Temper the Selfies!

My kids’ first foray into social media has been via Instagram. Instagram is an easy way for me to keep an eye on Tessa and Reed and watch their tendencies, stepping in only as necessary — which it hasn’t been so far. (I’m like Jane Goodall ....more

What Do I Do When She Lies to My Face?

[Temporary note: For those of you following the saga of my son’s freak accident, I’m pleased to report he is home from the hospital and we are back in our routine. Thanks for all your well-wishes. We now return to our regularly scheduled adoption advice post.] Question:...more

Hospital Stay

My son, Reed, was in a freak accident late last week. Everything is going to be fine and we got a new family story to bond us together. We hope he’ll get spring from the hospital soon (hello, Universe — how about today?) and we are all thankful for your outpouring of good wishes ....more

Freak Accident

“…a stabbing…on the school bus…your son….” Three things no parent ever wants to hear in the same sentence. But that’s what I heard when a police officer called me yesterday afternoon shortly before I expected my kids to come bounding in the door. ~~~~~ I shove my feet into shoes and snag my purse on … Continue reading Freak Accident → The post Freak Accident appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more

Gimme Just 10 Seconds

Pause for 10 second meditation: cattails in the breeze. #meditation #onmywalk #walkingmeditation #cattails #breeze #nature #mothernaturerocks #soothing #relaxing #reorienting #pause #nofilter #birdschirping #presentmoment #now #payattention A video posted by Lori Lavender Luz (@lavluz) on Sep 7, 2015 at 10:03am PDT Nature is a balm. Stillness soothes ....more

Arc of An Open Adoption

Guest posting today is Rachel Garlinghouse, mother of three and writer at White Sugar Brown Sugar. ~~~~~ It’s 2006....more

Is the Term Mommyblogger a Put-Down?

My take: At one time, "mommyblogging" was used by some as a way to diminish the value of moms who blog, with the unstated notion that they weren't "real" writers, especially if they were writing about the mundane topic of daily parenting. But guess what? If you keep writing and if you keep connecting with other bloggers, you will build up a readership for your writing endeavor -- witness the tens of thousands of successful moms/bloggers here on the rolls of BlogHer. ...more
I love this! Well said. I've been a journalist for almost 10 years. When I found out I was ...more

9/11, Ed McCaffrey, Stephen Covey & Me

Tuesday’s Horror was Preceded by Monday Night Football I went to bed feeling sick the night of September 10, 2001. My sports hero was Ed McCaffrey, #87 and Denver Broncos wide-receiver, general nice guy and spectacular athlete. During that night’s Monday Night Football game against the NY Giants (boo!) Eddie Mac had suffered a broken … Continue reading 9/11, Ed McCaffrey, Stephen Covey & Me → The post 9/11, Ed McCaffrey, Stephen Covey & Me appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more

Yes, We DO Need Adoption-Competent Hospital Birthing Centers

Hospitals continually strive to improve so many aspects of patient care. What improvements are being made in the way we “do” adoption at the hospital? Pioneered in Colorado at Parker Adventist Hospital, the Family to Family Support Network is going national in helping families create child-centered open adoptions from the very beginning, through adoption training … Continue reading Yes, We DO Need Adoption-Competent Hospital Birthing Centers → The post Yes, We DO Need Adoption-Competent Hospital Birthing Centers appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more

The Time a 9News Crew Came to my House

Last week TaRhonda Thomas, a 9News reporter from Denver’s NBC affiliate station, along with cameraman Matt interviewed me in my home. Apparently I did a terrible job hiding my love of purple. The interview was part of a piece that featured Amber Johnson, my editor at MileHighMamas.com (which, incidentally, is seeking new contributors) ....more