Summer, Sponsored Content and the Library

I had a blog reader recently tell me (nicely) she was sick of my sponsored posts. I totally respect that. I thought today I would explain a bit about how the process works and how I choose which sponsored posts to participate in ....more

Avi and Apollo’s Minecraft Party

Avi and Apollo are now 10 an 5. Can you believe that??? ...more

Apollo Turns 5!

Today is Apollo’s fifth birthday. Almost six years ago Chuck and I thought it would be “fun” to have just one more baby. Apollo was born June 26th, 2010 in a birth so scary and traumatic it was featured on Discovery Life’s Outrageous Births ....more

Skylander and McDonalds: A Tale of Two Boys

On our way home from Apollo’s last visit to Seattle Children’s Hospital, we stopped by McDonald’s and bought him a Happy Meal. {Judge all you want, 20-year-old self. Fast food in the mouth beats formula though the g-tube any day.} Inside, of course, was a small toy ....more

Brace Yourself: Summer is Here

I swear I did not encourage this hokey, dated, cliche pose! My kids found this broken screen and insisted on posing with it… I’ll be...more

Graduation {Judah 2015}

The big news this weekend is Judah graduated! High school and Community College done. Boom, just like that ....more

Recycle Your Toner! In 26 Miserable, Horrible Steps!

We go through a lot of toner cartridges at our house. A lot. We copy documents for my business, for homeschooling and for a demanding four-year old who has discovered you can print coloring pages! ...more

Clever Ideas for Storing Camera Lenses

Want some real life? This is what my living room looks like on any given day. LEGO spread out on the floor to create a “fun” obstacle course as I put away Chuck’s clothing (which are kept in the living room cabinet because our bedroom is so small) ....more

Host a DIY Family Camp!

For three summers in a row we hosted a at-home family camp for our children and their friends. It took a lot of hard work and planning, but was oh so worth it in the end. Here are our best ideas for how to host a DIY Family Camp, gleaned from the ideas that did and didn’t work!...more

Girls on the Run {2015}

This year Jubilee participated in her school’s Girls on the Run group. Girls on the Run is so much more than a running group for girls. Not only do they train the girls to run, but each week involved a lesson and discussion about topics ranging from advertising and media to responsibility ....more