My Week(211) in iPhone Photos

Linc has two bottom teeth. If you’ve ever had a 3 month old with teeth you will know why it has taken me two days to finish this post. And also why my right nipple hurts so bad I wish I could just cut it off ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Last Days of Fall

Some mom friends and I took the kids down to Bluff Point for a hike since we didn’t have school on Tuesday. 5 moms and 11 kids. When we got to the beach all the big kids went off on an adventure while the babies hung out on the sand and ate rocks ....more

My Week(210) in iPhone Photos

Late late late late late. But we spent ALL day Sunday out of the house and I spent all day today finishing all my photography stuff so I am completely caught up! Now maybe I can blog this week! ...more

How Does Your AeroGarden Grow?

Thank you to...more

My Week(209) in iPhone Photos

I’m going to go against popular opinion here and say I LOVE the extra hour we get with fall back. I was exhausted at 10 pm last night so I went to sleep, and then woke up on my own 15 minutes before the alarm. It felt positively leisurely ....more

Swim With The Fishes

The aquarium always does fun stuff for Halloween and we’ve been going since Evan was a baby. This year the costume dress up weekend was “Pirate and Princess” themed. Unfortunately, I spend a bazillion dollars on costumes that are not pirates or princesses but were TOTALLY aquarium appropriate…so the kids dressed up anyway ....more

My Week(208) in iPhone Photos

I am tiiiiiiired. I don’t even have a good excuse beyond doing lots of stuff this week – my darling darling baby slept 10 hours last night. But this weekend was busy and this next week is going to be super busy ....more

Lincoln: 3 Months

I was SO PROUD of myself for having this done and scheduled to post on Linc’s actual 3rd monthday…and then I went to post it and realized I was posting it on the 24th and I missed his 3rd monthday. I missed an entire day and didn’t notice until 7 pm. Right now as I write this Linc is fussing, so I guess I can’t technically say he NEVER fusses ....more

Fall In

Three kids is a lot of kids. I mean, it’s not A LOT of kids. 15 is a lot of kids ....more

My Week(207) in iPhone Photos

I wore a lot of babies this week. I have to justify owning all these wraps somehow. Although I never thought I’d take/post so many selfies ....more