An {Almost} Serious Guide to Family Camping

Step #1: PLAN Our campout started Friday afternoon....more

PTCD: Post Traumatic Camping Disorder

This last weekend was our annual Church Campout. This is a family tradition that we have been enduring enjoying since 2003. Okay, we missed a few years when our church plant happened, and no one planned the campout ....more

Coffee Date

Recently we attended a church event where both Avi and Tucker won Starbucks gift cards. Unlike a lot of nine and ten years olds, these two were thrilled with their prize. Both have been eagerly waiting their turn to go out for coffee ....more

Cactus Jack’s Horse Camp 2015

This blog has been a bit slow because I am still struggling with overwhelming fatigue. I went to my naturopathic doctor a few weeks ago and had a full blood work up done. I was sure they would find something wrong with my thyroid, iron levels, Coffee Deficiency or something to explain the constant fatigue ....more

A New Superhero Project Session!

I want to lead a simple life, its true. I can declutter and downsize every day of my life, but none of that makes life less complicated when: you have ten children still living at home you have kids with special needs run your own photography business live in the real world without: a nanny, housekeeper, cook or sister wife. So there you have it, I’m busy ....more

A Simple Life

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I have been reading a few books lately on, not really simplicity I guess, but about STUFF and THINGS and what we own. I know, I’m a little late to the party but I just read 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, by Jen Hatmaker ....more

Yesterday Was Doozy

Yesterday was a doozy, my friends. {Illustrated with cute pictures of a different day, that wasn’t a doozy, just filled with cute kids.} My first wake up call was Apollo, the five-year old who still doesn’t sleep through the night (but lets not get started on that). Lately, instead of wanting to come into our bed, he wants me to cuddle in his ....more

Print Your Photos, Please!

I had a friend in high school whose house burned down. I...more

The Power of Social Media

This post contains Amazon affiliate links to some really great books you should read!...more

Happy Birthday Judah {18}

Today is Judah’s 18th birthday. I can hardly believe that Chuck and I have raised two humans from birth to adulthood. I was ecstatic when Judah was born and I had a son ....more