Selfish Mama

Today was field day in my child's class which meant that all the first graders donned adorable t shirts they had decorated themselves and went off to our local park to play games and have a picnic together. Of course an event like this requires parent help, and I am a good mommy who has her mornings free so I volunteered....more

School Safety: How Quickly Should Schools Tell Parents about an Incident?

At 8:40 this morning I did something completely crazy. I bundled my daughter up in her coat, hat and gloves, walked her two blocks to this big brick building on the corner, opened up the door to the cafeteria, andleft her there! I didn't follow her in to make sure she got to a table safely. I didn't follow her upstairs to her classroom to make sure she put her coat away properly. I didn't sit at her desk and listen to the other kids talk to make absolutely sure no one was ever being mean to her, and I don't have the room bugged to ensure her teacher is never yelling at her. ...more
I don't expect to be informed when my child is not directly involved. That being said, our ...more

Thank You Rainbow Loom

Dear Ronda Rousey

How an Atheist Celebrates "the Holidays"

Last year, there was no Thanksgivikkah. Hannukah occured during its normal time of year, somewhere around Christmas. And on one cold December day, as I was walking home from the L train, a nice Hasidic man stopped me. "Excuse me, are you Jewish?" Now it just so happens that as far as the Jews are concerned I am Jewish. But since I am of the belief that you should not claim ownership of a religion that you do not actually practice, I do not agree....more

I Don't Give a Rats Ass What Miley Does, and You Shouldn't Either

I'm not going to talk about Miley Cyrus. Or Sinead O' Conner. Or the scores of bloggers who have written their own pieces talking about Miley Cyrus and Sinead O Conner. I'm also not going to include any links to any of these posts so if you have no idea what I am talking about (and care) feel free to hit up Google. ...more

Teen Angst

To the teenaged boy with the scooter who called me ugly this afternoon while I was waiting for my Chinese food to be ready: I don't care that you called me ugly. You did not hurt my feelings, if that was what you were going for. I am not ugly. I know that I am not ugly because I have fairly good self esteem, and with the exception of the occasional midmonth bloatfest I like what I see when I look in the mirror. I also have a husband who seems to like what he sees and a five year old who happens to think I am the bees knees....more

Daddy is NOT an Idiot

I think there is probably one thing we all, both women and men alike, can agree upon; the stereotype of the bumbling dad has got to go. You know, the guy struggling to open the stroller with one hand while the baby screams bloody murder in the other. The guy staring blankly at the diaper tabs. The dude sleeping on the couch while his toddler eats paste. And so on....more