Cute Clothes Trump Poor Golfing Skills EVERY DAY!

Well, although I have been in Miami for a week now, I have not been able to find a minute to spare to write. ...more

No Really...I'm NOT An Athlete

I'm good at quite a few things, however, sports is not one of them. ...more

Updating the House

We have lived at our current address for about 11 years now. ...more


I love Easter time. ...more

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

Don't you just love the classics? ...more

Babies, Bugs and Birthdays

Whenever one has 17...YES, you heard me correcty!... 17 people in their immediate family they tend to share everything. ...more

The Making of Alice...

I realize that I haven't posted lately but I've been BUSY..Busy celebrating my birthday, traveling a bit... AND "Making Alice". ...more

My Dreaded Trip To the DMV

I knew that this was the year I was going to have to renew my driver's license. ...more

And Then There Were 7...Welcome to the World, Harper Grayson!

Just when you think you've got everything figured out and planned..along come babies. ...more