Every year, soon after school starts, I travel to the coast with a group of women....more

This time last year...

About this time last year, I was on a walk of faith. I began a new career. It coincided with dramatic and tragic turns in my parents' lives ....more

They've landed! (...and other sweet!s)

For the past week or so I've been living vicariously through a couple of my kids. Again. My son and his wife have now experienced the beauty, beer, food, art, sights and sounds of Moscow, St ....more

Lucky in Love

Thirty-two years ago today, Tom and I dismissed superstition by getting married on a Friday the 13th. We were so sure of our decision, so confident of our love and our future together, that we challenged those centuries-old superstitions to a duel. Well, of course they just turned tail and ran, because they could see for themselves what we already knew - Tom and I were meant to be together ....more

In Homage to Robin and El Capitan

I was 19, living alone in my first apartment, relishing the solitude and the freedom of having my own space. Many nights I sat on my second-hand loveseat watching my very own television, bought via the Sears Easy Payment Plan. Thanks to my sister, who worked in the Sears credit department, I was building my credit, $13 at a time, each and every month ....more

Sisters (and other sweet!s)

It would have been intimidating growing up with such a beautiful big sister if she had been the type to criticize or belittle. But I was blessed with Brenda....more

A Max Update

Earlier this week I let you know that my old puppy Max had slid downhill, health-wise. Thank you so much for all of your well wishes, both here and on Facebook....more

In regards to thinning hair... becoming a guinea pig.

Besides the initial embarrassment, it was actually kind of scary when I broke down and started using minoxidil as a last desperate measure to save my hair a few years ago. I worried I would sprout hair on my chest or grow a beard or something. Thank goodness nothing like that happened ....more

Old puppies, morning walks, and other sweet!s

Whether it's the heat or just old age catching up to him, Max has gone down a pretty steep hill lately. Just last week we took the long walk, around the curve and down into the creekbed. But now he can't walk far before having to stop and rest ....more

I remember you, June...

Can you believe it's almost August?...more