Call to Moms: Make an Effort with Your Appearance

I love everything about being a mom except the lack of time I have for myself! There have been countless books, stories, blogs, etc. in regards to this topic, but I want to share all the little details that most of us mommies don't discuss. Like the other day, I went shopping for some quick groceries for dinner and didn't take enough time to look in the mirror. Had I done so, I would have realized that I had finger paint in my hair and on my face....more
too true!...I need a tune up myself, this is good advice, there's always a little more pep in ...more

How to "manage" being a Manager/Supervisor

Most of us realize the relationship we have with our manager/supervisor directly correlates to how happy we are at our job.  More often than not, we fear, dislike or choose not to associate with our superiors to avoid any conflict or negative feedback. There has been a small wave of change from the baby boomers management style to Generation X to the most recent-Generation Y, also known as the Millennial Generation.  The attitudes are different, the work ethic is not the same and the concepts applied are varied.  As a lead...more

The differences between your first child and your second

A strange thing has happened since I had my seconod baby.......I don't care anymore.  Okay, that's not the right/politically correct way to say it.  I am not as obsessed with every little tiny detail anymore. With your first child you make lists, prepare all the clothing in advance, have all the formula, bottles, nipples, special utensils, sterilizers, white noise machines, bath products, toys, mats, hats and every other money making scheme under the sun ready to go for your little cutie pie.  If something falls on the floor, it was the end of the world and it HAD to ...more

The Ups and Downs of Being a Mom

I recall many years ago when I was a young teenager trying to figure out who I was going to be and how I was going to get there. Trying in every possible way, to defy any form of authority -- especially my mom -- I would argue about everything, do the opposite of what she would ask me to do and tell my friends how horrible it was living with her. Now that I am a mom to two boys, I can only begin to understand the world of a mom. Considering there is such a large group of women who are moms, we rarely speak of the turmoil and daily events that take place in our lives....more
This was great. I feel the same way about my mom - I am trying harder to be more appreciative ...more