Parent Fail Friday in Crazy Town

Yesterday was…beautiful. Hectic. Relaxing ....more

Ways to Help and Cool Stuff

Post includes affiliate link. Enoch (15) with his cousin Elijah (15). These two boys have been inseparable ....more

Hiking with Cousins

You know we love hiking as a family, so it should be no surprise that I dragged my sister-in-law and her kids out with us Sunday afternoon....more

Love on a Mission {Part VII}

{From Part VI: One afternoon, just a few weeks after my arrival back in the United States, Grandma came walking into the house with a puzzled look on her face…Then she handed me to the two envelopes, mailed from two different cities in British Columbia....more

Arianna’s 18th Birthday!!!

My sweet, adorable niece Arianna turned 18 yesterday. She and her family live in Calgary, so we have missed many, many birthdays. I am happy to say that we were there for her first birthday, however! ...more

Parenting Moments the Books Don’t Prepare You For

{Post includes affiliate link} I’ve been parenting for a long time. Nineteen years to be (sorta) exact. I have encountered many, many situations and I have read many, many parenting books ....more

Pizza Bread Recipe

Pizza bread is one of my kids’ favorite foods. I stumbled upon this recipe by accident. One day I was staring at a pizza I had just assembled ....more

Messes, Cinnamon Rolls and Paddington Bear

Post includes really cool affiliate links.The weather here has been amazing! Saturday I spearheaded a project to clean out our storage room. It was filled with 12 years of mess ....more

Love on a Mission Part VI

Love on a Mission is the story of how Chuck and I met and fell in love on our Teen Missions International team. If you haven’t already read the beginning go to my Love on a Mission page and get caught up! ...more

Mochu Pop {Language Immersion}

{This post was sponsored by KADHO} I’ll never forget one day in 1994 as I sat in the jungles of Brazil watching a class take place at a small, outdoor school. The students ranged from about five to seven and in the sea of black hair stood out one blonde child. I watched him sit and joke with a friend in Portuguese and then turn to me and say something in English ....more