Regarding Anti-Adoptionists & Teenagers

Who is Anti-Adoption and What Can We Learn from Them?If you’ve ever been in a cross-triad adoption group, you’ve probably encountered someone who seems vehemently, angrily, staunchly anti-adoption. Some say there is NO circumstance in which adoption is called for. It’s just that devastating, that inhumane, that unnecessary.When coming across such a tirade, you probably … Continue reading Regarding Anti-Adoptionists & Teenagers → The post Regarding Anti-Adoptionists & Teenagers appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more

The Good Adoptee

Suzanne Bachner’s award-winning show, The Good Adoptee, starring Anna Bridgforth, will tour Connecticut this fall to help garner support for restoring Connecticut adoptees’ access to their original birth certificates.The tour runs October 22 to December 9, coinciding with National Adoption Awareness Month,...more

Going Rogue. Or is that Rouge?

I needed a night out. There had been stressors at home, stressors in the classroom, stressors elsewhere....more

“You Don’t Look Adopted”

Anne Heffron is a highly gifted writer. In fact, she’s spent decades teaching writing to others, amid her own struggles around identity, brokenness, self-destructive habits, and conflicting emotions about her own mother (it’s mere coincidence that my last post was on the Happy/Sad of adoption). Her memoir and first book, You Don’t Look Adopted, was … Continue reading “You Don’t Look Adopted” → The post “You Don’t Look Adopted” appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more

The Happy/Sad of Adoption

Last week I witnessed a private interaction that needs to be seen by a wider audience, for it addresses the fallacy that if adoptees are happy and connected to their (adoptive) parents, it follows that they will not have any adoption issues. Can there be a “Happy/Sad” of adoption?At the request of the question asker … Continue reading The Happy/Sad of Adoption → The post The Happy/Sad of Adoption appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more

Bad Dream

I woke up the other morning in the middle of a bad dream. I’d been dreaming that someone had not only pulled my dog’s tail, but had pulled it OFF.In my pre-dawn dream world, my poor Dexter, proud wagger of a lush and expressive plume, would forever have to live with this amputation. And so … Continue reading Bad Dream → The post Bad Dream appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more

I Went to Orlando for Adoption, Not Disney

Last week I set out from Denver to head to Orlando for a conference about adoption laws and practices.I got to stay in in a Doubletree Hotel Resort for a couple of days. The grounds were beautiful.I was there to attend and speak at the Florida Adoption Council’s annual conference.Shortly after arriving, I met Ashley … Continue reading I Went to Orlando for Adoption, Not Disney → The post I Went to Orlando for Adoption, Not Disney appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Last week I planted two earworms, both with notoriously long endings. I challenged you to estimate which song had more Na Nas, and by a little or a lot.Our ContestantsThe FactorsIn one corner, the Hey Jude outro times in at 3:50, a definite advantage . However, as Jess pointed out, much of that time is … Continue reading Inquiring Minds Want to Know → The post Inquiring Minds Want to Know appeared first on Lavender Luz ....more

What if I’m Raising Someone Else’s Children?

A comment left on a recent post caused me to revisit an article published originally on The Huffington Post, now reprinted here.Feeling Like an ImposterOn a spring day many years ago, Crystal was about to leave the hospital after giving birth the day before. We’d recently met through an adoption agency, and we’d suddenly bonded … Continue reading What if I’m Raising Someone Else’s Children? → The post What if I’m Raising Someone Else’s Children? ...more

Question for You Classic Rock Trivia Geeks

Do you love classic rock? A disproportionate number of my car radio presets are for classic rock stations. I love listening to and introducing my children to classic rock ....more