Green tomatoes

It’s nearly December and I’ve just divested my tomato plants of their final fruits. This is indicative of so many things: stupidly warm California weather, lazy gardening, and late fall garden planting, to name a few.Now I’ve got give pounds of mostly green tomatoes to deal with. I’m considering pickling or roasting. Any recipe suggestions?...more

Artichoke parmesan sourdough stuffing

Cancel whatever stuffing plans you’ve made for Thanksgiving, because I have the best stuffing recipe on planet right here. Artichoke. Parmesan. Sourdough. Need I say more?The recipe comes from Sunset Magazine reader Leslie Jo Parsons and it’s become a mainstay at our holiday table. Try it and let me know what you think!...more

The best potato gratin ever, thank you Alice Waters

It’s a fundamental truth: There are few things better than potatoes and cheese in combination. But sadly, I’ve never been able to make a good at home gratin–the pinnacle of cheesy, potato-y goodness. Mine turn out over-oily or too heavy or bland.Well, not today. Today I found Alice Waters’ Potato Gratin from her cookbook Chez Panisse Vegetables. Today I felt in love....more

So long #NCA15

Sitting at McCarran Airport, trying to ignore the slot machine lights whirling, swirling, and blinking in my periphery, I’m pretty sure that four and a half days in Vegas is three and a half days too many....more

#NCA15 Org Comm top paper fabulousness

The nerves started to set in last week. While chopping veggies for dinner, I observed: “I’m going to be presenting to pillars of the field!”...more

Pretending I don't hate the #NCA15 conference hotel

While waiting 30 minutes in line for coffee this morning (yes, seriously. And yes, it was worth it to prevent a headache), I got to thinking about the pros and cons of having a large communication conference in a small, old casino....more

What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas

At least when it comes to the gelato I sampled this evening.First full day at the National Communication Association convention in Vegas. Enjoyed a damn fine private pre-conference with my dear friend Amy Way. We worked on presentations, scouted grants and continued our plots to take over the world. There was even “running,” cheap Thai, and an outrageously decadent dinner.Vegas isn’t my favorite conference location (my lungs may never forgive me), but we’re making the most of it....more

Flying photos and fall beauty

I’m really glad I didn’t read the news until after my plane landed safely in Vegas today. Apparently a wave of in-flight weirdness is plaguing the U.S. in the wake of the Paris tragedies–flights being diverted and delayed due to strange passenger behavior and bomb threats. No, thank you....more

Controlling the teacher rage. Barely.

I was mid-sentence when he shuffled in, 11 minutes late. Teaching a morning class for most semesters over the last seven years, I’ve tried to pretend like I’ve made peace with this type of tardy behavior, so I ignored him.Image from
J-MOM Ahhhhhh! The students showing up late and wanting to take the quiz... MAKES ME CRAZY! I'm ...more

Embracing "old lady" shoes. Maybe.

“You cheated on me??!” I exclaimed when I saw the tell tale box in the back of her car. Yep. My mom went shoe shopping without me. A hanging offense, basically....more
Yes, being a teacher will definitely send your sexy shoes to the back of the closet!  I remember ...more