I was playing around a bit with my lipsticks- some colors were too bright for me and others made me look "washed out"- and that is how I found 3 new lip combinations I really love to wear! I thought I like to inspire you as well to play around with your lipsticks- you will be surprised what awesome new colors you can create! Even colors you usually would think don´t go together can create a fantastic new shade! ...more


How lucky am I to get to review the MICHAEL TODD Soniclear? I already reviewed the Charcoal Detox Cleanser (a fabulous facial cleanser if you have oily skin or are acne prone- read my full review here).Here are the claims of the Soniclear: "Introducing SONICLEAR, the World's First Antimicrobial Sonic Skin Cleansing System because cleaner skin begins with a cleaner brush. Powerful, yet gentle enough even for sensitive skin, Soniclear micro-massages away dirt and impurities and then protects itself from microbial contamination ....more

My wedding outfit: Emma & Michele dress and My delicious shoes

So on the weekend we attended a sweet little wedding and I like to share some photos with you! I haven´t seen my husband wearing a tie since probably our own wedding (12 years ago lmao!), so that was really nice! ;-)We enjoyed beautiful weather, a gorgeous bride and fabulous food! ...more


This is a little "throwback fall outfit" (photos are from November 2012). Wow, I notice my hair was way shorter! But I still wear this outfit just like that! ...more

Macadamia Professional Hair products: Hits & Misses

So I used up a bunch of Macadamia hair product samples and like to give my quick opinion on these.Macadamia Professional products contain a blend of Macadamia and Argan oils, rich in Omega 7, 5, 3 and 9 fatty acids, which deeply nourish and repair hair from the inside out, rather than just conditioning from the surface, to renew hair’s natural texture.Macadamia products are cruelty free!...more

Why I prefer to do my own nails!

November the 1st 2014 will be a historical day because I have received...more

LASHEM Colour Strokes Brow Tint Lift w/ Lash Enhancing Serum Review

I have another brow product for review for you:...more

Romantic day at the beach with hubby!

So this morning my husband surprised me and wanted to have a little morning date with me! We went to Panera Bread for breakfast and then took a walk at the beach.Did you know that a Pecan Roll has 740 calories? Who is gonna eat that knowing it has that many calories? ...more


This month I do not have that many Favorites - yet some products I really like to show to you. All my Faves are cruelty free of course! Have you tried the new It brushes for Ulta? ...more


Just wanted to quickly wish everybody a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Stay safe, don´t drink too much and get yourself some candy!I actually decided this morning to be a little Hippie!Flower Power!Still had these golden body tattoos and kinda thought they fit the theme! (Although a real Hippie would probably not do that! ...more