Let's Get It Done

I've been quiet about our progress with making magic with Center for Victims' patio lately. It's not because we've reached our goal by any means; it's because when the internet starts with the ugly and mean, I tend to dump cute and happy into this space. That's often been my pattern, and probably always will be ....more

I Always Win These Battles

There are about a million reasons I didn't take Mila's two-year photos within a couple of weeks of her birthday. The reason I'm willing to say out loud is that my weekends were booked pretty solid all through May and June with photography sessions and travel. And it's true! ...more

Quick Summer Pasta

Does anybody need any zucchini? I think I ask that question every summer around this time, but yet I keep planting it every summer. It's as if I enjoy trying to figure out how to use it over and over and over .. ....more

Candy Girl


Do What You Love and Love What You Do with L'il Critters™

I don’t know at what point I made the switch, but there was a time when I was planning a life with a daughter that wanted to shoot hoops while living in jeans and tennis shoes. There would be no time for ruffles and glitter because girl power was all about doing the things that boys do, but doing them better. And then Alexis made it SUPER obvious that she was having none of that ....more

Nassy-Sticks Rules

I'm going to need more Thursdays, please. Thursdays are full of magic and mayhem, which is also sometimes called "Mila's gymnastics class." You guys. YOU GUYS ....more

It's Name is Monkey, Of Course

I'm sure I've bragged about this before, but here it comes again -- Mila doesn't ask for things when we go shopping. She might pick up a toy and carry it around for a few minutes, but it's unusual. She is a big fan of putting things away, so her normal is to pick things up, look at them for a minute, and then put them right back ....more

Go See Animals

Somewhere between the 7th time she went there for a field trip and the 50th time I made her go because we have a membership, Alexis grew tired of the Pittsburgh Zoo. It's not their fault, truly. It's because there is a limit to the number of times you can see the same things within a relatively short amount of time ....more

How Feminism is Born

"Which movie should we see? Life of Pets or Ghostbusters?" "I heard Ghostbusters was really bad." "Really? It just came out ....more

Cherry Nutella Zucchini Muffins

It always starts out innocently enough. I find one little zucchini in the garden, and life is good. Then, before I can figure out what I want to do with that one little zucchini, there are 262095135173 zucchini in the garden ....more