Tonight Will Be Better, Right?

My social media accounts are basically a running tally of all of the times Mila has defeated me and SHE WINS. OMG SHE WINS. Last night was a rough night, to say the least ....more

Great-Grandma's Apfelkuchen

Like pretty much everyone, I don't have to look far down the family tree to find someone who came across the ocean on a boat and then stood in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty as their last name was shortened and "Americanized." It was my paternal great-grandparents who were told "Philipovich" was too long. As they adopted a much shorter and much blander variation of the name, they left behind all that they know of their Russian past. While they fled Russia, my paternal great-grandmother was actually German ....more

I'm Supposed to Say No to THIS


Some Toys Never Lose Their Cool


Putting the Cute in HCN

Mila and I usually talk all the way to school. The morning conversation starts with her telling me that sissy is riding the bus, and then it progresses to what animals she will see as we drive down the road. Cows and horses are a guarantee, but then she ponders if she will see any turkeys that day ....more

A Plan. I Have a Plan.

It's probably not much of a surprise that I want to keep Christmas decorations up well past the holiday. I like the sparkle and shine (A LOT) and I see no good reason to pack it all into boxes and plunge into the darkness of January. It's dumb, really ....more

Nicely Played, Universe

If you guessed that I was at Target again, congratulations. You've been paying attention. I think I'm always at Target, especially since they added a few more aisles for groceries ....more

Mila 1, Me 0

I've known since she was about 4 minutes old that Mila has a sense of humor that is bigger than she is. While she currently is on the small side for her age (literally a "Tiny Human"), she started out at 9 lbs 6 ozs, so that's saying something. She thinks she's funny ....more

Laurie's Vegetarian Pasta e Fagioli

Lately I've been on a "ask everyone for their immigrant recipes" bender. It's a long story as to why I started (although, not hard to figure out ...), but the point is it has been beyond interesting asking people for their recipes and the stories that go with them. This one belongs to my friend Laurie ....more

Two Smiles