The Ghost of Future Fatness

Like Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, I have just been given a glimpse of what my life could be like if I don't finally get my eating habits under control.  ...more
@AmyGrogan  Thank you so much for the positive reinforcement. You are exactly right about 1 ...more

Attention All Smokers - I'm Sorry for being a Hypocrite!

Smokers of the world, I owe you a huge, fat, f%$#@*! apology. For  years, I was smug. I couldn't understand why smokers would knowingly  "take 7 minutes off their life" with every cigarette. I  arrogantly smirked at the stupidity of spending  thousands of dollars on a habit that would  eventually kill you. ...more
@Only-Mama  Awww...thank you. I am all about "Let's be honest" because I feel that we grow up ...more

My Crisper: Where Good Vegetables Go To Die

Apparently I am running some sort of subsidy program for the Vegetable Farmers of America. Each week I buy crisp, vibrant produce while visions of soup, stir fry and salad dance in my head. Yet three weeks later these once nutrient laden powerhouses lie limp, bruised and rotting in the bottom of my fridge. The promise of nourishing meals having been erased by the realities of busy schedules, bad habits and picky palates....more
I've heard that it's best to put veggies and fruit on the top shelf because they'll last longer ...more

I Quit the Gym and Lost Four Pounds

Sometimes you need to chuck conventional wisdom aside and just figure out what works. Like many other people, I've been "donating" at the gym for years. I'm not one of those people who hates to exercise.  I actually like it a lot, once I finally stop making excuses and lace up my sneakers. But my gym membership was breeding stress, guilt and the downward spiral that comes with them. ...more
 @BrownieRehab My idea of "dessert" is one forkful of my husband's!  But on Easter Sunday I did ...more

"Mom, Why Are You So Fat?"

Oh Lord. My son's innocent question felt like a sucker punch in my zaftig stomach. Only I knew that, unlike adults or teenagers who have hurt me in the past, he had absolutely no idea that what he was saying could hurt my feelings. He was just geniunely confused about why my biceps have the circumference of a Progresso Soup can. ...more
 @BrownieRehab I overheard my boy using the word calories during his play and inwardly gasped. ...more

What the Diet Industry Rarely Talks About

Fitness magazines and diet books have taught me a lot over the years, but I always felt like they were leaving out a giant piece of the equation. After devouring the latest dieting tome, I would excitedly plot out menus, shopping lists and exercise plans for the week. Yet two days later the plans would fall by the wayside and I'd be left feeling guilty, ashamed and frustrated that I couldn't seem to follow through. ...more
@BrownieRehab And yet you are still here! Horrific days are bound to happen - just hopefully ...more

Are You a Compulsive Over Eater?

For years I've felt like an alcoholic who ate sugary confections instead of drinking tumblers of vodka. After decades of fumbling around in the dark, I finally found a program that addresses the compulsive nature of my disastrous diet. I finally have hope that I can get my life back on track and stop letting myself be controlled by food. This is the quiz that changed my life: ...more
@BrownieRehab Hey!!! I missed you around so it's nice to see you again! It's an interesting ...more

The Benefits of Temporary Blindness

What do you do when reality threatens to derail your progress? Yesterday was an unbelievably gorgeous day here in the Northeast. It's not too often you see the temperature hit 65 degrees on January 7th. As I raced around completing errands in the morning I mentally calculated that I had exactly 75 minutes to fit in a walk outside and a shower before taking my oldest son to a birthday party. After grocery shopping I burst through the door, rapidly told my husband the plan and was dressed and out the door within five minutes. ...more

A Change of Plans

 I've always loved New Year's Day. It represents a clean slate. It's a chance to start over, do things the right way, "get my act together" and stop killing myself slowly with bad habits. ...more