I Do It Still

Mila hasn't uttered the words "I do it" yet, but she is quickly running towards that finish line. She's running to that finish line while wearing a scowl, by the way. That's her "Give me the damn spoon, woman" face ....more

The Best of Unplanned Plans

There's no need to argue about whether or not I have a Christmas decoration problem; the answer is yes. I proudly wave that crazy flag all over the place. I mean, I have eight trees up and decorated right now ....more

The Best Laid Plans

The To Do List for this weekend was a loooooooong one. It's that last minute push before the holiday season crashes into the room and demands my full attention. But ....more

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Tiny Human


Christmas Crazy 6.1

Well, how about this. I thought the rainbow tree was fantastical, but then y'all went and started filling the space under it. Now THAT is what is fantastical ....more

Let It Glow

If "a Christmas tree problem" is defined as "doesn't know how many there are," then FINE. I do indeed have a problem. I don't remember for certain how many Christmas trees I have to set up this year, but I do know that dedicating 30 minutes per day to getting them set up is going well ....more


She happened to ask on the exact right day, so Alexis has an Instagram account. I had reserved her preferred user name months before without telling her, but then she went and acted all grown-up and responsible and stuff for weeks on end, so I figured I'd hand her something that could blow up in her face. Spoiler alert: it didn't ....more

I Hate Teeth

Do you see it? Do you see the problem? A photo posted by Burgh Baby (@burghbaby) on Nov 11, 2014 at 11:32am PST TEETH ....more

Gobble Gobble Gobblerito

I'm really struggling with the realization that it isn't July anymore, which is exactly why it seems super weird to be thinking about Thanksgiving. Shouldn't I worry about Halloween first? And Labor Day? ...more