Christmas Box: Unlocking the Pain of Separation

Three years ago, my friend Linda Schellentrager released her son into the care of someone else. She wrote this post about how this experience gave her a new sense of empathy for another mother who also experienced such a pain of separation. My Own Christmas Box I am an adoptive mom ....more

Adoption Therapy: On Blank Slate Babies & Being Open

There’s a new book out and I think it’s so valuable for adoptive parents, adoption professionals, and adoption therapists that I’m going to share with you here an excerpt from it. When Editor Laura Dennis asked me to read the manuscript for Adoption Therapy: Perspectives from Clients and Clinicians on Processing and Healing Post-Adoption Issues, […] The post Adoption Therapy: On Blank Slate Babies & Being Open appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more

#flipthescript — What’s an Adoptive Parent to Do?

I am drawn to the writings of articulate, gentle-yet-incisive people. Barbara Freedgood guest posts today about the impact the #flipthescript movement had on her as an adoptive mom and therapist. She addresses the question that many readers may have had last month as they read the not-so-secret thoughts of adult adoptees: So now that I […] The post #flipthescript — What’s an Adoptive Parent to Do? ...more

Author Q&A: Brandi Rarus Answers Questions about Finding Zoe

What was the social worker’s take on this story? What is the relationship like between birth mom and birth dad today? How did you decide how much of your daughter’s story to share? ...more

Readers Discuss the Adoption Memoir Finding Zoe

But what about the supporting the birth father when he indicates an interest in parenting? Why didn’t we hear from the social worker involved? What about a sense of destiny, a meant-to-be-ness –in an adoption scenario? ...more

#flipthescript 4: Someone Profited From My Adoption But It Wasn’t Me

As we close out November — National Adoption Awareness Month — I’ve turned this space over to adoptees, sharing a small portion of the highly successful #flipthescript movement. I...more

#flipthescript 3: Who is Best Placed to Talk about the Experience of Adoption?

See my last two #flipthescript posts for background on the phenomenon of the groundswell of adoptee voices emerging above the din during...more

#flipthescript 2: Whose Scripts? Whose Voices?

See my last post, #flipthescript 1, for background on the phenomenon of the groundswell of adoptee voices emerging above the din during...more

#flipthescript: Why Are Adoptees Doing It?

Have you seen the #flipthescript movement taking place during National Adoption Awareness Month? Conversations in Adoption World have historically been dominated by adoption professionals and adoptive parents. But increasingly since the 1970s, the voices of birth parents and of adult adoptees are being heard ....more

5 Yoga Poses That Will Burn Calories

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years... each one associated with food, food, and more food. Prime your body to burn more calories with these five dynamic yoga videos. The best part is that you can do these poses at home, and continue them for the whole year. ...more
jhl My pleasure. I love sharing yoga with my friends :-)more