My Week(299) in iPhone Photos

It’s only Sunday and I’m getting this done! Because it is too hot to do anything besides sit very still! Sunday: That looks safe Middle of nowhere Apparently, some of my relatives are buried at this obscure graveyard in Ohio (that’s my maiden name) Monday: Waking up at the lake means 8 am swim call Books books books Future captain Tuesday: The lake has a menu My baby is on that tube Chips are very exciting Wednesday: Everyone loves the swim platform I guess that’s fair He likes the boat a lot more than this face implies Thursday: Tired, hot, filthy children are finally home That “mild” sunburn hurts A LOT more than it looks I taught them how to send FB messages Friday: Back at our own lake Recital in two weeks! ...more

My Week(298) in iPhone Photos

We had an unexpected change in plans last week, and spent the end of it in Ohio for a funeral. Also the kids had control of my phone about 50% of the time trying to catch Pokemon, so I think I’m missing some pictures, unless you want to see 400 photos of ceilings and/or random sidewalks. Sunday: More pajamas are always necessary Experienced shopper Caroline picked these out Monday: Mystic looking misty Rocking out at the Aquarium after hours It’s not actually historic, but it’s pretty Tuesday: The penguins are judging her I don’t know what he’s doing ....more

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

We’re playing Pokemon Go. I don’t actually want to hear about how it’s a secret plot from the CIA to data-mine us all or whatever. I don’t care ....more

My Week(297) in iPhone Photos

This summer is going by really fast. I’m mostly ok with that (because at the end I get a baby!) but I’m starting to feel the pressure of doing-all-the-fun-things-quick-before-we-run-out-of-time. Sunday: Man, I hate when the beach is crowded WHAT CHA EATIN MOM?? ...more

A Fourth Pregnancy Update

Here’s the thing about having a fourth baby – you don’t really have time for a fourth baby until the baby actually shows up and you HAVE to give them your attention. That’s why I am currently ...more

My Week(296) in iPhone Photos

This week feels like it happened months ago. I was SUCH a mess just seven days ago, I can’t even believe I didn’t end up in the hospital. Fingers crossed that’s as sick as I get this pregnancy, I can’t handle any more than that ....more

My Week(295) in iPhone Photos

The most half-assed attempt I’ve made in over 5 straight years of this nonsense! Sunday: She’s questioning my life choices because these aren’t from Dunkin Pretend those are ORGANIC Doritos E built us a table so we could play cribbage in our beach chairs Monday: Filthy children Clean children! Tuesday: I started a toy purge and organization ....more

The Simple Joys Of Summer, Fueled by Milk {Sponsored}

Summer is for bare feet, sunshine so bright it hurts your eyes, running through sprinklers, visiting local farms, playing in the dirt, mooing at cows, brushing up our checkers game, and doing all the other stuff that makes the long, hot days the best part of the year. We are SO excited that our school year is over and now we have the freedom to enjoy a schedule-free few months. But did you know more than 22 million children may miss out on milk’s nutrition this summer when they lose access to free or reduced-price meal programs at school?...more

My Week(294) in iPhone Photos

I have a weekend hangover from trying to do lots of fun stuff today. It’s not alcohol-related. It’s dehydrations/exhaustion/pregnancy related ....more

Where I Buy My Kid Clothes (Especially for Caroline)

This is one of those posts that is ONLY interesting to other people who are currently living fairly similar lives to mine (smallish children who both have and do not have opinions on their clothes but have to wear something because constant nudity is not an option). Or possibly it’s good for aunts/uncles/grandparents/relatives/close-but-childless-friends-who-are-often-stumped-looking-for-gifts, since cute, good quality kid clothes are almost always welcome. But I feel like I get a lot of compliments on what my children wear, both in real life and online, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share my shopping habits ....more