Women’s March on Washington: I’m Going To Do This All Wrong

I tried writing this essay for a couple of days before I left for the Women’s March on Washington. It never would come together. Now it has ....more

We All Do

Was anyone surprised that Trump turned his first press conference as PEOTUS into a rally, complete with staffers paid to cheer, more bluster than fact, half-baked plans for avoiding a kleptocracy, and shouting hashtags over questions he didn’t like? Yeah, me neither. He’s a one trick pony–that P.T. Barnum show that he’s relied on to […] The post We All Do appeared first on Baddest Mother Ever ....more

He Simply Doesn’t Know Better

Our Snowmaggedon turned into Snowmanothin’. The kids were full-on, wide open RAMPED up about having snow this weekend. I got pretty excited too after my trip to Fresh Market to lay in a weekend supply of brie, crostini, cornichons, sushi, and bruschetta ....more


Vivi got an “Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook” for Christmas. It’s a lovely deckle-edged tome of completely indirect references to the books paired with public domain recipes for traditional British foods. The recipe she wanted to make today was called “Queen Victoria’s Soup.” I read the whole series pretty thoroughly and couldn’t remember an appearance by […] The post Oops! ...more

My Word for 2017

Last night when I had finished writing in my gratitude journal, I took the pen and scrawled one word on the back of my left hand: WRITE. By the time I rolled out of bed this morning, the word had already faded between my pillowcase and cheek, but there was enough of it left to […] The post My Word for 2017 appeared first on Baddest Mother Ever ....more

Saint Christopher Was Lost

If you follow me on Instagram (baddestmotherever), you already know that I’ve got a precious collection of Christmas ornaments and for the last few weeks, they’re the only thing I seem to be able to write about. This time, every year, when I unwrap and unbox them and hang each on the tree, every one […] The post Saint Christopher Was Lost appeared first on Baddest Mother Ever ....more

Stop Breathing. Now Breathe.

Before I even tell this story–I’m fine. It’s all fine. Today was such a stupid day to cap off a long long string of stupid days ....more

White Women, Take One Step Forward: Part Two

Yesterday, I wrote Part One about what got us here. Today, let’s think about action to take if you feel shitty about what is happening in our country. Part Two: Take One Step Forward My darling friend stood in my office today as we whispered about the violence and intimidation that’s already happening against gays, […] The post White Women, Take One Step Forward: Part Two appeared first on Baddest Mother Ever ....more

White Women, Take One Step Forward: Part One

This is a two-part post. Today, I’m talking about the election. Tomorrow, I’m talking about what action to take if you feel shitty about it and want to help ....more

I Woke Up In This World

I’ve woken up with this pain before–the heavy ache in every muscle from carrying around a racing mind, a broken heart, and all on no sleep. I know this feeling. I felt this way the day after my first husband came home with lipstick on his collar ....more