I Better Keep the Keys Hidden. Forever.

I've heard there is some sort of rule that says you shouldn't have kids if you're selfish. To that I say PFFFFFFFFFFT. I can totally be selfish and have kids ....more

Annnnnd ... Break

I had zero interest in watching the Presidential debate, in part...more

Caramel Apple Fries

Alexis is in full-on "make all the apple things" mode, so of course she asked for caramel apples. They are, after all, one of the greatest things ever invented. There's just one problem - Alexis isn't the only kid who lives here ....more

Bring On The Pumpkins


So Happy


Thanks, Ma'am

I'm sorry about that light-headed moment you had between 8:35 and 8:45 tonight. That little window immediately after dance class ends is always a special one. It's the moment when the non-stop talking begins and then it goes on and on and on and all of the air is sucked out of the universe ....more

All Stories Should End As Happily As This One

Hoarders being what they are, there are still a ton of Alexis' toys in the house. While the naked Barbies and piles of princesses should have vanished 30 seconds after Alexis was done worshipping them, they're still here. Years later ....more

Follow the Giggles

I've overheard a lot of things today. There was the guy in the restaurant saying all of the sexist things. There was the other guy in the coffee place spouting a giant pile of racist crap ....more

Magic Mom

It seems that if I work late a few nights in a row, Mila will rebel. She went from mostly sleeping in her crib to HECK NO, YOU AREN'T LEAVING MY SIGHT, WOMAN. It was an instant transition that is mostly fantastic because seriously ....more

Easy Apple Crisp

Today's meals included zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and plums from our yard as well as potatoes and onions from a local farm. Then we went and picked our own apples at a cute little orchard, so basically you can call me Laura Ingalls Wilder because I am all up in this farmer life. Or something ....more