So Wet


All of the Whining

The flowers are blooming so of course the highways are littered with orange cones. That's the reason it took me nearly two hours to get 10 miles yesterday. It's also the reason I can't seem to pick the girls up on time after work ....more

It Wasn't Me

There's a part of me that has always wanted to write out some of the stories that lay out just how truly horrendous life was when I worked at that place I used to work at. I never have because I figure that if you want to read about someone whining about work, you'll open Facebook. Besides, even though the stories I could tell are astounding, there's been a lingering worry that maaaaaaaybe it was me ....more

I'm Holding On To A Glimmer Of Hope

While this kid was having a crazy good time on stage at her dance recital this kid was taksed with sitting sort of quietly and sort of still watching. For three hours. Because dance recitals are three hours long ....more

Recital Time!

Dance recital weekend. There was a time when those three words sent me into a fit of twitchy annoyance. And yet, today I found myself saying, "The recital was fun!" It has happened ....more

Pineapple Upside-Down Cupcakes

Alexis has been reading The Cupcake Diaries, which means she thinks about cupcakes about 1241232 times per day. (So do I. I just don't have a valid excuse like she does.) That means that when she started considering the last dance classes of the year, she quickly came to the conclusion that she needed to take cupcakes to share with everyone ....more

Power Struggle

Mila has been being a jerk about sleep for a while now. When I say she's being a jerk, what I mean is that she sleeps great ... as long as she's touching me ....more