Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith Wins Nonfiction Award

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, who writes I Chose My Best Life, was awarded the 2016 Golden Scroll Nonfiction Book of the Year for her book, Come Empty. ...more

Rave Reviews for Kelli Stuart's New Book

Kelli Stuart's first novel, Like a River From Its Course, was released on June 27 and is receiving rave reviews from early readers. A historical fiction novel set in World War II Soviet Ukraine, Like a River From Its Course is based on the true stories of hundreds of interviews Kelli conducted with former Soviet World War II survivors. ...more

Every Blogger Needs Breighanne Eggert's New Legal Blogging Book

Breighanne Eggert from Average But Inspired published a new eBook for bloggers on the important topics of copyright and trademark. The Blogger's Guide to Copyright and Trademark Law is filled with easy-to-understand information, real life stories from bloggers, and actionable strategies for bloggers to protect themselves and their content. ...more
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Meet Jenee Darden (and Yes, She Is Related to THAT Darden)

Jenee Darden author of Cocoa Fly, recently shared that her father is O.J. Simpson prosecutor Chris Darden. It was the first time she publicly disclosed this information. She was 15 at the time of the trial. During the airing of The People v. O.J. Simpson series, she wrote a post every week, reflecting on the show and explaining what was accurate and what was made for TV. ...more
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Paige Wolf's New Book Will Help You Raise Healthy Kids

Paige Wolf, who is on Twitter at PaigeWolf, has a new book, Spit That Out! The Overly Informed Parent's Guide to Raising Healthy Kids in the Age of Environmental Guilt, available for pre-order now. ...more
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Sarah Fader Releases a New Book

Sarah Fader, who writes Old School/New School Mom, recently published a book, Old School/New School Mom. Once released, Old School/New School Mom was the #1 new release in the single parenting section of Amazon. ...more
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Jennifer Iacovelli's Book Teaches You How to Give

Jennifer Iacovelli, who blogs at another jennifer, recently published Simple Giving: Easy Ways to Give Every Day. ...more

Lindsay Conner's New Book Features 15 Handmade Purses

Lindsay Conner of Craft Buds is releasing her second book, On the Go Bags - 15 Handmade Purses, Totes & Organizers. The book is co-written with Janelle MacKay and will be published December 7, 2015. ...more

Marathoners Meet Over Blog Post + Other Stories From Your Week

Kelly Anderson, who writes Redhead on the Run, completed her third marathon this year at the Chicago Marathon. She met a fellow runner who later, thanks to social media, reconnected with her after reading her blog post summary about the race. ...more
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Check Out Kathy Strahs's New Cookbook + More!

Kathy Strahs, who writes Panini Happy, is now self-publishing a new cookbook, The 8x8 Cookbook. ...more
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