She Told Me To Post It


Toddlers are the Best


The Undead Cabbage Patch

The doll. It's still a thing. Mila says its name is "Baby" and don't you dare try to convince that something different might be better because she will tear your soul out of your body, stomp on it, and then set it on fire ....more

Some Investment Advice

This is that moment when I remind you that Christmas Crazy is still a thing. I would super like to deliver a really giant pile of toys to Center for Victims, so go here or here and help, please! ************************************************************************ If you happen to be having the kind of year where you have a few dollars to invest in the stock market, I have an idea for you ....more

Giveaway: Pittsburgh CLO's A Musical Christmas Carol Tickets

This post sponsored by Pittsburgh CLO's A Musical Christmas Carol. I'm not entirely certain that Alexis realizes just how lucky she is. At the age of 10, not only has she seen a Broadway show on Broadway (Aladdin, to be exact), she also has frequently had the chance to see some really amazing shows without travelling at all ....more

Thumbprint Cookies

I can't just leave things alone. I have a long list of cookies that I bake every Christmas, but I have to add at least one new one. Always ....more




It's possible that I believe in the possibility of jinxing things, but I might also be suspicious enough to think you can double-jinx and thereby unjinx things. It's kind of like using a double negative - if you jinx something twice, that's the opposite of jinxing it. Thus, jinx #1: Mila was AMAZING on Friendsgiving ....more

I Should Have Listened

Tuesday was the Mondayest Tuesday that ever Mondayed. We were coming off an extra long weekend. I piled some vacation days on top of the holiday, so Mila ended up with six days in a row when she didn't have to wake up by any particular time ....more