The Peacefulness Only a Porch Swing Can Provide...

The photo of the swing and rocking chair below is where I will be spending lots of time for the next few days. They will be my best friends, swinging and rocking away my troubles. I can remember spending time at my grandparent's farm when I was a child ....more

Why Do They Say, "Sleep Like a Baby"?!

Remember how I once mentioned that I could only play nine holes of golf before folding up like a cheap suitcase? ...more

Maria's Field of Hope

After getting up at 4 am Wednesday morning and spending most of my day in airports I arrived in Cleveland sound 2:30. Exhausted. I mean I was ready to jump in bed by 6 o'clock ....more

The Last Weekend of Summer

Labor Day Weekend. The last weekend of summer. Or so they say ....more

Outdoor Fun in Breckenridge

Before this week, I had only visited Colorado in the winter time when the ground was snow covered. Well, with exception of during my childhood whenever we made a few trips during the summer. But I had truly forgotten how beautiful this part of the country is ....more

Hiking in Colorado

Sunday morning we woke up and immediately made a plan to go for a hike. I was feeling so much better that I was sure I could make it with no problem. Until...we started the upward climb ....more

Cooling Off in Colorado

Earlier this summer our friends who have a home in Colorado asked us to visit. ...more

Create Your Own Special Occassion Photo Booth with FREE DOWNLOADS!

We are all obsessed these days with taking photographs. ...more

Dear Tooth Fairy, Please Bring Me a Pair of Prada's

One might think that having a son that is a dentist is great. ...more

Last Summer Read: "Big Little Lies"

Now that I've found Liane Moriarty, ...more