My Week(232) in iPhone Photos

This week (the one I am typing in, not the one in the pictures) is spring break and the weather finally got the memo so I am tempted to turn off my laptop, toss it in a closet and not look at it again until the weather gets back below 50 degrees. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen again until October. Sunday: Grumpy baby wanted to walk around instead of sit through Easter service Brunching Evan picked this one from ALL the grocery store cakes Monday: No match for fresh air I MISSED 100000 EVEN Grocery store assistant Tuesday: Best Legos Ever Style Attention Target shoppers: Adorable baby in the main aisle Wednesday: More Style DEFINITELY GINGERY He’s pretty convinced that is his bed ....more

Evan: 6 Years Old

Six is a lot of years. It’s one-third of the way to 18, which I immediately regret both thinking and typing. But there is no denying Evan is a big kid, well on his way to being a full grown human who barely even needs me ....more

Happy 33 To Me

Hey, it’s my birthday, I’m gonna party like I’m responsible for keeping 3 small humans alive on my birthday. So maybe a glass of wine after they all go to bed. That song was actually really popular on my birthday the year it came out (which I believe was in two thousand and OMG I am old) so I think of it as my birthday song ....more

Easter 2015

This year, Evan’s birthday and Easter were the same day. We actually did his celebrating the day/night before and did Easter stuff on Easter, so these pictures are out of order but I’m hoping to put together a real birthday post with a kid interview before I finish it. So I’m starting with Easter ....more

My Week(231) in iPhone Photos

I have both Easter pictures and Evan’s birthday post to write, but instead of eating Easter candy I stole from the kids and sitting on the couch this morning I went for a walk. I am feeling the “summer is coming” stress and really regreting bascially everything I’ve eaten for the last 9 months, so I’m making a conscious effort to increase my activity level and decrease my candy consumption. At least I will, after all these Reeses Eggs are gone ....more

Four Eyes

So Caroline is now in glasses. ...more

My Week(230) in iPhone Photos

It snowed again yesterday. They had to move the Easter Egg hunt at church inside because of snow. I can’t ....more

Oak Leaf Dairy Farm Visit – Baby Goat Cuddle Therapy Should Be A Thing

A few weeks ago a friend posted a photo on Facebook of her daughter surrounded by baby goats. I clicked the picture, which was geo-tagged, which led to a place name, which I then typed into Facebook and their page popped up. (Technology, man!) It turns out the place with the baby goats is called Oak Leaf Dairy and it’s only 20 minutes from my house ....more

Lincoln: 8 Months

On his actual 8 month day Linc slept through the night, then took a 4 hour nap. He woke up a zillion years older. He’s bigger ....more

My Week(229) in iPhone Photos

I am suffering from a severe case of OMFG WHY ISN’T IT WARMER OUTSIDE YET. It’s making me hate everything. Sunday: We bought a children’s museum membership basically JUST for this thing Caroline says this hat is totally her style Evan takes checkers very seriously Monday: I bought a new rug Go away Mommy LASHES Tuesday: Baby in a cage with a sister to entertain him = I can get stuff done Meeting the fishes Caroline said he needed to be more stylish Wednesday: I had to put the baby in a stroller, so I put a wrap over him ....more