Check Your Mirrors

Victoria passed her driver’s test today. Parallel parking and everything. She’s sixteen and on her way ....more

Keep the Change

Maybe I wasn’t the only woman buying a pregnancy test at Kroger at 1:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning–this is a college town after all–but I’m pretty sure I was the only one with gray hair and an itemized tax return. So…yeah. I had been feeling anxious and snappish for a few days but when […] ...more

Superhero Day

Today was Superhero/Disney dress up day at Carlos’ school. There he sat in his “big boy car seat” in a Batman shirt…but we had a problem. The buckle was stuck ....more

Today I Pledge

It was a rough weekend. Anxiety pinched at my every breath. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stop thinking, couldn’t finish any of the tasks I had set for myself ....more

So She Can Live Without Me

On the day my daughter was born, she started living without me. I mean “without” in the sense of “outside of.” Her body began to live without my body. That day, her birthday, has meant something special to me for eight, almost nine years ....more

The Grind

As this load of laundry that has thus far cost me $4358 to do spins in the dryer, let me tell you a story about why I was sobbing in the flooded basement over a broken old coffee grinder that I clutched to my chest with affection that would have better suited a beloved...more

Look At the Sky

When I got home from Pilates class last night, Vivi was standing in the middle of the den with her ...more

Chili Dogs and Sawdust Make Me Cry

Last week, I ruined a pan of milk gravy that I was fixing with porkchops. I cried over that pan of gravy, but not because it had too much salt yet still tasted like cornstarch. I cried because I couldn’t call Daddy and laugh with him about how bad I had messed it up ....more

Putting the “P” in Prepositions

We won’t speak of what my son did to my bathroom today. If you know, you know. If you don’t, it’s better that I don’t try to explain it ....more

I Tiptoe Into Your Room at Night

I tiptoe into your room every night, and it’s never to whisper, “For the last time, untangle your underwear from your pants legs before you put them in the laundry basket.” Just before midnight, I stand beside your bed and not once have I come there to say, “Did you put something down the toilet […] ...more