Just An Afternoon In The Cotton Field...

Before Caitlin and Holli flew in Wednesday from Ohio, she asked me if all of the cotton fields that surround us had been harvested....more

Athlete or Work-Out Junkie...Which Are You?

Athlete or Work-Out Junkie?...more

Weekend In New Orleans

It's that time again...Theater Season for Broadway Across America!...more

Time For The Parish Fair!

Each year in October the Parish Fair arrives....more

What Was Life Like Before "Grands" (Number 5 is it a...He or She?)

Often times I wonder what life was even like before we had "Grands"....more

Oh My Darlin', Clementine...

Clementine is our cat....more

Books I Am Reading Or Have Read: "The Tidewater Sisters"

The final book in "The Sea Glass Sisters" trilogy, "The Tidewater Sisters",...more

I Survived Carpool!

It had been many years since I sat in a carpool line....more

It's Fall, Y'all...And Time For Some Yummy Pumpkin Recipes!!!

It's fall, although our weather down here in the south is still in the 80's...and I have really requested that it get into the 70's...but whatever the temperature is, the calendar says it's fall and that means that I am ready for ALL THINGS PUMPKIN!!!With Halloween right around the corner and then Thanksgiving and Christmas, I began to think about all the yummy holiday treats I would possibly be missing being on this Paleo diet....more

Could Paleo Be The Cure For HOT FLASHES?

I have been following this paleo diet plan now for about 6 weeks....more