My Week(286) in iPhone Photos

This week was SPRING BREAK WOOHOO! We did a ton of stuff, none of which involved keeping the house clean or doing regular up-keep things like grocery shopping. Tonight when I made up for it at the store, the cashier said “Did you have a good spring break?” and I said “Oh, yes, it was really fun.” Then she said “I bet, you look exhausted.” She was absolutely not wrong ....more

My Week(285) in iPhone Photos

This week is Spring Break WOOHOO and we have a very full schedule of things to do. Last week I turned 34 fairly uneventfully, but there was cake which is all I need. Sunday: Spent 2 hours organizing ALL THIS We both love naps She lost count because 34 is a lot of candles Monday: “Helping” Just letting you know, I’m totes going to eat this crayon The most perfect Tula I’ve ever seen Tuesday: He wanted me to put the lid on it He loved looking at the chicks ....more

Laundry Is My New Hobby

Every year that I’m an adult, I do a couple more adulty type things that make me feel like an actual grown up instead of someone just pretending to be a grown-up. Any time I have to call the insurance company is a big one. Having a hairdresser (as opposed to just going to Super Cuts) is another ....more

Our Zoo at The Zoo

The weather was warm enough to get outdoors this weekend, which was a nice change. I truly LOVE spring in New England, except for when it thinks it’s winter. Luckily I have tough, Connecticut children who don’t think 54 degrees requires jackets and are happy to spend a few hours at the zoo ....more

My Week(284) in iPhone Photos

This week was very long. Or at least it felt very long. I think all the weeks feel long when it’s SNOWING IN APRIL ....more

My Week(283) in iPhone Photos

I would have more nice things to say about our pretty nice week except it’s snowing right now and I am too annoyed to think ANY nice thoughts. Sunday: Guilty chocolate face Church in their Sunday best My LulaRoe Easter dress Monday: This room is ALWAYS a disaster, but it’s worse mid-purge/clean Getting muddy Chillaxing in his new kicks Tuesday: Unimpressed Nap snuggles Every day they climb this tree Wednesday: ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS Charge!!!!! Remember this as the day my house was totally clean before bed Thursday: Really exciting box from Thirsties for the #mcmschallenge Enjoying our last nice weather day Wild things Friday: Happy morning bebeh I’m just going to steal her At least I have one kid who sort of looks like me Saturday: My favorite tank Nervous ear piercing face Evan and Linc are twins It is now snowing even harder than it was this morning and my mood is not improving ....more

Easter Stuff 2016

A long time ago on this blog, I would have written 4 posts this week about all the stuff we did. Egg dying! Brunch! ...more

My Week(282) in iPhotos

Happy Easter! Our day started 100% too early (like at 11 pm last night) thanks to a grumpy baby and ended with children who hate 10000% too much candy. Thank goodness our spring break does NOT start tomorrow, because I need to send these monsters to school ....more

My Week(281) in iPhone Photos

We started the week playing outside without coats and ended it turning the heat back on in every room. WTH MARCH? Sunday: As much I love my baby, I do not want him in my bed at 8 am Really fast slide Playing in the creek with friends Monday: Morning smiles Shoping smiles ALL THE SHARPIES ARE SO EXCITING Tuesday: I dumped everything out to sort and then lost all my motivation Thank God for Tuesday naps More exhausted children suffering from DST Wednesday: Babies with stitches get to pick their own favorite wrap for uppies They also get popsicles and trophies Clearly he’s feeling better Thursday: Time to get used to the view from the OB’s office, kid Super excited to discover the toy car bin Not my best picture, but I love my poor damaged baby Friday: NAPPY NEWBORN ....more

My Week(280) in iPhone Photos

I am STILL trying to get over this cold/sinus thing/allergies???????/whatever it is that makes my face hurt all the time. There are days where I feel totally fine and days where I feel like I might actually die. The doctor’s office keeps telling me to try a saline nose spray and a humidifier but that’s helping about as much as hitting myself in the face with a hammer would ....more