5 Ways to Help Children Ward Off Stress

Exam season is one of the most stressful there is and for children in the throes of preparation for their big tests, it can be a troublesome time....more

Investing in Real Estate – What You Need to Know


Vermont Real Estate 2014 Overview

Another year is almost at its end and we’re trying to get an idea about the real estate market in Vermont. Located in the northeastern part of the United States, Vermont’s total land area measures 9,609 square miles, including 333 square miles of water area. All year round, you have magnificent scenery and lots of activities to choose from, from trekking to skiing.Overall 2014 tendencies...more

Why Should We Buy a Vacation Home?

There are some people who don’t like going on vacation because of the trouble of finding the perfect accommodation. Whether you like going to the mountains, to the sea or simply finding a quiet place and relaxing between beautiful hills, it’s always soothing getting away from daily stress and problems.Have you ever thought of buying a vacation home? Buying a vacation house: the advantages...more
Lucy in France Lucy, it sounds like a lovely place. It is amazing how something can become such ...more

Chasing The Good Life

Attaining the good life... can it be boiled down into a formula?  Many say it is the intersection of 4 things: Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness....more

Discovering the Beauty of Vermont

Vermont, found in the northeast corner of New England is all about pastoral mountains, rich farmland and a deep sense of history and culture. A gathering of small towns, Vermont is divided into three regions: northern, central and southern Vermont....more

Nutrients Your Body Needs for Beautiful Skin

Nutrients Your Body Needs for Beautiful SkinThe skin is considered one of the best indicators of overall well-being. If you have wrinkles, acne, inflammation, or dry skin, then it may be time you started looking after your health.  As many woment know, having beautiful skin is not an easy road for many. Many women turn to over-the-counter medicines, lotions, soaps, toners, creams, and scrubs in order to deal with the situation. Exorbitantly priced chemical products and medicines are not the answer for these skin related problems; healthy nutrition is....more

Work Out Your Brain for Health

3 Simple Steps to Keep Germs at Bay

Keeping Germs at BayAre you just a little freaked out about all the outbreaks of viruses like Ebola and others? Rather than living in fear of the unknown, what if you could take a few simple steps to protect yourself? If you’re tired of being the first one sick in your family and feeling at the mercy of lurking germs take a deep breath and read on....more