A Black Friday Baby!

Thanksgiving around here was quiet. ...more

Take This Quiz To Find Out What Type of "ORIGINAL THINKER" YOU Are!

Kimberly- Clark reached out to me recently and asked if my readers and I would be interested in taking a quiz...more

Turning My Office Into a Playroom

Boy am I glad I decided to keep that office in our house plans when we built this house. ...more

2 Weeks of Chaos With My BIG FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY

WHEW...The past 2 weeks have been crazy here to say the least! ...more

"Throw Back Thursday" Post From The Archives!

This has been a tough week for a lot of people. ...more

Beware...I've Given Up Caffeine!

There's nothing more that I like in the mornings than to grab a hot cup of java. ...more

Did I Mention That Our BIG, FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY Is Expanding AGAIN?!

It seems as though the babies are coming FAST around here these days. ...more

The Peacefulness Only a Porch Swing Can Provide...

The photo of the swing and rocking chair below is where I will be spending lots of time for the next few days. They will be my best friends, swinging and rocking away my troubles. I can remember spending time at my grandparent's farm when I was a child ....more

Why Do They Say, "Sleep Like a Baby"?!

Remember how I once mentioned that I could only play nine holes of golf before folding up like a cheap suitcase? ...more

Maria's Field of Hope

After getting up at 4 am Wednesday morning and spending most of my day in airports I arrived in Cleveland sound 2:30. Exhausted. I mean I was ready to jump in bed by 6 o'clock ....more