My Toddler's Heart Surgery {Two Years Later}

Two years ago today, at 7:10 am we handed Apollo over to the surgical team at Texas Children's Hospital....more

The Stigma of Hidden Special Needs

I have children with special needs. Hearing loss, heart defect... those don't cause people to raise an eyebrow. A murmur of sympathy for my son who as endured heart surgery? Yes. A few polite questions about hearing loss? Sure. Judgment? No. But what about other special needs? Try telling someone your child was born addicted to cocaine. Or suffers from FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). These will get you a different reaction entirely. ...more
Some people will give your children the same respect. Thirty years ago, I taught at a school for ...more

5 Reasons to Send Your Teen to Teen MIssions

We’ve somehow established a very strong precedent of sending our teens on a Teen Missions team the summer they are fifteen. This wasn’t intentional and fifteen isn’t some magical age in our house. It happened the be the age we felt Adalia was mature enough to spend her summer away from us in 2011. Then Judah went in 2012 at age 15 and now Judah and Tilly are both going (tomorrow!) in 2014.Chuck and I intend to send every one of our teens on a Teen Missions team at some point and here’s why:Five Reasons to Send Your Kids on a Teen Missions Team....more

How to Throw a Last-Minute LEGO Party

Avi and Apollo's birthdays were last weekend while we were camping and both were set on having a LEGO® party. I was all prepared with my Pinterest board and full of fanstastic ideas...but sometimes I think I suffer from delusions of grandeur. And this seemed to me one of those moments. Saturday afternoon I told Chuck I thought we should just have the party the next day. Never mind that we are in the middle of a major painting project and all of the furniture from the boys' room currently resides in our living room....more

Evacuation Plan: Adventures in Potty-Training

It should have been so easy. We just had a few errands to run.  So we did what parents have been doing for generations; we loaded up the kids in the van so we could complete a few tasks on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. That's not too much to ask, is it?...more

What's Wrong With Pink LEGO? (Nothing!)

I'm going to post something a little (lot?) controversial here. I don't have a problem with LEGO Friends. I just don't. ...more
TerriLynnMerritts Sounds like you're doing a great job with your daughter! My kids too, are ...more

Camping with Kids

{All photos in this post were taken with my iPhone. You can expect "real" photos and some videos in the upcoming days. As soon as I recover from our "relaxing" weekend.}...more

My Adopted Son Needs Help...and the State Doesn't Care

The news media is full of stories of parents abusing and neglecting  their  adopted children and stories of mentally ill indivials harming others. As  parent, I think to myself, how many of these parents have sought help for their children and not recieved it?  Why aren't we hearing about that? Please, read my story. People need to know that there is very little in way of support and help for these children....more
You are completely right. There are cries for help on both sides (foster/adopted kids as well as ...more

And Then They Were Married

Yesterday was full.Full of emotion. Full of family. Full of travel. Full of tears. Full of joy....more