Finnegan: 3 Months

(For reference: Linc 3 months, Caroline 3 months) I started this post at 9 am, and it is now 9:29 pm. Finn is an adorable, cuddly, happy baby but he also wants to nurse 90% of the time he is awake. It is hard to work on my computer while he is nursing, and impossible to do almost anything else either ....more

My Week(317) in iPhone Photos

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m a little late and fully into Christmas mode now, which is my favorite part of the year. I’d like to just live in the 4 weeks before Christmas forever ....more

My Week(316) in iPhone Photos

It is very cold and gloomy today. One fourth of my children are napping, but unfortunately it’s the only one who doesn’t really NEED to nap. But I got a bunch of cleaning done this morning, there’s chili in the crockpot for dinner, and I have secret chocolate to eat when they eventually do go to bed ....more

My Week(315) in iPhone Photos

This was The Bad Week. I’m going to do the most recent week’s post tomorrow so I bump it down the page quickly. I still don’t want to talk about it ....more

Then Someone Hands You A Baby

A lot of people told me that once you have three kids, adding any more is basically no big deal. You’re already outnumbered and have been practicing zone defense for a while. You probably already drive a minivan ....more

Here Are Some Nice Pictures To Look At

I don’t think I’ve ever written about my 365 Project here on my own blog. I wrote about it for Jill’s blog once...more

My Week(314) in iPhone Photos

Late again. Honestly, for most of the week it was a miracle I kept my family alive, there was no chance of me blogging. I don’t talk about politics much here, partly because it doesn’t come up when I’m mostly sharing photos of my family, partly out of a desire to avoid conflict and partly so my parents don’t have to constantly pray for my soul (we have…very different opinions on many things) ....more

My Week(313) in iPhone Photos

This was two weeks ago. I keep failing at this “post more, in a more timely manner” way. But I finished my photography work this weekend – at least the shooting part, now I just have to edit – so hopefully I can catch up and finish the four posts I have in drafts ....more

Finnegan: 2 Months

Finnegan is 2 months old! (Lincoln: 2 ...more

My Week(312) in iPhone Photos

I’m going to write a real post. Soon. Maybe even 2 posts ....more