Looking back from an Easter Sunday

Howdy! Have you missed me? It's hard to believe it's been over two weeks since my last post ....more

A sweet!-speckled day and SxSW...almost

Now, as a REALTOR®, this t-shirt from the Etsy shop SpikeStuff goes against everything I stand for. I want people to move here! And I want them to let me help them find a home! ...more

Princess Josie, Country Dog

While my son and daughter-in-law have been traipsing through castles in Germany, we've been lucky enough to hobnob with a princess this past week - Princess Josie, our grandpuppy....more

The Great Austin Ice Storm of 2015

This past Thursday - the morning of the Great Ice Storm - I slept in, made myself a delicious veggie omelette, then took the girls (Belle and my grandpuppy Josie) for a long walk through the hollow. ...more

Travisso! New Homes on the North Shore of Lake Travis

One of the perks of being a REALTOR®...more

I'm Still Here! (and other sweet!s)

I took advantage of the "icy roads" warning yesterday and just huddled inside my toasty warm house, not even venturing down the highway to see my mom. I was probably being over-cautious, but when the roads you travel are twisty and hilly, and not made to resist icing, it's better to play it safe than find yourself sliding out-of-control down a hillside, in my opinion....more

Treasure Boxes and other sweet!s...

I drove Tom's truck to Houston on Saturday. The kids and I made a one-day trip there to continue sorting through things at my parents' house, my childhood home, where every square inch and every random object holds a special memory....more

Good morning!

"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary. "...more

There's water in the ponds!

Despite my gratitude for rain while we're in this drought, it's really tough for me to embrace day after day after day of the constant cold, wet stuff like we had earlier this week. ...more


em·brace əmˈbrās/ verb ...more