Woven Wraps: An Exhausting But Not At All Exhaustive Guide

In case you hadn’t noticed (because you don’t actually read my blog or look at the pictures) I’ve become slightly obsessed with babywearing. I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of babywearing – my PR page has said I love baby carriers for the last 4 years – but my interest has exploded into obsession since Linc was born. I’ve actually gotten more questions about my wraps than I’ve ever gotten about anything on the blog ever, so I’m going to write a really long post about it, answering some of the basic questions and tracing the path that lead me from someone with an Ergo and a ring sling to someone who has a different carrier for every day of the month ....more

My Week(220) in iPhone Photos

Three day weekends confuse me. I forgot it’s Monday at least 5 times today. Wait, is it Monday? ...more

My Week(219) in iPhone Photos

It’s really cold. I have a lot of feelings about it being so cold, but they’re all very negative and I’m trying to remain upbeat. But basically, eff this effing weather and eff you January I hate you why can’t it be effing June already? ...more

Super Food, Super Delicious!

My only food-related New Year’s resolution is “Eat less food from a drive-thru”. I’ve made drastic diet resolutions in the past and – not shocking – I’ve always failed. Always ....more

My Week(218) in iPhone Photos

We did a lot of nothing this week. I got rid of some of my wraps on the online wrap buy/sell/trade group, so my phone is full of wrap photos. And I definitely did not buy three more ....more

Christmas Photo Post 2014

These are not very good, from a technical standpoint. My children were not very cooperative, I didn’t edit them much, and definitely don’t think anyone would call them professional. But they are an accurate representation of our holiday and I’m happy I have them and can share them and one day I will love them just as much as I love the tiny 3×5 prints of my own childhood Christmases ....more

My Week(217) in iPhone Photos

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! We had a great week! ...more

Lincoln: 5 Months

I asked my mom friends last week if they thought I should be concerned about Linc not rolling over or bearing weight on his legs yet. They told me no, of course not, all babies are different and they develop at different rates, I’m sure he’ll roll over soon, their baby never rolled over and now look at her walking! That’s basically the Lord’s Prayer of parenting – I can recite it...more

Caroline’s Undersea Wonderland Mermaid 4th Birthday Party

Last year, right after her princess party, Caroline asked for a ballerina party. I was really excited about that, since a winter ballerina party could be Nutcracker themed and there are SO many adorable possibilities there. Luckily I didn’t do much (any) planning early, so when she changed her mind and asked for a mermaid party instead I didn’t have to undo anything to throw a mermaid party ....more

My Week(216) in iPhone Photos

BIRTHDAY WEEK! Today, Sunday, the day after Caroline’s party, I’ve finally managed to think about the fact that Christmas is 4 days away and I can’t even FIND half the gifts I bought the kids (no for real, WHERE DID I HIDE THEM????). Sunday: Swiiiiiiiiiiing I only burned myself three times and the beer was an effective painkiller ....more