Silly Words that Make Me Giggle and Grin

Maybe you never truly grow up. Can’t help it, but there are certain words that make me giggle and grin…DillydallyCockapooBrouhaha ...more

Excited to Go to BlogHer 2015 Conference in NYC

Just made reservations for my first bloggers conference — the big one.Yep, it’s the BlogHer 2015 conference in New York City — held at the Midtown Manhattan Hilton....more

How to Find Ideas for Blog Posts

Once you start a blog, you’re always looking for interesting topics to write about…Keep a notebook handy at all times and use the “how to find ideas for blog posts” list below to generate content:...more

The Sisterhood of Thrift Store Shoppers

Nearly every Friday after work I swing by the best thrift store in town before going home. It’s only about two miles away.Tonight’s trip was really fun; everyone in the store wanted to chat....more

Exotic Chair Dancing: Not Your Grandma's Exercise Routine

 I took my first chair dancing class at a local pole fitness studio tonig...more

Move Without Breaking a Sweat: An Insanely Helpful Moving Tip

 Excited to move, but have a limited budget and dread the back-breaking work of carrying heavy boxes and furniture out of your old place and into your new home?Your worries are over....more

The #1 Packing Tip You Need to Know

  The primary question to ask yourself before you begin packing is:  ...more

Starting a Mothers Group Transformed my Life

Starting a local mothers group was one of the best things I ever did....more

Polga (Pole Fitness and Yoga) Awesomeness

In my quest to continuously try new fitness challenges, I tried a Polga class at Inversions, a local pole fitness center....more

Record a Child's Holiday Experiences in a Christmas Memories Book

Christmas is for children — and it’s a time when memories are made that are treasured for a lifetime....more