trade-off

Would you give up a week of vacation time and your 401K match to be able to work at home?After being laid off recently, my choices were between a contract position and a “strategic career move” (or being unemployed while I continued to look, but as we all know, unemployment isn’t working, so I did not consider that at all)....more

The Smiling Woman: How a Stranger Saved Me

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of my re-entry into Corporate America. I had been working at home on a consulting basis and had a couple of regular clients and ad hoc projects, with my kids at a nearby daycare center part-time. But when my favorite client could not renew my contract, I updated my resume and began interviewing....more
what a touching story.  Here's a Mother Teresa quote"Everytime you smile at someone, it is an ...more