Middle-aged Haiku Therapy

When I was a teenager, poetry was my first love and I devoured books of Japanese verse. Now that I’m (cough) older, I’ve gone back to those days with haiku. Seventeen syllables is perfect for a Twitterized, deadline-obsessed life, although the medium, much like my wardrobe, needed an update....more

Weight Loss: The Breeze Between My Knees

I was walking down the grocery store aisle when the airy truth hit me: my thighs no longer rub together when I move. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but after my upper legs were practically Siamese twins in fat and friction for decades, I wasn’t arguing. I was, however, about to topple head-first into the fruit juice display because I was so focused on how I was walking that I suddenly couldn’t walk because I was paying too much attention to it....more

5 Other Holidays You Can Celebrate Instead of Mother's Day

There are many reasons you may not celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday: some sad, some fateful, or some by choice.  No matter the cause, if you’re in the mood for an alternative holiday that doesn’t involve seeing scores of Moms with corsages at brunch or commercials featuring pancakes and expensive jewelry, I’ve got your back. Here are some other things you can celebrate on May 11th:...more
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Introverts: The Quietest Club of All

Psst. Hey you. Are you alone right now? Isn’t it wonderful?If you said yes, welcome to the club. You may be like me, one of a growing percentage of admitted introverts. You crave solitude and need quiet alone time to recharge, which, let’s be honest, makes it sound like you’re an iPod or Seven of Nine from the old Star Trek: Voyager series, irony of the Borg Collective notwithstanding....more

Shedding That Winter Coat...On Your Legs

Ever notice that men have a celebratory winter month for officially growing beards, but there’s no similar start date for women? That’s because you don’t get to boss us around, partner. We take the entire winter season as our permission to quit shaving our legs, and we let it grow until it’s as glorious and thick as a mandolin player’s beard, or until it’s warm enough in the bathroom to be naked for more than 30 seconds and we look down to see our lower half resembling something out of the Country Bear Jamboree....more

5 Must-Dos When Losing Weight

Want to rid yourself of those last five pounds? Keep walking, nothing to see here. I’m talking to the ladies who want to lose forty pounds or more. I’ve huffed and puffed down that same road, most of the time with an mp3 player strapped to my arm and thoughts of cake in my head. Three years and nearly 100 pounds later, I want to make the journey a little bit easier for you. Hopefully when you reach your goal, you won’t have snapped in a McDonald’s while eating the umpteenth burger patty on the Atkins diet or yelled at a Wii Fitness program that its mother was a virus-ridden calculator....more
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