Why I'm afraid of Ebola

 Photo by Ryan McGuire of Gratisography. Used with permission.On an airplane, I’m that person. The one who immediately upon boarding pulls out a Wet Wipe (or two) and disinfects all the hard surfaces I might touch during the flight....more

The pretty things I see while lost

 A little morning jaunt in 20-something degree weather thanks to my terrible directi...more

A grateful heart: My favorite tour guide

 Nothing like a little 20-something weather with snow flurries to make a<...more

Calling all teens: Above the Fray wants to know about your online life

 Have social media using tee...more

Random, with a side of controversial

Religion. Politics. Suicide. Feminism. Funeral plans. Ferguson....more

It's okay to hate squash, and other things I like about adulthood

 I tried. Really I did....more
I adore this article!! So cute! All I have been thinking about lately was how I hated being an ...more

Kermit the frog as Jean Valjean, aka why I adore my husband

 Highlight of my month: Midway through Les Mis, Mr. T realizes Jean Valjean would be MUCH better played by Kermit the Frog, and does the voicing accordingly....more

Flashback Friday: That one time I was a mermaid

 Circa 1995, California State Fair, "Poor Unfortunate Souls" Li...more

I wanted to be a ballerina when I grew up

 My dance teacher, Joanna of Joanna's Kids-R-It in Sacram...more

Infuriating: TIME Puts 'Feminist' on List of Words to Ban in 2015

[Editor's Note: On November 18, 2014, TIME issued an apology for including "feminist" on its list of words to ban in 2015.]...more
My boyfriend is a professor at a Catholic University in Kentucky. The other day, he overheard a ...more