My Week(275) in iPhone Photos

We had our first snow day on Friday! And we’re having our second snow day today, Monday. I’m not exactly tired of the snow but I am a liiiiiittle tired of seeing my family quite so much ....more


Today was our first snow of the winter, and possibly the only one we’re going to get. Our weather has been unseasonably warm (no complaints) and the kids have been dying for a chance to build snowmen and do other normal New Englandy winter stuff. A Friday snow day is the very best scenario ....more

My Week(274) in iPhone Photos

It’s 60+ degrees today. I went on a lovely 4 mile hike by the ocean with a fr iend this morning without a coat – although the baby on my back counts as an extra layer. It was SO NICE to be outside and feeling like spring is on the way ....more

Surprise! Twins!! Baby Shower!!!

Last week I helped throw a surprise twins baby shower. The party was a surprise I mean, not the twins. Well, the twins WERE a surprise, but they aren’t now ....more

My Week(273) in iPhone Photos

I don’t know, guys. My iPhone photos are getting worse and worse and I’m not sure this is even a thing worth posting anymore. I only do it because it seems like such a shame to quit now – I have every day of our lives since I was pregnant with CAROLINE documents in iPhone photos ....more

My Week(272) in iPhone Photos

January is just crawling by. It’s dark. It’s cold ....more

My Week(271) in iPhone Photos

We survived our first busy week back at real life! Almost all my pictures are of people sleeping. Sunday: New picture frames! ...more

While We Were In Ohio: Richland Carrousel Park

We realized this year that because of the way our summers play out, we’ll probably always do warm weather vacations with my parents and the holidays with E’s parents. That means that when we’re in Ohio it is probably always going to be cold, raining and/or snowing, and dark. We’ve made it our goal to find as much kid-friendly indoor stuff as possible ....more

My Week(270) in iPhone Photos

I’m late again, but it wasn’t my fault this time, I was having laptop issues and my iPhone photos wouldn’t load. I know you were really concerned. Sunday: Annual Nutcracker Conference You’re “welcome” ....more

Christmas 2015

We had a nice family Christmas at home, which is my favorite kind. Santa brought the kids a lot of great stuff plus E and I bought the kids a Disney Infinity so there was plenty to keep everyone busy all day (and hopefully for many many more days). We walked to the 4:30 family service at our church ....more