Blog birthday (be)musings

"Childhood" by Michiev. Used with permission."Be brave. Ask your questions. Speak your truth."...more

Three things on my mind as a BlogHer '14 newbie

 Who's going to BlogHer '14? This gal!...more
I'm a newbie too and I'm excited to see Kerry Washington as well.  I'm feeling a little ...more

Flying solo and loving it

 Beautiful farmland between Sacramento Executive Airport and Yolo County Airport....more

It's no hot dog anniversary but four years is still fun

 Yes, I really fell down on my weddi...more

“Read and Return” program perfect for flying bookworms

 One of my guilty pleasures as a library-going, Kindle-owning bookworm? Buying new reads at the airport....more

Rated R fridge art as diet motivation

Oh did you think I was going to show you the goods? "You're going to want to remember this," she said, wielding her beast of a camera as I posed in glittered heels and...more

How to be a Woman: An accessible and funny discussion of the F-word

 "You can tell whether some misogynistic societal pressure...more

#100HappyDays and 24 Hours of Happy

 Image from 24 Hours of Happy....more

Memoirs of an Addicted Brain: On drugs, emotions, and "corrupted learning"

 A couple months ago when Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a heroin overdose, I cried a little. Just like I did when Heath Ledger died. And Michael Jackson....more