Sex and the Southern Belle

"Ooooh, maybe she’ll give me some breakfast." - Andre 3000G.R.I.T.S. or "Girls Raised In The South". When the topic of southern women arises, opinions run the gamut.  We’re classified as everything from dim and uneducated to shrewd and calculating.  Most people will agree with one simple fact, though:  There’s no love out there like the love of a southern woman.  As stereotypical as that may sound, it’s mostly accurate....more
I'm a Southern Belle to the core, and I love your perspective!more

My Body, My Orgasm, My Choice

It’s rainy, cold and quiet.  There’s not a towel to fold or a shelf to assemble.  It’s just you and your thoughts.  You made it through a stressful workday, or possibly week…and you really want to have sex tonight.  But you don’t have a honey, or even a potential honey on the horizon. ...more
Even people in monogamous relationships engage in casual sex. Even if your partner is someone ...more