Linc’s Nautical Nursery

I finished Linc’s nursery! This room was Evan’s nursery, which had a Where The Wild Things Are theme for a while and then a monsters theme when he turned 2. I had plans to repaint and decorate BEFORE I had baby #3, but since our Team Green baby ended up being a boy I decided to leave it blue ....more

My Week(204) in iPhone Photos

I’m at the beach and never coming back. Sunday: His face looks like this 90% of the time This photo was taken at 3 pm. Those are pajamas ....more

Lincoln: 2 Months

2 Month Stats from today’s appointment: Height: 22.5 inches Weight: 13 lbs 7 oz Head: 41 cm ...more

My Week(203) in iPhone Photos

This week was seriously insane. I tried to jump back in to work all at once and ended up really, really tired. Plus I think I pinched a nerve in my back ....more

Oh My Stars (Baby Boden Giveaway)

Poor third baby got almost no new stuff. I literally got his crib yesterday, one day after his 8 week birthday. It’s not even out of the box yet ....more

Best Weekend of the Year 2014

They changed the name of Taste of Mystic to Mystic Eats, but besides that it’s the same weekend we’ve had for 3 years now. And it was just as delicious and fun now as it always is. (For reference: Post from 2012, Post from 2013 ....more

New Mom Advice: Get A Thing

When I was pregnant with Evan oh those many moons ago, I first discovered blogging. I mean, I “discovered” it the same way Columbus “discovered” America, since there was already an entire world of people who were like “Nice going, you found this big giant thing that’s been here for a long ass time”. But for me, it was all new and exciting ....more

My Week(202) in iPhone Photos

There is a lot of my face in this post, which is weird. I am not a selfie person, but when all you do is hold or nurse a baby there isn’t that much else to take pictures of. Sunday: They will never get tired of swinging ....more

My Week(201) in iPhone Photos

This week features an abnormal number of photos of Caroline sitting at tables. It was really really really hot for most of the week, so sitting was about all we managed. Sunday: Didn’t even get out of her jammies before she needed a nap ....more

My Week(200!!) in iPhone Photos

200 WEEKS of mostly terrible, blurry, boring photos of the normal stuff we do every day. I have no idea why I’ve kept this up for so long but I’m glad I have. The first week I did it, I was pregnant with Caroline ....more