My Week(264) in iPhone Photos

Last week I went to Ulta and spent a bunch of money on makeup. I haven’t bought real makeup in a really, really long time and I don’t think I’ve ever bought all the things the sales girl recommended. Because it’s really expensive ....more

Sofa Fort City {Sponsored by Wayfair}

Our big (ugly) family room couch is one of those sausage-casing monstrosities, where all the cushions are attached, with built-in recliners and cup holders. It’s truly hideous. But while we’re in the “Oh my god where did you get that yogurt?!” stage of children, there’s no point in having NICE furniture, so I settled for comfy and functional in a beige color that hides dirt ....more

My Week(263) in iPhone Photos

Having Wednesday off for Veterans Day really confused me all week. I do not like random mid-week holidays. Sunday: The turtle’s name is Stretch, which Caroline forgets every time Anyone need a really poorly made tutu? ...more

Wordless Wednesday: Apple Picking 2015

Remember when Wordless Wednesday was a thing and I could just post photos and people still came and looked at them? But don’t look at these too much, for some reason the colors look terrible. Ugh ....more

Little Golden Boy

While the big kids are at school, Linc and I get a lot of time together. I love it. Really really really love it ....more

My Week(262) in iPhone Photos

Alternate title: The first week after the time change so all my photos are dark and blurry because I haven’t gotten used to the sun setting at 4:30. I’m going to schedule a nice, colorful, sunny photo post to go up tomorrow morning because this is too depressing to leave at the top of the blog for long. Sunday: They both love this OMINOUS ORCHARD IS OMINOUS Putting the kids to work making a pie they refused to eat Monday: Toddlers on the loose Riding the dog like a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! ...more

Halloween 2015

We had another mild-weather Halloween here in Connecticut. It’s sort of unfair that my New England children have never known the joy of wearing their winter coats UNDER their Halloween costumes while freezing to death for some candy. We had friends over for an hour of trick or treating followed by an hour and a half of handing out candy, because that part is just as good and you feet don’t get as tired ....more

My Week(261) in iPhone Photos

So it’s November now, which is fine, we’re fine, it’s all fine. Except that in 6 weeks I promised Caroline I would throw her a Nutcracker-themed 5th birthday party and two weeks after that is Christmas and then it will be 2016 and ...more

Matching Pajamas Are Very Important

Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links, because I figured it couldn’t hurt to try to earn a few dollars to put towards actually ordering more pajamas. IT’S TIME TO THINK ABOUT THE HOLIDAYS. START THINKING ABOUT THEM ....more

My Week(260) in iPhone Photos

I was going to do this an hour ago but then I decided to watch The Walking Dead and (no spoilers) now I don’t ...more