It's Almost Time for Summer Break! Oh No!

It is almost that time. The school year is winding down. My favorite time of year is right around the corner. I experience these feelings every year. As a stay-at-home mother summer means that I get to spend many warm days with my four children. We talk and laugh and frolic barefooted through the fields of tall green grass. Stopping to take a moment to lie on our backs, on the warm earth and stare up at the blue sky as the white, fluffy clouds float past... (Insert here that sound of a record being scratched by a needle.)...more

For My Single Mother  I have learned that being a blogger means being authentic. Telling the world your story. A huge part of my story, is my mother....more

Because Finding Swimwear Wasn't Traumatic Enough, Now You're A Mom

Bellonheels.comAfter having children, only about 2% of us will ever return to our pre-baby bodies. For those of you who do, I say BRAVO.I hate you.Even though you no long have that girlish figure, you don’t receive a pass from having to walk around in the recreational garment that was obviously designed for super models....more

Children And The Dreaded Stomach Bug I am a mother 365 days a year. I wear my badge with pride.This means that I can handle any challenge that our little peanuts throw my way.You don’t want to wear pants today?You felt like Sharpies on the wall was the only way you could truly express your vision?You don’t believe third grade is necessary for your chosen career path?Piece of cake....more

Stitch Fix: Fashion That Is Fun And Easy

Bellonheels.comI am a stay at home mother of four. I don’t have a need for a fancy wardrobe.Except I sure would like to have a fancy wardrobe.But I don’t need one.There are way more important things to spend money on when you are raising a family.So my wardrobe pretty much consists of jeans and t-shirts. American staples. You cannot go wrong. You cannot screw that up....more

I Don't Remember How To Relax

Bellonheels.comFeb12There are snow flurries whipping around, outside my window and a blazing fire in the fireplace....more

Surviving Valentine's Day As A Parent

Bellonheels.comHolidays are not like they used to be. Let’s take Valentines Day for instance. The holiday of love.When I was a kid my mother bought 20 fun cards, wrote my name on each one and stuck them in envelopes....more

Surviving School Mornings With Elementary Age Children Is No Joke

Bellonheels.comFeb05Surviving School MorningsMy life is not the most exciting....more

Fitbit Is In Charge Of My Life

Bellonheels.comThis is my “I’m trying to please my Fitbit” look. #messybunI am fairly easily satisfied. I don’t really want for much in life, other than what I already have.Until that very moment….when I do want something.Until there is that one shiny thing that catches my eye. That I cannot live without. Not a single minute more.Then I want it. I want it. I want it! (stomps foot)...more

Why Do I Fail This Mother Thing Every Single Day?

I gave birth to my first child when I was 31. After pushing for two excruciating hours and two more excruciating minutes, she was finally born. I feel sure that I was on the verge of death after the whole ordeal. But then they placed the most beautiful, bright-eyed baby girl into my arms. And she had a pink bow stuck to her head. And she smelled like babies do. ...more
Me too.  That's all I can say. Thanks for writing this!more