Fitbit Is In Charge Of My Life

Bellonheels.comThis is my “I’m trying to please my Fitbit” look. #messybunI am fairly easily satisfied. I don’t really want for much in life, other than what I already have.Until that very moment….when I do want something.Until there is that one shiny thing that catches my eye. That I cannot live without. Not a single minute more.Then I want it. I want it. I want it! (stomps foot)...more

Why Do I Fail This Mother Thing Every Single Day?

I gave birth to my first child when I was 31. After pushing for two excruciating hours and two more excruciating minutes, she was finally born. I feel sure that I was on the verge of death after the whole ordeal. But then they placed the most beautiful, bright-eyed baby girl into my arms. And she had a pink bow stuck to her head. And she smelled like babies do. ...more
Me too.  That's all I can say. Thanks for writing this!more

Bell On Heels 2015: This Could Be Our Year

Bellonheels.comHow in the world is it 2015?While my brain is oddly satisfied with the actual number, there is just something calming about a year that ends in a five, and it was definitely a lot of fun to type just now, but honestly, how in the world is it 2015?Last year was a big year for me. In March we bought a new house and began the painstaking task of relocating a family of six. I never, ever want to do that again.Ever.The way it felt,  you would think we moved to another continent. Or a new state. Or at the very least a new town....more

The Horrors Of School Drop Off Line

Bellonheels.comI pulled up to the school and four quiet, smiling children formed a line. Then they took turns carefully climbing down from the vehicle.Okay, it wasn’t exactly like that.Or anything like that really....more

I Am Having A Mid Life Crisis When I write a blog post, the title comes last. Not until the end, am I able to decide what the name should be....more

Loving Your Daughter Through the Preteen Years

And then she said: Mom, I need a bra. A bra? For what? It was not yet time to worry about such womanly things. I pointed out that I didn’t get my first training bra until fourth grade. Suddenly it occurred to me what grade she was in now. I looked into her eyes. And then I told her to scoot over. I clearly needed to sit down. I had noticed that my daughter was changing. Her emotions, reactions and interests, all transforming into something entirely new. Gone was my sweet, good-natured baby. I wasn’t ready though. I had always told myself that I would be ready. ...more
Lovely post, Momma. Hang in there. It's a season, and as you said, she will get through it and ...more

I Watch Your Perfect Families, Now Watch Mine Doesn’t every kid decide to meditate on a manhole cover? In the middle of the street?...more

It's Almost Time for Summer Break! Oh No!

It is almost that time. The school year is winding down. My favorite time of year is right around the corner. I experience these feelings every year. As a stay-at-home mother summer means that I get to spend many warm days with my four children. We talk and laugh and frolic barefooted through the fields of tall green grass. Stopping to take a moment to lie on our backs, on the warm earth and stare up at the blue sky as the white, fluffy clouds float past... (Insert here that sound of a record being scratched by a needle.)...more
Wonderful! My boys have been on the business end of a spray bottle once or twice, also there may ...more

We Have Invaded Your Neighborhood. Now, Who Wants A a Hug?, Others call me a blogger but I have always felt sort of silly calling myself by that name....more