My Sunday Afternoon Surprise...

After all the busyness of the weekend and the somewhat of a crappy week that I had experienced (Yes...I have crappy weeks; trust me.), and after everyone had packed up and left Hubby and I alone, ...more

A Birthday Weekend: Parker Ann Turns 5!

It was quite a busy weekend, ...more


I think everybody is "officially" back in school now and getting into that routine. ...more

Announcing GRAND NUMBER 7!

OK...So, I feel like it won't be long before the kids in this family outnumber the adults. ...more

My Thyroid Journey Continues: Finding and Endocrinologist

It seems as though I have been living my life through increments of 6 week periods of time. ...more

Sunday Dessert: Butterfingers Cake

This past Sunday I brought back an oldie but goodie with my Butterfingers Cake for Sunday Dessert. ...more


I was lucky enough to get an invitation to Sunday lunch this week. ...more

The Mischief of TWO, TWO-Year Olds...

I know that you all have likely heard of the "Terrible Two's"; who hasn't?! ...more

When In Disney...Dress The Part!

Disney world is such a magical place that one forgets their own identity with merely the prospect of entering the gates. ...more

Vacationing With 17 People...

Have you ever vacationed with 17 people? ...more