Why Women Should Help Each Other Get Ahead

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” ― Madeleine AlbrightI usually write about career topics that affect both men and women.However, I think it’s important to call out the amazing strides women are making in the workplace and beyond right now, but also address how we’re in danger of losing our momentum.In the past few years, there have been amazing triumphs. Three in particular come to mind:...more

Three Pros Give Advice to Their Younger Selves

After four solid years in the workforce, I’m not the new kid on the block anymore.When I first started my career I made a ton of mistakes, asked for help constantly and sought out and took advantage of many opportunities. Now, I have a good handle on the ins and outs of the workplace, I’m great at my job and have developed a well-rounded skill set.Although there is so much more to learn; now instead of being the one who’s always asking for advice, I’m the one who’s giving it....more

Rising PROfile: Olivia Blends Business with Winemaking

Although many rising professionals use their business skills in the board room, Olivia Teutschel blends her business sense with winemaking skills in the barrel room. ...more

How to Succeed After Your Startup Fails

What happens when your startup doesn’t work out?It’s a question that no one wants to answer, let alone think about when they set out to start their own business, but it’s a very real outcome.According to Bloomberg, eight out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. ...more

The Power of Saying No

“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.” -Warren BuffettI really don’t like saying no to people, especially when I know that I could help them. In effect, my common response to ‘Can you help me….” or “Do you have time to…” is always “Sure, of course I can!”...more

Get Ahead During Your Lunch Hour

It’s noon in San Francisco’s financial district. The streets that were previously empty moments before are now filled with fast-walking professionals, trying to make the most out of their limited lunch hour....more

Be Your Own Advocate

We all want an advocate.Someone who will share with others how great we are, defend and fight for us and who knows what we’re capable of. Many of us look to others to provide this kind of support for us in our career, but when it comes down to it; you are the best person to advocate for yourself and ensure you get what you deserve.While a great mentor or professional network can be extremely beneficial to your career, if you always look to them as your advocate instead of also relying on yourself, you can actually hurt your career....more

10 Ways Your Partner Can Make You Successful

On a night out with your friends, what are the two things that always come up?Relationships and work.Why? Because finding the right person is just as important as finding the right job, and obtaining both is how most of us define our personal happiness and success....more

Three Reasons Why You Work When You're Sick

Flu season has been bad this year.So bad, in fact, that it kept me out of the office for three days. At first I felt guilty for missing work, but by the end of my time off I realized that I shouldn’t feel bad for taking a few days to take care of myself. By allowing yourself the time you need to get healthy, you’re more likely heal faster and be more productive sooner....more
HopLauren  Yes, that is a sad reality with not too many solutions.more