Tiny Humans Can YELL

Do not be fooled by this angelic little face. This kid is having the worst week of her life. My return to work has turned her world upside-down, but C'MON, WE DID THIS THE NICE WAY ....more

Good Job, You Guys

Somewhere between this one making me fall over laughing because, well, THIS: (Pro tip: If you don't want the world to call you "Grandma Alexis," maybe don't grab a walker when your mom takes you roller skating.) and this one making me fall over laughing because I AGREE, PINK TUTUS ARE AWFUL something really fantastic happened. ...more

Britney Spears Would Be So Proud

We all have flaws in our character and if you say you don't, there it is. There's your flaw. You lack self-awareness ....more

I Love Pittsburgh Best, But Sometimes Fun Is A Bit Further Away

Sponsored by TourismOhio. Opinions are my own. Imagine a place where fine art is accessible ....more

Baked Eggplant and Spinach

For anyone planning to have a baby anytime soon, I highly recommend having a due date at the end of May. There is nothing but fantastic to be had when your maternity leave conveniently lines up with summer. Until fall shows up and ruins the party, that is ....more

Painting Petals


52 Inches of Thrills

Sponsored by TourismOhio. Opinions are my own. Last week we were able to take a sort of mini vacation thanks to the fantastic folks at TourismOhio ....more

The Summer of 2014

Experience has taught me that the space between the future and the past is the best space. The past holds things that can't be changed while the future holds things that are balled up in anxiety. The in-between, though ....more

Writing It So I Remember It

On the last day that we were at the beach, the wind was calmer and the waves were smaller. It was a perfect chance to let Mila give the sand and water a try. She was dressed in her terribly pink and girly swimsuit ....more

Can We All Move to Virginia Beach, Please?

Alexis on a beach vacation is an absolutely terrible idea. We know this because the last time the kid was at the beach, she declared that the ocean water was making her nauseous and then proceeded to puke all over the Florida coast. That was after she complained that the sand was terrible and before she declared the sun too bright ....more