Toddler Beds & Diapers (Who Really Needs a Full Night of Sleep?)

A few weeks ago my almost two year old learned how to crawl out of her crib. Around the same time she learned how to break out of her children’s gate to her room. She was having a burst in creativity. She would come careening out of her bedroom screaming “Momma, Momma” and laughing as hard as she could. She was so proud of herself, and so excited over her accomplishment that she would not be able to fall asleep for another couple of hours. Good grief! ...more

Can You Take A Compliment?

I can’t. Not even close. Someone compliments my baby, or my awesome shoes. Thank you very much!  But someone says something nice about me – I’m sorry – you must have a fork in your eyes because you obviously are not seeing clearly.  Compliments make me all squirmy feeling. I feel like they are not genuine or if said, there has to be a reason. Is this a set up?  When did I become so paranoid?...more

When You Take a Toddler Out to Dinner

When you take a toddler out to dinner—past her bedtime. She will demand to hold her cup of chocolate milk all by herself, and drink from the neon blue bendy straw. You give in because you don’t want to start a battle before you have even decided what you want for dinner. And almost on queue she attempts to tip the cup upside down and you rush to save it, mentally kicking yourself because you knew she would do that. ...more
I just took my almost 4 year old and 2.5 year old to Red Robin for lunch with my husband ...more

10 Survival Tips for The Expecting Mother:

(1) Try not to be too nervous or afraid of what is to come (I know easier said than done) just remember you are made for this. From labor to being a Mom - you are literally made for it. That being said, expect the unexpected. Birth plans are great but no one can plan how things will actually happen. Be flexible and open minded....more

Has Becoming A Mother Made Me a Bad Employee?

I have worked full time for the same company 8 years this month. It is a great place to work. It has grown from a small company to a much larger company, and I have grown with it both personally and professionally. It is also incredibly family oriented....more

What I Miss Most About Breastfeeding

This past weekend someone said to me, "You must be glad you are done breastfeeding, right?" I wasn't sure how to respond at first. So I thought for a second, and than said, "Well, yes and no." I had no expectations when I first started breastfeeding, I only planned to breastfeed (if I was able) as long as it was the right thing for both me and my baby. Well, I breastfed my daughter for 14 months. And when it was time to be done, it was completely initiated and led by my daughter. ...more
I just weaned my third and last baby this weekend. It's been bittersweet. He slept through the ...more

My Husband Isn't the Type of Father I Thought He Would Be

I woke up to the sound of someone calling my name. "Brittany, wake up. Wake up, the baby is crying." I blink my eyes, and glance at the clock. It is 2:00am. My husband stands over me and nudging my arm. The words suddenly resonate, as I hear the cries of our toddler in her room down the hall. I drag my body from bed and go to take care of her. Just Like I always do. Just like I have always done. ...more
It can be hard for a father to find and grow his fathering muscle. And it can seem like ...more

Spring Clean Your Life: Remove the Clutter and Muck From The Everyday

I love this time of year in the Northeast! The flowers are blooming, the birds chirping. Windows can finally be open to let the warm air in, and chase the cold and dark out of your home. The days become longer, and your house is full of glorious sunshine.It is wonderful....more

Working Mother Myths

**warning note – I know this is a HOT topic – this is just my opinion**...more

She Made Me Beautiful

I have always had poor self-esteem. From the moment my body turned foreign and bloomed in ways I didn't understand, ways that suddenly made the girls stop talking to me and the boys make fun of me. I was young and unable to fully comprehend what was happening, despite the videos presented in health class. Instead of loving my new curves I hated them. I tried to hide them under baggy clothes and multiple layers. I avoided my image, and having pictures taken. I dreaded trying on clothes. I felt ugly and uncomfortable....more