An Anniversary to Remember

I love Mondays. You know I do. Yesterday, however, I was really wishing for a do over…but that’s not even where this sad tale of woe begins….Friday was mine and Chuck’s 21st wedding anniversary ....more

Father’s Day Gift Ideas {Snapfish}

Chuck and I just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. When it came to choosing a husband all those...more

You Can’t Buy Happiness…But You Can Buy Bubbles…

They say you can’t buy happiness, and that’s true…but for two bucks you can buy a bottle of bubbles and give your child the gift of pure, limitless...more

Our Large Family’s Game Night

Large Family Game Night. Does that conjure up images of a relaxed atmosphere, smiling children and home-baked goods? If so, you haven’t been to a family game night at our house ....more

Extreme Parenting: Choose Your Battles

You’ve heard of extreme sports, extreme couponing and extreme makeovers…Well Chuck and I are now practicing something we call Extreme Parenting: The Choose Your Battles Edition....more

Leaps and Bounds {Sleep Disorder Progress}

Leaps and bounds....more

Heart Warrior, Age Five

This little guy has only six more weeks to be a five-year old…and less than that to be a kindergartener. I cannot believe how much he has grown in confidence since the beginning of the school year. This time last year he developed a terror of the floor ....more


I am tired. So very tired. Fatigue is my constant companion, sleepiness my daytime shadow ....more

Star Wars Party {Hezekiah’s Birthday}

Post contains affiliate links. When you’re a twelve-year-old boy and your birth falls on May 4th…as in, May the Fourth Be With You…a Star Wars party is more or less a given. Hezekiah had a Star Wars party two years ago, and was keen to do it all over again; this time with friends from school ....more

Spring Swimming with Friends

How did you spend Mother’s Day? We went to church in the morning (after I opened my amazing handmade gifts from my kids). Seriously, I think this is the best part of sending my kids to school is the handmade cards, poems and picture frames, etc ....more