There Can Be Only One Sparkle Queen

I think one of the biggest misconceptions about parenting some people have is that they seem think you get to pick what flavor of kid you will get. They think you get to pick if your kid will enjoy music, be good at sports, live for sparkle, or whatever. (There are certainly parents who believe that -- it's not just people who don't have kids ....more

The Elf Visits Big Kid Street

Alexis is obviously standing at the intersection of Big Kid Street and Little Kid Lane, looking down both streets and unsure which direction she should walk. Right now she's leaning toward Little Kid Lane, I think because it makes the holidays so much more magical. Man, that kid wants to believe SO badly ....more

One Last Word About Christmas Crazy 6

I swear I will stop talking about Christmas Crazy in a minute or ten, but not yet. Not yet because I think the internet as a whole spends a whole lot of time wallowing in the bad and not nearly enough time celebrating the fantastic. This ....more

Benjamin is Back

We have a ton of Christmas traditions around here, and one of them is mentioning Benjamin in this space. Since 2011, Benjamin has elected to give up his birthday presents so that Christmas Crazy could have a few more things. And by "a few," I mean a CAR LOAD ....more

Christmas Crazy, Volume 6.Amazing

It wasn't the first time I said it, but this year I meant it. If ever there was a right year to bow out of running Christmas Crazy, this was it. I often say that everyone has 24 hours in their day ....more

Every Little Toy Represents a Fantastic Person Who Lives In My Computer

There was a point when I posted a photo of the 2013 pile of Christmas Crazy and asked you to make this year's pile bigger. You did. I will post all of the details about 2014 tomorrow, but for now, let's look back at how much this amazing thing y'all do has grown, shall we? ...more

Good Things


Man, I Love This Time of Year

Internet, this is Melinda. She's the one on the left, in case you didn't already guess that. I've known Melinda for a few years now ....more

Fight the Power

There are things you forget, and then there are things you purposely shove out of your memory because it's better that way. Giving babies medicine. It's that special sort of challenging that is best left forgotten ....more