Have I Mentioned I Love Fall?

On Sunday morning, we participated in the Mystic Pirate Invasion. We did it last year too and the kids had a blast, Maybe next year I will plan ahead and find them pirate costumes that fit instead of cobbling together dress up from the last 4 years. They got a ton of treasure (candy + beads + plastic gem stones) and I got my 10,000 steps ....more

My Week(257) in iPhone Photos

Pretend today is Sunday instead of Monday and this isn’t super late. Except that if it was Sunday I wouldn’t be getting this nice 60 minutes of quiet to watch Dateline repeats and blog because my baby decided sleeping was stupid and we spent the whole day outside trying to wear him (and the big kids) out. So just forgive me for being late ....more

Parenting in Public Is About 75% Nodding And Smiling

When you are in a public or semi-public space with your child/ren, people are going to talk to you about those children. And when strangers talk to you in public, they have a tendency to say some really stupid things. Try to remember that 99.99999% of the time they are just talking to you because you are there and their mouths are capable of forming words ....more

My Week(256) in iPhone Photos

FALL FALL FALL IS HERE. I LOVE FALL. Sunday: PUNNY LICENSE PLATES ARE MY FAVORITE Empty baseball stadiums are cool Somehow a grocery trip still costs $100, even when I buy hardly anything Monday: Beaching it up So happy when Sissy comes home from school I love his little Judo outfit so much Tuesday: This week’s weather can stay forever Prima Ballerina attitude already Dogpile on the baby seems like a fun game Wednesday: HALLOWEEN AND CHRISTMAS WHAT IS HAPPENING I went just for swim diapers More soccer Thursday: View from the top I bought a basket AND a cart to organize my stuff…so why isn’t it organized? ...more

Bebehblog Photography: What’s In My Bag

If you go back in time on this blog, which is totally possible because I haven’t been wise enough to delete my archives yet, you will see I have always loved photos. I didn’t take a ton when I was pregnant but once I had a baby it was ON. For example, in October 2010 we had a really fun weekend ....more

Best Weekend Of The Year (Part 2)

Some of my weekend plans got derailed because the US Navy doesn’t actually believe skipping work to attend the Eastern States Exposition (aka The Big E) is a priority. They are obviously wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact that they wouldn’t let E go. But there was still plenty of weekend fun had by all ....more

My Week(255) in iPhone Photos

Once again I DID a lot more stuff than my photos show. When I have my big girl camera with me I have a hard time remembering to use my phone to also take photos so you get a lot of babywearing selfies in this post. Sunday: When you are a grumpy mess by 7 am, you get to hold your blankie even when you’re wrapped Monkey see, monkey do Caroline looks like she’s about to fly right off that swing Monday: Airplane watching He rode the whole way in the stroller, but is too tired to walk 10 steps to the car They have a case of the Monday’s Tuesday: That’s a really brave fishing spot Little boy in the big woods He really, really loves my wallet? ...more

Best Weekend Of The Year 2015 (Part 1)

The Greek church in town went and moved their food festival to NEXT weekend, so my Best Weekend Of The Year is now divided into two weekends. But the good news it there is even more stuff next weekend (a vintage market, the Garlic Festival and THE BIG E) so I get two Best Weekends instead of one. I LOVE FALL IN NEW ENGLAND ....more

My Week(254) in iPhone Photos

I feel like our week was a lot busier than these photos make it look, but I can’t remember why. Sunday: I promise they actually enjoy the zoo Evan said he made a rabbit art sculpture and requested I take a photo Linc’s going to miss the lake Monday: GOOD BYE LAKE 2015 NO I WON’T GO YOU CAN’T MAKE ME I de-laked the back of the minivan Tuesday: Free range parenting Important cutting homework Not a great sign on the way TO ballet Wednesday: Kettlecorn is everyone’s favorite MY DADDYYYYYYY I didn’t even have to fake the skies in my photos from this session Thursday: Boooooo bus stop in the rain Off to explore the aquarium on his own. AVERT YOUR EYES, I’M BREASTFEEDING IN THIS PHOTO Friday: One baby got to watch Elmo during her breathing treatment, so ALL the babies needed to watch ....more

My Week(253) in iPhone Photos

First full week of school, last weekend of the summer. The transition is going as well as I can expect, which is to say the kids are taking turns being COMPLETLY exhausted and having breakdowns. And Linc thinks he’s suddenly grown ....more