Beaches, Beer, and other sweet!s

Last weekend I spent a gorgeous weekend in Port Aransas, Texas, with dear friends, old and new. It was something like our 16th annual get-away, but I confess I've lost count. ...more

Oktoberfest, Lago Vista Style!

St. Mary Our Lady of the Lake's Oktoberfest tradition started way before we moved to Lago Vista. Some of the aspects of it change from year to year, but overall it remains the same in two areas: 1 ....more

Happy birthday, Daddy!

My Daddy's been gone two years now, so it's truly a blessing that I can still see him in my mind, alive and well, with eyes twinkling. Even now, I turn to him in tough times and hear his voice encouraging me. Photographs and blog posts help keep his memory fresh ....more

Finishing a blog post, and other sweet!s from September...

Tonight there's a super moon and lunar eclipse, all rolled into one event. I planned to take photos as the moon rose above the horizon, but discovered my camera battery was dead! So I charged it some and then made it out in time to witness the eclipse with Daniel, who just arrived home safely from a weekend trip to west Texas with his brother, where they hiked through canyons, visited eclectic art exhibits, experienced a music festival, and even saw the Marfa lights ....more

I was honored

I was honored to attend the Air Force Boot Camp graduation last weekend of my daughter's boyfriend....more

Every evening at 5:30...

Did you know that every evening at 5:30 pm on Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, the Star-Spangled Banner is played over loudspeakers, and at the first note, everyone stops walking, talking, or whatever they are doing to salute the closest United States flag, whether they can actually see it or not? ...more

How do you hug a house?

So, house, we love thee, as we could not loveA palace wherein no pulse of love had struck,Where farewells had not been—and whereNo busy memories haunt the vacant rooms.~J.J. Britton (1832–1913), "A Home" ...more

Coach Christine and the Cosmos - the story continues...

Once upon a time, I was a soccer mom, sweating or freezing on the sidelines, gripping the arms of my collapsible chair, or pacing up and down, trying my best to bite my tongue, when I couldn't sit still. And then TG joined the Cosmos, and Coach Christine took all of my angst onto her own shoulders. I no longer had to pace or coach from the sidelines ....more

On a Friday the 13th...

Thirty-three years....more

Sharing delights. And sorrows, too.

An older sister is a friend and defender - a listener, conspirator, a counsellor and a sharer of delights....more