Nightowls, Revisiting Spring, and other Sweet!s

Temperatures here have been in the 70's and 80's. Wildflowers, mostly yellows and purples, line the roadside and dot the woods. Birds chatter and sing in the treetops, bright green bushes dotted with new blooms hum with industrious bees, and Monarch...more

Silver Linings of a Not-So-Empty-Nest

On Monday my middle son turned 26. He celebrated by taking the day off from work, sleeping in, and then relaxing on the back porch with Belle, reading and drinking his coffee....more

Sweets and Sorrows

Each morning since my old puppy Max passed away, Belle and I have ended our walk in the little cemetery where he, Charly, Chewy, Ruthie, and Frankie are all buried. It may seem like a bittersweet way to start the day, but I believe it has helped me, and maybe Belle, transition to life without him. The cross above is actually the one marking Charly's grave ....more

Good boy, Max.

"Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really." ~ Agnes Sligh Turnbull ...more

The tides are in our veins...

I've been back from my annual women's retreat to Port Aransas, Texas for a few weeks now......more

Sunday afternoons and belated sweets

Just before sunset this afternoon, I escaped to the front porch swing with a glass of wine and a long-lost book from my childhood. I'd spent the day taking care of the dogs, going to church, fixing one of my signs that got knocked over by city mowers, visitng my mom, and finally making it to the grocery store. I was pooped ....more

Reality (or "Why I need you to sign this contract and show me your ID")

I worked in a chemical plant for thirteen years, where all kinds of explosive and flammable materials swam through the pipes surrounding us. Propylene, hydrogen, syngas, and methanol, to name a few. For the first decade it was a DuPont plant, where safety and proper procedures were taken very seriously and drilled into us daily ....more

The Story of Us

Tom asked me to dance for the very first time 33 years ago tonight....more

Can you hear it?

Our grandfather clock is chiming midnight. Rain pours - no,...more

145 Lakefront Drive, Point Venture, Texas

The summer after we moved to this lakeside community on the north shore of Lake Travis, my oldest child decided to join the swim team. That meant waking up all three kids early on summer mornings. Not fun ....more