A Little Less Conversation Should Have Been SHUT UP, RYAN

One thing is for certain - Alexis can never be friends with Joe McIntyre. In order to be friends with Joe McIntyre, you have to have at least an inkling of appreciation for Frank Sinatra and Alexis does not. In fact, Alexis has negative appreciation for Frank ....more

A Happy Mila is the Best

Maybe if I write the words, I'll finally remember them -- Mila loves when we do something new. Forget routine and predictable days, the girl thrives on changing things up. I need to remember that because I keep forgetting and we fall into a rut, but then we do something fun and I'm all "OMG SHE IS SO HAPPY WEEEEEE!" Pumpkin patch ....more

Pumpkin Cookies

Guys, I almost hate to admit this out loud, but how about this October we're having? It has been positively ... Octoberish ....more

Making Friends


Pumpkins Everywhere


So Tricky

Nobody at daycare ever lets Mila eat any food at all, or so she claims. Despite the fact that her lunch box is returned home each night empty, the kid climbs into the car at the end of the day and immediately begins seeking food. It's as if she hasn't seen a crumb in days, which I know is a lie ....more

Living in Two Worlds Has Its Advantages

The majority of my war stories about parenting are shared with parents that have kids Alexis' age. My time is most spent following the 10-year old around, and there aren't many 10-year olds running around with a 2-year old sibling. Thus, it's rare that I interact with the parent of a toddler ....more

Hi, I'm Melissa. Or Not.

I keep ending up with really random stuff in my car. This is not at all different from usual as it's not uncommon to find a lone sock, a pile of glitter, and enough crumbs to make dinner. Lately, though, I've upped the ante with a variety of work things ....more

She Knows What She Wants

As a professional Target shopper, I feel it is my duty to inform you that there is a correct way to navigate the store. You stop for a snack or drink at the front, wind your way to the back corner for the women's clearance clothing, and then work the rest of the perimeter of the store. Once that's done, you dodge and weave through the middle of the store, with a few breaks to run back to the grocery section because you forgot to get something while you were there ....more

General Tso's Tofu

My kids are tofu freaks. Both of them. If I so much as *think* the word tofu, they both magically show up in the kitchen with their hands out, begging to be fed ....more