Everything I've Learned Is Useless

The third time it happened, I knew. This "opposites" thing that is happening with the daughters born eight years apart is going to be that something that pushes my everything. The Big Kid follows rules, almost to a fault ....more

No Bake Lemon Creme Oreo Cheesecakes

It occurs to me that my mind is a scary place. I somehow went from seeing Lemon Creme Oreos in a grocery store to wondering if the bag was like ten years old or what. That led to me thinking about old things like those Lemon Chalet cookies the Girl Scouts used to sell and how evil people took those away and OMG THE LEMON OREOS ARE KINDA ALMOST THE SAME ....more

Like Stealing Donuts from a Baby

Every Thursday, while Alexis practices flipping through the air at gymnastics class, Mila and I sneak away to Dunkin' Donuts. We would stay and watch the flipping, but it's far too crowded and impossible to find the Big Kid in the midst of the chaos, so donuts are better. Way better ....more

Fun Around the Corner

Mila found the playroom. Mostly her increasing ability to find things that she remembers but can't see is pretty fantastic. She's better at remembering where she left her pacifiers than I am, for example ....more

Mila Thought He Was Awesome, For The Record

"Let's stop and get Mila's photo taken with the Easter Bunny," I said. A quick glance around the mall revealed that there was absolutely no line to meet the fuzzy jelly bean pooper. Mila was wearing a cute spring dress and was in a fantastic mood ....more

Full to the Brim

I don't mean to brag but ... wait. Actually, I do mean to brag ....more

Tortellini with Parmesan Tomato Sauce

Mila just had her 9-month appointment, which means it was time for the usual quiz about sleeping and eating and all of those things that babies do. I like the quiz, for the most part, because it's fun when we get to the part where the doctor asks what the baby eats. "Whatever we eat," I reply ....more

So Much Love