Blogger 2 Blogger Book Club: Ladies’ Night Review

This month I’m joining Kelly for the Blogger 2 Blogger Book Club. I was...more

Life This Week

This week was my week. Last week after I updated y’all on our upcoming IVF procedure, I just kind of fell into a funk. It was hard for me to find motivation and inspiration, but I rested up over the weekend and showed up this week ....more

Twilight Takes Over the Blog!

Hi! I’m Twilight. You may have already heard about me, but I’m the newest member of the Dorr family! ...more

Win Airline Tickets for Your Summer Trip!

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Confessions: I’m Too Invested in The Bachelorette

It’s Wednesday. You know what that means. I confess… Most of my blog posts originate as scribble on a piece of paper ripped out from a notebook ....more

Currently: June 2015

Props to Megan for inspiring today’s post. Thinking...more

New Summer TV: First Impressions

While waiting for Orange is the New Black to return for season 3, I’ve been enjoying some new summer shows. I feel like summer shows often get the short end of the stick, because people don’t think about summer TV as much as fall, people are out having more summer fun, and overall, they aren’t […] The post New Summer TV: First Impressions appeared first on Becoming Adorrable • Atlanta Lifestyle Blog ....more

Things That Cheer Me Up

With all the recent information, this week has felt overwhelming. I’ve been taking some time to process, and in the meantime, treat myself. Small things cheer me up ....more

An Update

This update is kind of all over the place, so I apologize. It’s nearly impossible for me to organize all these thoughts, but I do want to kind of update everyone who’s been sending us prayers and positive vibes. The Start Last time I talked about this whole infertility thing, Tim and I were returning […] The post An Update appeared first on Becoming Adorrable • Atlanta Lifestyle Blog ....more

Life This Week

This month I’m joining Kelly in the Blogger 2 Blogger book club. We’re reading Ladies’ Night by one of my favorite authors, Mary Kay Andrews. I’ve already started it, and I’m sucked in ....more