Skating By

The kids had a dentist appointment on Monday at 11:20 (our dentist is awesome and the hygienists do their appointments simultaneously in adjoining rooms so no one has to wait). Instead of taking Evan back to school afterward, like a responsible parent would, we got cheeseburgers for lunch and went to Foxwoods to go ice skating. I figured it wouldn’t be crowded on a weekday afternoon and I was right – when we got there just before they opened at 2 pm there wasn’t even anyone to rent skates from ....more

Basil and Cheese Egg Muffins

I extended my...more

My Week(215) in iPhone Photos

I took a nap today, because I felt like I might actually die if I didn’t. I’m not even crazy sleep deprived or anything, I had just hit the wall of touched-out and busy and mentally tired of staying on top of everything. Caroline’s party is this Saturday and Christmas is next week and then we have one more visit to finish up 2014…and then I am never leaving the house again ....more

Home For The Holidays {Wayfair Giveaway!}

If I posted a picture of my house right now, I’m pretty sure Wayfair would throw me out of their Homemakers program. But since they totally understand my aspirations to one day have a catalog perfect home, they’ve kindly sponsored a post so I can at least DREAM about getting organized....more

My Week(214) in iPhone Photos

We played a little hooky this week. Since E is on actual non-working vacation for the first time in three years I’ve declared December the DON’T CARE month and we’re doing as many fun things as possible, even if it means skipping school. The kids are 5 and 3, I’m pretty sure they won’t be educationally handicapped for life just because they missed a few days ....more


I’m not going to lie, I am not a huge fan of Thanksgiving. I feel very meh about all the traditional food (except for pie #teampie) and if we aren’t going anywhere I end up doing A LOT of work for people who also feel very meh about the food. It ends up being much more about the tradition of making the food – being in the kitchen, letting the kids help, timing everything perfectly – than the actual food ....more

My Week(213) in iPhone Photos

Welcome to a WHOLE NEW WORLD. This world is called “My husband is home after 4 months of being totally gone and 3+ years of being mostly absent”. We’re a full week in and definitely still adjusting, especially since not only is E back from sea he has a MONTH OFF ....more

Lincoln: 4 Months

TWO TEETH. TWOOOOOOO TEEEEEEEEETH. That is basically all I have to say about my baby this month ....more

My Week(212) in iPhone Photos

I did a terrible job of taking photos this week. Terrible. It turns out when I’m busy I forget to pull out my phone and take photos of things like the grocery shopping or our playdate or laundry (ALL THE LAUNDRY) ....more

My Week(211) in iPhone Photos

Linc has two bottom teeth. If you’ve ever had a 3 month old with teeth you will know why it has taken me two days to finish this post. And also why my right nipple hurts so bad I wish I could just cut it off ....more