All The Happy


The Dynamic Duo


The People Who Matter Stick With You

Life is always full around here, but this time of year is very nearly overflowing. There are only 24 hours in every day and a whole lot of them are spent running to and fro, here and there, and ... I'll take a deep breath when we get to February ....more

The Goats Are Convinced

The differences between Mila and Alexis could form a list long enough to stretch to the moon and back. Every day it's a startling yet fantastic new adventure as I find more and more ways they view the world differently. They have the EXACT same view on one thing, though ....more

Mila and Donald are Basically Twinsies

There isn't much you can count on with a toddler, but you can be sure that no matter what the mood is, it will change. Very quickly. Like wooooosh! ...more


I know this whole internet world is supposed to be make-believe. It's supposed to be filled with trolls and pedophiles and all of that, but this. This is a bunch of kids who have known each other their entire lives ....more

S'mores Bars

Somewhere between the 4th of July that I swear was yesterday and the Labor Day that absolutely must still be in the future, Alexis became obsessed with all things s'mores. I don't know why. It's just a thing ....more

Crocodile Walkers


So Big


First World Problems. I Have Them.

The problem with Mila going to daycare every day is that they teach her stuff. How dare they, right? It's completely daycare's fault that Mila knows a handful of signs, for example ....more