5 Ways to Save Money on LEGO

Post includes affiliate links. 5 Ways to Save Money on LEGO Our family is a wee bit obsessed with LEGO. In fact, I am confident that we have LEGO than anyone we know ....more

Storm Prepping {Large Family Edition}

Post contains affiliate links Storm Prepping. Has a nice ring, wouldn’t you say? Who wouldn’t want the time and warning to prep for a massive storm? ...more

How to Make a Good Impression

First impressions are important, am I right? When you have 14 kids and have homeschooled for years and you decide to stick your kids in public school, you realize making a good impression is kind of important. People make all kinds of ...more

Seattle Adventures with Apollo

Last week Apollo had two appointments in Seattle, each a day apart. I couldn’t bear the thought of making the 200-mile round trip drive to Seattle twice in three days, so we begged room and board off of our friends, Molly and Eric. Although we work hard to make Apollo’s trips to the hospital “fun” let’s be realistic…constant appointments, doctors and procedures are a real drag ....more

I Am Angry at My Son’s Doctors

I am angry. I am angry at my son’s doctors, and I won’t apologize for that. I have posted this image of Apollo’s compressed esophagus many times ....more

Lung Function Test and GI Doctor

Apollo and I have just returned from three days and two nights in Seattle for check-ups. In true Renee form, I only forgot one thing…the backpack that had everything I packed (clothes, pajamas, and toiletries). But that’s fine, I am very committed to our Get Out of Debt Slow plan ....more

Canvas Factory Giveaway

I’ve said it before and I will say it again over and over: Print Your Photos! Digital photos are amazing, but photos deserve to be printed too. Twice this year I have had clients call me close to tears because they lost their digital photos ....more

What to Do About Disrespectful Kids

One of most difficult typical issues (not heart defects, FASD or hearing loss) we have dealt with in our parenting has been disrespect in the early teen and tween years. Our sweet, polite (even compliant) children suddenly become completely unpredictable. Much like Good Cop in the LEGO Movie our children go from sweet and thoughtful to yelling, stomping and crying with seemingly little or no provocation....more

Love on a Mission {Part 14}

This is the s tory of how Chuck and I met and fell in love. If you have missed any installments, be sure and get caught up here: Love on a Mission....more

How Not to Get Out of Debt Fast

Post contains affiliate links…which is kind of a bummer, because if you buy something off of Amazon I might get out of debt sooner… The first rule of writing is to write what you know. You know what I know about? How not to get out of debt fast ....more