5 Clothing Essentials for Nursing Moms

After 3 kids and 67 months breastfeeding (plus hopefully at least another 2 for my toddler and probably another 24 for baby #4 on the way) I've spent way more time in my nursing clothes than I ever will in my expensive maternity clothes....more

3 Easy Valentine's Crafts for Kids

Last year my preschooler and I had a fantastic Valentine's party with yummy snacks and fun toddler crafts. ...more
These are such cute ideas, lots of fun for kids!  We make a lot of toilet paper tube crafts, ...more

Ending the Silent First Trimester

About a week before Christmas, I had a weird encounter.  One afternoon as I sat on the couch, my four year old came up to me, cupped her hands around her mouth, bent down by my stomach and said "Hello!  Is anybody in there?!" then giggled and ran away.At the time I thought it was strange, but she is my silly one.  As it turns out, though, it wasn't just a silly moment.  There IS somebody in there....more

Air Turbulance and the Implications for Tiny Travelers

The recent events on American Airlines flight 280 with sudden, unexpected turbulance jarredthe airplane and injured numerous people.  Passengers onbaord report everything not seatbelted in or secured down was thrown about the cabins.  And though there is no official information in the reports, I can't help but wonder about any lap infants.  You know, the precious little cargo that gets to sit unrestrained on mommy or daddy's lap while everything else is properly secured....more

Wintertime Dos and Don'ts for Car Seat Safety

Well, winter is upon us (in many places, anyways!). And with that colder weather comes the need to bundle up and keep the family warm. But what about when you're in the car? Here are the dos and don'ts of winter car seat safety:...more

10 Reasons You Should Take a Cruise with the Kids

My family was very lucky that we were able to live abroad for two and half years when our girls were little.  During that time we took advantage of being able to travel and see new things.  In all, we visited 27 different countries.  ...more

International Day of the Girl Child

Tomorrow, October 11, is International Day of the Girl Child, a day the UN has chosen to draw awareness to girls' rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world.  This year's theme is Empowering Adolescent Girls: Ending the Cycle of Violence which ties in with the UN's campaign UNiTE to End Violence Against Women which aims to raise public awareness and work towards preventing and ending violence against women an girl...more

Parenting Reality vs. Classic Advice for New Parents

Ask anyone and they will surely have a tip or two for new and expecting parents.  A lot of the new parent advice is great and comes from a place of experience and well meaning.  But there are a lot of pearls of wisdom that you hear a lot and sound really nice but in my experience, a lot of these “golden” rules of new parenting are not realistic.So what is the reality of parenthood versus the classic new parent advice? Classic Advice:  Sleep as much as you can before baby comes...more

Mommies are Magical

With the Frozen mania in my home, it’s no surprise that my girls have become rather obsessed with Elsa, and her magical powers.  Mydaughter has started asking me if real people have magic and I always answer “I have magic” to which she usually giggles and says something like “no you don’t!” or “show me then!”And while she may be skeptical, I know the truth: I really am magic! (All mommies are.)...more

Why I'm following Common Core for our Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschooling is a big undertaking and there are a lot of decision that must be made from your teaching method to your curriculum to extracurriculars to enrichment classes.  It’s a lot to think about, contemplate and making big decisions is not something I’m really good at.  I’m constantly thinking about things from every angle and contemplating every possible scenario....more