Paleo Chicken Pot Pie

I am at the 6 month point of my Paleo lifestyle and truly, I have not found it difficult to prepare and eat this type of food....more

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

We all make plans....more

Birthday Fun!

In this family, we truly never get tired of birthdays....more

Monday Flowers and Fat Tuesday

Grocery shopping had become such drudgery to me that I had pretty much stopped going on a regular basis and just popped in for meals....more

Valentine's Day Weekend in The Big Easy...

Having been in a "funk" for a while, the hubby thought it would be a great idea to get me out of town for the weekend....more

It's Valentine's Day...

I LOVE (no pun intended) Valentine's Day....more

Drawing Inspiration From a 1 Year Old

It had been quite a while since I had picked up my watercolors....more

Wordless Wednesday...(Go Forth and SPARKLE...)

Well, almost "Wordless"....more

Why I'm Firing My Doctor

DISCLAIMER: This post is not rated G. It is raw and could possibly contain a bad word. Or two ....more

An InLinkz

An InLinkz Link-up ...more