12 on 12 – January 2017

You know what I need? Another photo project. (That’s sarcasm ....more

My Week(323) in iPhone Photos

Welp, it’s officially the part of winter that tries to kill me every year. It is dark. It is cold ....more

My Week(322) in iPhone Photos

Still a week behind, trying to organize my photos, my thoughts and my time enough to catch up. I’m on a mission to make this the year my house stops being embarrassingly cluttered in the background of all my photos. It’s going to take a LOT of trips to Goodwill ....more

My Week(321) in iPhone Photos

I realized that although I managed to blog for real last week I forgot my iPhone post. This is the week before Christmas. Sunday: The American Girl Store: where tiny pianos are a necessity Caroline + Kit Then Kit came to Target and insisted on a nutcracker Monday: Good morning, Kylo ....more

Finnegan: 4 Months

(Lincoln 4 Months, Caroline 4 Months) Finnegan had his 4-month checkup today on his actual fourth monthday. The nurse asked if I had a guess on his weight, and I said “Oh geeze, he’s really chubby. Probably 18 pounds.” Then I sat him on the scale and it said…exactly 18 pounds ....more

Expectations vs Life As We Know It

Ever since Caroline was born, I have dreamed of the day I get to give her an American Girl doll. If you were a little girl at any point in the 90’s, you probably understand (My husband completely does not understand. “Don’t be disappointed if she doesn’t love these dolls as much as you do,” he said to me ....more

Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas! Happy Everything! My parents left today after spending a few days celebrating the holiday with us ....more

My Week(320) in iPhone Photos

Surprise! I’m catching up on my blog so you get two of these in a row. Sunday: Caroline took 2 dozen Nutcracker selfies The Garde Arts Center in New London I’ve taken this same picture almost every day this week Monday: SO MONDAY Totally normal way to drink water ....more

My Week(319) in iPhone Photos

I was looking for an old post on the blog this week and ended up scrolling through tons of these iPhone photo posts from weeks 210-220. It was SO fun to see what we were doing 100 weeks ago (Evan was getting head stitches, I wore Lincoln in a lot of wraps, Caroline smiled). So even though this is a full 2 weeks late, I’m vowing to catch up and do better in 2017 ....more

Caroline: 6 Years Old

Today, my one and only baby girl turns SIX. She has grown both physically (why are all her dresses too short?!) and mentally (she’s already surpassed first grade reading and it’s not even half way through the year) SO much in the last year I’m often shocked when I remember she’s ONLY six. And then she has a rough, long, very tired day where she can barely make it to dinner without collapsing in tears and I remember she’s a tiny child and sometimes she just needs cuddles ....more