Lincoln: 7 Months

I think 7 months is too many months. I don’t like it. This morning I started looking at first birthday party ideas and then immediately had a minor breakdown and decided there was NO WAY I was letting Lincoln turn one anytime soon ....more

My Week(225) in iPhone Photos

The kids had Monday and Tuesday off school, which DIRECTLY coincided with E’s trip out of town. I did not enjoy that. It was also ridiculously cold ....more

Just A Mommy

Mommy uniform: Messy bun, cardi, statement necklace, leggings, boots, phone in her purse, camera and of course, her Baby Jesus. ...more

My Week(224) in iPhone Photos

More than half of this week’s photos are of sleeping children. It’s cold. It’s snowy ....more

A Highly Scientific Classification Of Yoga Pants

This classification system the result of many years of expert study. I have a Masters Degree in Yoga Pants. Tier One: Fancy These yoga pants are real pants ....more

My Week(223) in iPhone Photos

There was a lot of babywearing this week because the weather was bad and we didn’t go many places. AND THEY JUST CANCELED SCHOOL FOR TOMORROW. Is it spring yet? ...more

My Week(222) in iPhone Photos

GO PATRIOTS! True story, I was 100% sure the Seahawks were going to win, even while I was cheering for the Pats. I am loyal in my fandom but not in my belief ....more

Lincoln: 6 Months

I should probably stop calling my baby Linky-poo before it’s too late and I CAN’T stop. Seeing as how he’s a whole half-year old now and getting to be a big boy his baby nickname isn’t so cool anymore. I don’t have any actual stats because we haven’t been to Linc’s 6 month appointment yet, but I can sum it up with: FAT ....more

My Week(221) in iPhone Photos

I took about a zillion pictures of Linc’s face this week, mostly because he refuses to be more than 6 inches away from MY face anymore. The babywearing is coming in handy, although I’m mostly using it in non-picturesque situations, like when I’m wearing pajamas and just need to pee. You don’t need to see a picture of that ....more

Woven Wraps: An Exhausting But Not At All Exhaustive Guide

In case you hadn’t noticed (because you don’t actually read my blog or look at the pictures) I’ve become slightly obsessed with babywearing. I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of babywearing – my PR page has said I love baby carriers for the last 4 years – but my interest has exploded into obsession since Linc was born. I’ve actually gotten more questions about my wraps than I’ve ever gotten about anything on the blog ever, so I’m going to write a really long post about it, answering some of the basic questions and tracing the path that lead me from someone with an Ergo and a ring sling to someone who has a different carrier for every day of the month ....more