Cheerios on the Floor and Other Life Lessons

{Not really, but I was stumped for a title to my blog post this morning} Life is moving along at a rapid pace over here. Parent/teacher conferences, appointments, obligations, homeschooling, Cheerios on the floor. It’s all here ....more

How to Organize Your Digital Photos

I have updated this blog post from 2013. I just ordered and received two photos books, which once again brings me completely up-to-date on our family albums! I am so excited, I thought I’d share with you.Most of us have hundreds (if not thousands) of digital photos on our cameras, computers and hard drives ....more

Living the Dream {Six Word Memoirs}

I recently reached out to a friend after a series of particularly difficult days. No one issue led to my writing her…I just needed to share my burden with someone who I knew would care. Someone in the trenches herself ....more

PE and Birthday Parties {Homeschooling Fun}

Last Wednesday I loaded up five of my kids and we drove across town so we could venture into a freezing cold building where they could strap shoes with metal blades attached and slide along a sheet of solid ice. <<< And that pretty much sums up my childhood in Alaska (minus the shoes-with-blades part). Not my idea of a fun morning ....more

Beautiful VBAC {Bellingham Photographer}

Thursday morning I was awaken at 3:35 am. My dear friend Tami was having contractions five minutes apart, but she wasn’t heading into the hospital yet. I got out of bed and...more

This Week {Movies, Books and Buffalo}

Today’s photos brought to you by my iPhone and Instagram. Date Night Gone Wrong Chuck and I sat down to watch Mom’s Night Out this weekend. I was a bit stressed and wanted to spend some time with my man ....more

Bedwetting Solutions

Bedwetting. It is something we, unfortunately, specialize in over here at my house, which is why I chose to write this sponsored post for Goodnites* TRU-Fit* washable underwear. Nearly all of our children have been persistent bed-wetters ....more

Learning with LeapTV

LeapFrog provided us with the LeapTV and games for review purposes. I received no other compensation for this post.For the past several weeks we have been testing out LeapFrog’s new LeapTV, a gaming system designed for preschoolers. I used to be 100% against electronics for preschoolers ....more

3 Ways We Are Like the Duggars and More Ways We’re Not

I am always surprised and amused how many people find out about our large family and from that once piece of information decide what we believe or how we run our house. Most often we are compared to the Duggars and their supersized family (and I’m not at all sure Michelle would ...more