Zoo Day June 2015

I have taken a TON of photos over the past week. I know you’re probably thinking “Um, but Suzanne, you ALWAYS take a ton of photos, why is this new information?” Really, I haven’t actually been taking photos. I’ve been trying to get used to wrangling 3 kids ....more

Caroline’s Dance Recital 2015

Dance recital photos!! Caroline is in a Saturday morning combo class, where they learn both tap and ballet. For the recital this year they did a tap routine to The Good Ship Lollipop ....more

My Week(243) in iPhone Photos

Caroline had morning day camp at Mystic Seaport last week, so we were out of the house Doing Stuff almost every day. Doing stuff is really fun, but I might not be up for stuff every day. Maybe every other day ....more

Lincoln: 11 Months

So, I’m not actually sure how this happened. I was totally fine with Lincoln being 10 months old. I love 10 months ....more

My Week(242) in iPhone Photos

Schooooooooool’s out for summer! Caroline starts camp tomorrow AND she has her dance recital this week. She is going to be one tired girl by Saturday morning ....more

Last Day of School 2015

Today I said good bye to my kindergartener and my pre-because...more


One of the reasons I keep up my photography business, if only on a very very part time basis, is because it gives me a tiny bit of truly disposable income. I can spend that little bit of income on whatever I want, whether it’s new photography equipment or getting my hair done or an investment in something else. That last one is what I did with my first quarter income from 2015 – I invested it in my family in the form of a membership in the Amos Lake Beach Club ....more

My Week(241) in iPhone Photos

I took about half as many photos this week as I usually do. I started Weight Watchers so I’m on my phone tracking what I’m eating (or trying to figure out if I can afford to eat another cookie) a LOT and it keeps dying. It’s hard to take photos with a dead phone ....more

My Week(240) in iPhone Photos

We have just a few more of everything to get through before summer. A few more days of school, a few more soccer practices, a few more end of the year things, a few more days where it’s not 85 degrees. I’m focusing on how busy we are so I don’t think too much about how Linc is going to turn one NEXT MONTH, although now that I’ve started planning his party (theme: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) I am not quite so sad about it ....more

My Week(239) in iPhone Photos

We went to the lake 6 out of 7 days last week. Then we went again today. When I wrote the (large) check to pay for our membership for the summer I thought “Ugh, this is so much money just to sit on a beach when we could go to so many other beaches for free.” But I am eating those words for sure ....more