My Week(303) in iPhone Photos

This is the week in photos that corresponds to the terrible horrible week of solo parenting in 100-degree weather, so there are a lot of photos of us doing…nothing. It was a miracle everyone survived. Sunday: Private lake Big kid swinging I let him stay in my bed Monday: We watched so much Pokemon RIDICULOUS A strong selfie game Tuesday: The cat loves my belly More private lake time Digging for treasure Wednesday: LASHES Just what she needed: another adorable bathing suit! ...more

Can You Ever Just Be Whelmed?

SHORT VERSION OF THIS INSANELY LONG POST: I did not accidentally have a baby while my husband is gone and our van is dead. Hopefully next week I will get a new minivan and a baby....more

Why Do Pregnant Women Stand Around In Creeks?

I have no idea. I’m not sure why this is a thing, but I saw maternity photos like this in one of my photography groups and I’ve been dying to recreate them. I suppose it makes as much sense as pregnant women standing around in a field or on a beach or anywhere that isn’t Target or the grocery store ....more

Local Fun: Cirque Eloize Saloon at Foxwoods

I’ve written before about how much we love living near Foxwoods, and that continues to hold true. We’ve been lucky enough to attend lots of cool events in the past couple of years (from beer to bowling to...more

My Week(302) in iPhone Photos

I actually just don’t want to talk about this week. I’ll write a post later, but for now I’m pretty done. Sunday: He did this for like 20 minutes Happy Anniversary Dinner Very happy cat-dog Monday: Seaport camp! ...more

My Week(301) in iPhone Photos

Last week could probably be described as “lazy chaos”. I was solo-parenting for most of it, too pregnant and tired to really care about much beyond keeping the kids mostly alive. We didn’t do much besides attempt to keep the floor at least 50% visible under the layer of laundry and toys ....more

My Week(300) in iPhone Photos

300 is a lot of weeks. When I started doing this, mostly as a joke, I was pregnant with Caroline. Now I’m only a couple weeks away from having a FOURTH child, which means I have documented every day of our lives through almost 6 years ....more

It’s Time…To Talk About Back To School #FirstDayEveryday {Sponsored}

Kohl’s and Carter’s were kind enough to partner with...more

S’More Fun at a Camping Birthday Party – Linc Turns Two

On Saturday we celebrated Linc turning TWO with a camping birthday party! I debated doing a camping theme last year, because it just seemed so fun for a summer birthday, but decided he would have more fun at his own party with another year under his belt. I’m glad I waited, he had a BLAST ....more

Lake of the Woods 2016

I promise to have Linc birthday party pics up soon, but these are a) done and b) on a drive that hasn’t yet overheated so I still have access. Plus I like documenting our annual things the best, since I can go back and look at last year vs this year. (I took way more pictures last year, because I was way less hugely pregnant.) Related posts: Chubby Baby Pink For Boys Kids on Film Lake of the Woods 2016 originally appeared on bebehblog on July 25, 2016 ....more