Standing in the Patience Line

When it came time to check out in the grocery store the other day, I began perusing the lines to see how many items each person ahead of me had in their baskets. ...more

The Beaches of Normandie

What a somber day it was, the day we traveled to Normandie. ...more

Churches of France

Someone asked me the other day: ...more

Please Excuse the Technical Difficulties. And Crying Babies. And the Holidays. And the Croup...

I know that I promised to post next about the beautiful churches of France. ...more

Macaroons and a Cafe' Au Lait, S'il Vous Plait...

OK, so I could not wait to get to France because although I am very careful with my diet on a daily basis, I fully intended on having two things EVERY DAY while there: ...more

Window Shopping in France!

I believe we Americans have lost the art of "window shopping". ...more

And Now...Let Me Introduce You To PARIS...

Hubby and I flew into Paris and went directly to our ship. ...more

How My Lovely Trip To France Ended In Ugly Terror

As most of you know, we have been planning a trip to France for the past 18 months. There have been cheerful emails exchanged between the six couples going, using our newly acquired French phrases in anticipation of being in this lovely country together...more

Are YOU a Groupon Queen (or King) Yet?!

Our family refers to my daughter as "The...more

20% Off Code for Spartan Races!!!

We're getting into the Holiday Spirit a little early this year by giving out an AWESOME RACE CODE for ANY 2015 or 2016 U.S. Spartan Race!!! Use the code: ...more