Putting the “P” in Prepositions

We won’t speak of what my son did to my bathroom today. If you know, you know. If you don’t, it’s better that I don’t try to explain it ....more

I Tiptoe Into Your Room at Night

I tiptoe into your room every night, and it’s never to whisper, “For the last time, untangle your underwear from your pants legs before you put them in the laundry basket.” Just before midnight, I stand beside your bed and not once have I come there to say, “Did you put something down the toilet […] ...more

Monkeys, Jumping, and Beds

In a parenting group, a very funny mother posted this commentary about the ridiculous nature of parenting groups (yes, IRONY. But we’re totally different, super cool and laid back): Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed, One fell off and bumped his head. Mama asked the mom group and the mom group said: Have you […] ...more

Ten Bucks on Maybe

In the entire history of the lottery in Georgia, I’ve spent about $15 on tickets. And I’m OK with that. The first $10, I spent just to annoy my dad ....more

When the Pieces Fit Together

G and I spent this weekend as one being, locked in a torrid frenzy of…cleaning house. I ripped off his pants and threw them in the washer with the other seven loads of laundry. Not to be outdone, he shredded my old shirt then used it to wipe streaks off the windows ....more

Somebody Has to Bake the Pie

In my last appointment before the holidays, my therapist and I talked about how this year would be different without my dad there. Big Gay does so much of Christmas for us, but there were a few things that belonged to Daddy along. Like we usually had one present that was just from him to […] ...more

An Orange in the Toe of Your Stocking

This morning, when I tied the last few bows around the last few presents for my kids, I remembered a similar feeling from when I was a teenager, many Christmases ago. I loved wrapping presents. Loved it loved it loved it ....more

For the Sake of Sanity, Can We Spread Some of This Cheer Around?

In the last 24 hours, I have: bought cupcakes for Carlos’ class party talked to my therapist about how to deal with grief at the holidays made two wreaths to donate to a charity auction texted with my mother to arrange Christmas lunch at Grandmama Irene’s house wrapped gifts that my department is donating to […] ...more

The Meanest Thing I’ve Said to My Daughter, So Far

Sunday night, just before bath time, my last nerve ran out into the street and threw itself under a car. About 45 seconds after that, I made a simple request of my daughter. About a minute after that, I said the meanest thing I’ve said to her….so far ....more

Here’s a Cookie On a Stick: A Strange Tale About Gun Violence

Trigger warning: gun violence. How redundant: a trigger warning about guns. I’ve never put a trigger warning on my essays, but I don’t want what I’m about to discuss to hurt any reader who has already been hurt by gun violence ....more