And sometimes you knock over your own Christmas tree

I call it my three-movie tree. This year, it took Love Actually, Labyrinth, and Little Women to get the sucker properly decorated. (It helped that the tree was still standing from last year and I didn’t have to spend 30 minutes fluffing up the branches, of course.)...more

Voting brought this Nasty Woman to tears

Walking out of my polling place, I wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of emotion.I didn’t wear white. I didn’t wear a pantsuit. I didn’t get to put my sticker on Susan B. Anthony’s tombstone....more

Reckoning the leaves of change

Today I walked around campus as it was snowing leaves of change. Yellow and orange flutters signaling a shift in season, so poignant on the eve of the most contentious election of my lifetime.Remarkable foliage at Sacramento State!Strolling under great canopies of color, I tried to concentrate on the Fall splendor and quell my anxiety about the next 28 to 70,000 hours....more

Happy links, in case you need a break from politics

I don’t know about you, but I’m counting minutes until the election ends so that for better or worse, at least my social media and mailbox won’t be bursting with political ads (for awhile anyway). If you’re looking for a break from politics, may I recommend some serious cuteness, coolness, and hilarity?Four-year old befriends elderly man. Overwhelming cuteness ensues. Sniffled my way through this one, but in a good way....more

Emotional states of a last-minute conference submission

One of the most painful post-graduate school realizations is that procrastination doesn’t magically heal itself and homework NEVER GOES AWAY.Case in point: Today’s conference paper deadline. That I’ve been planning for for six months. With the paper that I started working on in earnest a few weeks ago. That I finished with just two hours before submissions closed. Good lord.In case you want to know what it feels like… I present, the emotional states of last-minute conference paper submissions:...more

Magical thinking never works. Also: I hate cancer.

It’s probably because I watch too much Grey’s Anatomy, but I’m always so stupidly hopeful in the face of grave illness. I naively trust in Western medicine. And homeopathic remedies. And the power prayers and positive thinking. And I just hope. Because sometimes people do get better. Sometimes miracles happen.And so many times–several in the last month, including today–I’m surprised and irrationally disappointed to know that sometimes (often times?) miracles don’t happen. And magical thinking and hope do nothing more than hurt extra....more

The Cubs won! And other things on my mind.

“How many innings are in baseball?”“Why does baseball take so long?”“A RAIN DELAY?”“Will this thing ever end?”Mr. T: “You don’t even care.”Me: “I know. But it’s cool to see everyone so excited online!”...more

My patronus is a class of budding feminists

Driving through pea soup on the way to work this morning, you could have convinced me that dementors had taken over Sacramento. For hours, the world seemed blanketed in thick, dark, misty fog....more

Talking feminism and controlling my face. Kinda.

We’d just finished watching the eight minute trailer for the documentary Miss Representation, a film about harmful gender stereotypes against women, and the minimal representation of women in leadership roles across all facets of American organizations....more

A Goliath-sized hole in my heart

As it turns out, I’m an excellent dog trainer*.When Mr. T and I first started dating, I was charmed at how his white fluff ball dog, Goliath, would jump to greet me at the door. I delighted in fluttering my hands in encouragement, noticing that if I did so, he would stand on his hind legs and talk to me. So cute. Henceforth, I told T how lucky he was that I taught his dog to walk on two legs. (Never you mind the jumping or barking that never went away.)...more