Is Redshirting Children a Solution to the Wrong Problem?

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Random Acts of Affection Challenge

I arrived early to the gym for my daughter's gymnastics class last week.  There weren't many people there yet and while we waited for her classmates to arrive, I scooped her into my arms.  I lifted her up, wrapping my arms around her back as she encircled my neck and waist.  Even at almost 6 years old, she is still so tiny her lankiness is easy to manage (almost easier than my not yet 3 year old!)...more

Getting Past Not Having Another Girl

Earlier this fall, our family welcomed our fourth baby.  Our latest little guy was full of surprises from the start.  Not only was he an unexpected surprise to begin with but he was also bigger and later than than we anticipated.  But the biggest surprise by far was that he was in fact a HE....more

I Envy You, Traditional Schoolers (but only a little)

I see you out there, all over the internet, sending your kids off to their first days of the school year.  Your perfectly dressed children, holding cute little signs.I see their perfect little bento lunch boxes and their adorable first days' "getting to know you" projects....more

Separating Me from Them

I carried them in my body for 40 weeks, each.  I grew them, cell-by-cell, limb-by-limb, inch-by-inch.  My body created them from two half-cells into tiny but whole people....more

Because I Love you SO Much!

My eldest daughter and I haven't always gotten along.  She is oftentimes hyper-emotional and I am oftentimes too impatient to deal with it (one of my biggest mommy shortcomings and sources of major mommy guilt)....more

I'd Be a Better Blogger, But...

I have a love/hate relationship with blogging....more

Boy Clothes are the Worst, But there's Hope!

When I was pregnant with Honeybun, I amassed quite of collection of gender neutral baby clothes since we choose not to find out our baby's genders before they are born.  But a few weeks before her arrival, I decided to go buy one special boy outfit and one special girl outfit for the baby to have when s/he met his/her family those first few days.  I hadn't done much clothes shopping myself before that (I had very generous friends and family) and I remember walking through the store, browsing the baby section and thinking "It has to be a girl, it has to!...more

Homeschooling is a Lifestyle Choice

We've been house hunting for over a year and finally a few months ago put our current home up for sale and one of the top selling points of our current home is the great location.We live walking distance to a Super Target as well as a ton of restaurants and other stores. We are also only 1/2 a mile from the local elementary school which is part of one of the best school zones in South Florida....more

I'm Glad I Found Love in a Low-Tech World

I've been with my husband for over 12 years.  12 years.  While it may not seem like a long time, a lot has changed!...more