Happiness vs Contentment

Which do you pursue: happiness or contentment? And do you perceive a difference between them? ~~~~~ I wasn’t a Spanish major, but I do remember learning...more

1001th: Just Keep Driving

I’ve been unmotivated to post anew because…this. But I guess when your car’s odometer passes 100K, you just keep on driving. ~~~~~ I had a post syndicated on BlogHer earlier this month and I invite you to check it out ....more

The Badass Inside

“Take him out, Coach!” — I yell across the gym. It was more of a wail than a directive, “him” being my son and “Coach” being my husband. Reed is playing basketball and has just taken a spill ....more

My Bloggy Valentines

Nearly 8 years ago, I found this and my world changed. As a result of a routine google search, I found Melissa, bloggers and blogging. How appropriate, then, that yesterday, Melissa tagged me as one of her Bloggy Valentines ....more

5 Yoga Poses to Make You Feel Sexy for Valentine's Day

Hot yoga isn't the only way to warm things up for Valentine's Day. Yoga at any temperature can heighten your senses and deeply intertwine your body and mind. A sexy body can be just 5 poses away. ...more
@annodle Mompreneurmogul RebelMouse Thank you.more

10 Movies & the Messages They Give About Adoption

I’ve long admired Addison Cooper for the way he makes me think about adoption more expansively, as well as for his...more

What is Freedom?

Kid vs Adult My tween and teen are eager to grow up. To them, like to teen me, being an adult means total freedom. No more parents telling you what to do at home! ...more

How to Make a WordPress Child Theme in 11 Easy Steps

Recently I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I either had to accept the security risks of using an out-of-date WordPress theme, or I had to figure out whole child theme puzzlement so that I didn't lose the customizations I'd made to the parent theme (Twenty Fourteen theme, in my case). ...more
Thanks, Debbie. I hope you find it helpful when you need it. Make sure to check out ...more

What I’m Watching, Reading, Supporting

Film: Black or White I watched the Colorado premiere of Kevin Costner’s new film Black or White last night at the...more

How My Family Survived a 3 Wheelchair Night

#1: The Boy Early in the evening we got a call from our local Kids Night Out program that Reed had crashed into metal bleachers while playing indoor tag. He had a gash on his leg that should be looked at. Roger and I cut our Date Night short to pick up the kids and … Continue reading How My Family Survived a 3 Wheelchair Night → The post How My Family Survived a 3 Wheelchair Night appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more