Finding New Roads – Meet Tiffany Joyce Photography {Sponsored by #ChevySalutes}

Friends, meet Tiffany. She’s cool. She’s a photographer ....more

My Week(237) in iPhone Photos

The themes of this week are: Front Porch and Sleeping Baby. Those are sometimes related but not always. I’ve leveled up in babywearing this week too, with MULTIPLE back wrap naps ....more

Several Truths And One Big Lie About Mother’s Day

I did not have an excellent Mother’s Day. I’m not saying that to make my family feel bad or shame anyone. I’m saying that because there’s a pretty good chance YOU didn’t have an excellent Mother’s Day either and I want you to know you’re not alone ....more

My Week(236) in iPhone Photos

Happy Mother’s Day, internet! I planted my traditional flower pots and vegetables. The flowers will traditionally look beautiful on the front steps and the vegetables will traditionally die before I ever see a single tomato or eggplant ....more

My Week(235) in iPhone Photos

I started and ended my week with beautiful photo sessions where everyone wore short sleeves. The heat in my house is still kicking on most nights but I am almost confident I can put away my...more

Lincoln: 9 Months

I’m almost a full week late with this and I feel really guilty about it. Between the big kid activities, mom friend dates and photography stuff Linc has been a little neglected. Not like, sitting in dirty diapers all day and not fed enough neglected ....more

My Week(234) in iPhone Photos

I am apparently allergic to everything that is blooming/growing at the moment. I ran through all the OTC drugs I had and I’m afraid to buy anything else in case the cops show up to look for my meth lab. Plus I can’t take any GOOD stuff because I’m nursing ....more

Horsing Around (I May Have Used That Title Before)

I don’t often have a favorite child. Sometimes I have a least favorite child (defined as the one who is currently misbehaving/throwing a tantrum/crying/keeping me awake at 2 am) but that only lasts for a few minutes. Mothers have an infinite amount of love, so loving one kid infinite plus a little bit more is almost impossible ....more

My Week(233) in iPhone Photos

This week was spring break. We didn’t go anywhere in the stay-over-night-on-vacation sense, but we did go do a lot of things. Especially Caroline and I – we are cut from the same cloth that refuses to just sit on the couch on a sunny day ....more