Birthday Snow

It snowed in Texas today, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet....more

Mama taught me... (Lesson #83 and happy birthday, Mama!)

My mother, who was born with a spirit of independence and "where there's a will there's a way" ... who was my quadriplegic brother's primary caregiver even while working full-time ... who others (not just family) always turned to for help ... .. ....more

Don't worry. I got this.

"Lord, if your people need me, I will not refuse the work. Your will be done." ~St. Martin of Tours ...more

Party Girl

This evening my family commandeered the sunroom where my mom lives to celebrate her 83rd birthday a few days early. It was the only day we could all be together, but besides that, when you're turning 83, you really should start celebrating early, don't you think? ...more

I took a walk...

After a long day of driving and showing houses to clients all over Austin, then a never-long-enough visit with my mom, I arrived back home yesterday evening just as the sun started its goodbyes. The light was golden, the sky a crisp and an ever-deepening blue....more

House dogs, Hangar Parties, October(fests), and other sweet!s

As I write this, Belle is snoring behind me, curled up on a purple and pink fringed blanket TG gave to her. The past couple of nights she's slept beside my bed, curled on a rug, which is taking some getting used to because she wakes me up during the night, needing attention....more

And just like that...

Tuesday afternoon around 3, I got a phone call that derailed the rest of my plans for that day, and shifted all others for the rest of the week... My mother had fallen, the nurse said. EMS was on its way ....more

Nightowls, Revisiting Spring, and other Sweet!s

Temperatures here have been in the 70's and 80's. Wildflowers, mostly yellows and purples, line the roadside and dot the woods. Birds chatter and sing in the treetops, bright green bushes dotted with new blooms hum with industrious bees, and Monarch...more

Silver Linings of a Not-So-Empty-Nest

On Monday my middle son turned 26. He celebrated by taking the day off from work, sleeping in, and then relaxing on the back porch with Belle, reading and drinking his coffee....more

Sweets and Sorrows

Each morning since my old puppy Max passed away, Belle and I have ended our walk in the little cemetery where he, Charly, Chewy, Ruthie, and Frankie are all buried. It may seem like a bittersweet way to start the day, but I believe it has helped me, and maybe Belle, transition to life without him. The cross above is actually the one marking Charly's grave ....more