Parenting Is Work Regardless of Your Job

Lately, I feel like articles about stay-at-home parents are exploding: How they're working, too. How it's difficult to get anything done with kids around. How you have no privacy. The lists go on and on. ...more
I agree with this!more

I'm Proud of my Epidural

The more I read blogs, the more and more I end up reading birth stories. There's something innately special about a birth story. It's at the same time a personal and universal experience. There are endless ways to experience it - vaginal, c-section, medicated, unmedicated, in a hospital, in birth centers - the list goes on and on. Despite all these different methods, in the end its still the amazing act of bringing new life into the world, and its one of the reasons I love to read birth stories - they are so so different....more

Easy Weekday Breakfasts

One of the things I'm super passionate about is breakfast. As in, the only time I leave home without it is when we're going to get breakfast. In addition to just loving breakfast food, I truly believe that a good breakfast arts you up for the ready of your day. It gives her fuel to get through the morning and starts your metabolism for the day. That said, I'm also a realist. Mornings are BUSY. For us, it's getting out the door for work and daycare drop-off. For stay at home moms, out might be getting up to get to the gym for your me time....more

I Used to Think...

There a lot of things I used to think about life, before I got too involved in living it. One of them was doing things in the right order was best - meet the guy, get married, have babies. In order, all in a neat little row....more

Life as an Interfaith Family

Today I'm talking about something sensitive - sharing faith with my daughter. I would venture to say that for most people, this is pretty straightforward - teaching them what you believe, going to church, doing Sunday school, etc. For my family, it isn't quite that easy... because Abbie has two religions to learn about. I'm Jewish, and Chris is Catholic. Abbie is both. We're an Interfaith family.  ...more

The Worst Thing You Can Say to a Working Mom

“I would never let someone else raise my children.” If you're a working mom, you've probably heard this sentence. Maybe you saw it in a Facebook post. Maybe you overheard someone saying it. Worst of all, maybe someone said it to your face....more
MsKatrina You're absolutely right.more

Why I Didn't Shop #LillyforTarget

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that this past weekend, Target released their much-hyped Lilly for Target collection, which sold out completely in hours, and in some stores in minutes. Women flocked to Target to snag it … but I wasn't one of them. I purposely didn't even try....more
chicmodern I walked into my local Target and found what I could use although I didn’t plan on ...more

Consignment Sale Shopping Tips

We are well into one of my favorite seasons of the year, and no, I'm not talking about the weather.  I'm talking about consignment sale season! If you're a mom and you've never been to a consignment sale, you're seriously missing out. They're typically held in the spring and fall of every year, and one of the benefits of living in the DC area is there are TONS of them. The majority of Abbie's clothes have come from consignment sales. I hit at least one every season, and usually more than one. They're also how my mom clothed my little sisters!...more

4.16.07 - 8 Years Later

This day hits me hard. Every single year.Eight years ago today, I was at work at Enterprise, just going about my day. I vividly remember walking back into my office from running an errand or helping a customer, and our lot attendant telling me there was a shooting in Blacksburg.I don’t remember his exact words. I remember thinking he must be mistaken. I remember walking over to the TV and being horrified by what I saw.Scared.Heartbroken.Disbelieving....more

Thoughts from Passover

I don't really talk about religion much around here. That makes me different from a lot of mommy bloggers I know. So many people proudly proclaim their faith from the moment you land on their homepage. That's great for them - they know exactly who they are and what they believe in.The other side of that coin? Well, it honestly makes me not want to talk about mine, and it shouldn't....more