And Then I Got F**king Shingles

So I had what was one of the worst flu viruses I have had in recent memory. That took up the first portion of my month, and it was not fun, let me tell you. As a result, I didn't get my Christmas shopping done, but I told myself I had plenty of time to attend to all that ....more

A Very Non-Dairy Christmas [Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!]

Sometimes you just get a hankering. And for me, it was cookies. I wanted to make some nondairy chocolate chip cookies ....more

When Mommy Needs A Sick Day

Well if I ever thought that getting sick was bad, I had no idea what I was talking about. Getting sick when you have a baby is worse than anything I've yet to experience. In the last several years, I've found my immune system to be stellar, but since I started breastfeeding, I've been sick twice ....more

On The Subject of More Children

When I was pregnant, people were already asking me if I wanted more children. I cringed then, and I cringe now when people ask me about it. Even though I know it's normal ....more

Sometimes It Ain't Pretty....

It’s 11am and I’ve officially cried all of my make up off. It’s just one of those days. I guess I had them before I became a parent, but somehow they didn’t feel this bad ....more

We Need To Talk: Breastmilk Donation

I walk a fine line under normal circumstances when it comes to food preservation and why would it be any different when it came to my breastmilk? In the beginning, I was practically tethered to my breast pump. I guess I thought that I would be prepared for going back to work ....more

Mock N' Cheese Recipe [Dairy Free Mac n' Cheese]

I miss CHEEEEEEEESE! Or, at least, I thought I missed cheese. I had a hankering ....more

Tips For Natural Childbirth

I have seen a lot of lists (while I was pregnant and after) about ways to have a natural childbirth. I think there is an inclination to move toward natural childbirth these days, and I am really happy to see this. Women's bodies are amazing, and natural childbirth is just one of those many wonders ....more

Kim Kardashian's Shiny Ass

Okay, alright....twist my arm...I'll talk about Kim Kardashian's new shiny ass picture on the cover of Paper Magazine. I mean, it seems like everyone else is talking about it, for better or for worse, so why not weigh in? Sometimes I have to take a break from nap time, nursing, and my other wife and mommy duties to talk about some good old fashioned celebrity culture.First of all, my thoughts immediately go to "DAMN." The woman looks amazing ....more

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

These cookies....ERMAGERD. I have to apologize because I didn't snap a picture of them. So I guess you'll have to use your imagination on that ....more