Hurricane Hugo: I Lost Everything 25 Years Ago

On Sept. 21-22, 1989, Hurricane Hugo—a Category 4 storm with 135 mph sustained winds—devastated Charleston, S.C., and my family lost everything....more
Thank you. We were so horrified by everything that happened that it took years to get over it; ...more

Meetup Groups: A Great Way to Pursue Hobbies and Meet New People

Have you heard about Meetup groups?...more

Please Don’t Hug or Kiss Me at Work – Version 2, Sexual Harassment

Here’s a longer, more complete version of the subject of yesterday’s blog post – unwanted hugging and kissing in the workplace. In the context of a series of similar incidents detailed below, the stories I related yesterday seem to take on a different light.—...more

Please Don’t Hug or Kiss Me at Work – Version 1

I’ve never been big on hugging or kissing anyone but my son or the man in my life....more

Rant #1: Bad Customer Service Epidemic

I’ve often been annoyed and amazed at the following situation (and similar instances at other retail establishments):...more

Rant #2: An Open Letter to All Retail Employees and Managers

When has the phrase “Have a good one” uttered mindlessly by a lackadaisical employee at the end of a retail transaction become the standard?What ever happened to thanking the customer for patronizing the establishment and spending money there?...more

Stand-Up Paddleboarding -- Testing the Water

In the coastal area where I live, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) has become very popular. You can sit outdoors on a sunny afternoon at a number of restaurants in the tourist district and watch people standing on flat surfaces that resemble surfboards paddling on a scenic creek toward the harbor....more

The Ugly Side of Blogging

Blogging is usually a lot of fun. You can write just about anything you want — from your heart, your head, or your funny bone. And the whole world is out there; you never know who will read your posts. Will the message cheer them up? Will it make them laugh? Will it inspire them or motivate them to do something?...more

I Adore the Dollar Store

If you like shopping, there’s almost nowhere you can have as much fun with a few dollars in your pocket as the dollar store. You’ve just got to love a place where every item is a dollar or less!...more