Dear Puberty: A Letter from a Mom

I recently wrote a letter to Puberty that I wanted to share… Dear Puberty, ...more


5 Tips for Midnight Zombie Mommies

So moms, have you ever been up in the middle of the night consoling a scared child? Have you ever been up to take your child's temperature or help your teen run to the bathroom to throw up? Are you up three times a night breast-feeding or bottle feeding your baby? Do you have to get up to change diapers or change your kid's sheets after an accident? Have you ever had to spend the night in the hallway trying to get your toddler to sleep in his own bed before he gets into yours? I think we can all relate....more
@PursuitOfNormal I'm so glad you get it! I totally agree with you. Most of the time we just need ...more


Well, my friends, we are over half way through January. For some reason, this January has become Health Crisis Month for our family. I'm so over it....more

5 Ways to Not Be That Mom

From the PTA to boardrooms, from gyms to grocery stores, we can all relate to these moms. In fact, there is a little bit of each of these women inside of us. The trick is to find ways TO NOT BE THAT MOM. [Note: You can replace the word mom with: co-worker, neighbor, or friend.]...more
@hayes080505 Yeah, don't ask my hubby either!more

DIY Printable 'Boo from the Crew' Halloween Cupcake Toppers & Garland

To make your Halloween party complete, here are DIY Printable 'Boo from the Crew' Cupcake Toppers and Garland to match last weeks {DIY Printable Boo from the Crew Halloween Invites}. Enjoy!...more

Modern Mom Proverb #27

I think my eyes on the back of my head need new contacts....more

Dear Staircase, You Need a Make-Over

DIY Printable "Boo from the Crew" Halloween Invite

It is time to start planning for your family's Halloween party. This FREE invite is great for rounding up all those trick-or-treaters. You can print your invites or email them like me. It is faster and easier and saves a tree....more