A Blogging Mission Statement Will Keep You Focused

There are five hundred forty-seven different reasons why people blog. I have determined my goals, and I actively try not forget them. I consider myself a writer, rather than a blogger. The website I created was intended to establish my online presence. The essays, lists and tutorials I post on my blogs are like my resume. ...more
redshutters mcarisa BlogHer I've been working on mine, and actually have written one for my new ...more

Running Away From My Anxiety

This was great! Entertaining and insightful. Thanks for the good read.  - Erinmore

16 Chores I Will Never Complete

Carisa Miller The pile is still there. ;)more

I'm Not Sure I'd Be Much of a Writer Without My Children

When I write about my children, I don’t feel very original. It's more like I’m just organizing their material. They give me brilliant stuff to work with. ...more
I love this post!  My kids are a big part of my life and a big part of my writing but I too ...more

Giving My Children More Space: In Response to "Parenting Without Borders" by Christine Gross-Loh

Excerpt:  "More than ever before, parents in America are on top of their kids’ every move. Children today carry tracking devices, yet will likely never know the feeling of being allowed to play freely in their neighborhood until they are expected home for dinner....more

A List Of Observations Made While Camping With Young Children

~You will find great satisfaction in packing the car so well that everything anyone could possibly think of for you to hand them during the trip is within arms reach. Until you have a craving for the bag of Cheddar & Horseradish potato chips stowed in the far back and you crawl over consoles and sleeping children while traveling at high speed to get them.  ...more

Mother's Milk: Yours Until You Ask For It?

Excerpt: "Would folks be more comfortable if my one year old didn’t paw at me in front of them? So would I! It is tricky to carry on a conversation while a baby hunts for my boobs. It is also, (get this) em-bar-rass-ing..."...more