Love For the Sheer Joy of Loving

Wesleyan College lost a great light...more

Last Day of the Season

A few days of this beautiful weather and I’m already thinking about loading up the kids and Huck and heading for the woods this...more

Saturday Snort–Ain’t No Party Like a NASA Party

I think this baby looks like Prince George…except for the belly hanging out and the Sears photo studio backdrop. And that backdrop looks like it’s covered in dog hair, right? ...more

Miss Doffy’s Pool Party

A great lady died unexpectedly this week–Mrs. Dorothy Biggers Argroves of Greenville, Georgia (one of my hometowns). Everybody called her Dot, except the little ones–they called her Miss Doffy ....more

I’ve Never Heard Such Arrogance

Just typing that word in the title makes me physically uncomfortable. All the energy in my body goes right up to the surface, like my skin is lifting up to be on the lookout. And that leaves a hollowness in the center of me ....more

Hot Pants

Tonight at about 8:30, we had the kids settled in after a long weekend of staying at home, all up in each other’s business (but in a good way). Alone at last! I plopped myself down on the loveseat to watch the tail end of last week’s Downton Abbey before this week’s episode began ....more

Underground Sondheim

Nothing beats enthusiasm, and my friend Bryn has enough enthusiasm to blow your hair back when you’re standing still. If you’ve been reading Baddest Mother Ever for a while, you might remember Bryn from the story about painting elephants. She’s an actress and a director and a painter and a bon vivante ....more


If you’re really looking to feel like a sexless, dried up husk of a woman, I know just the place for you to live: a college town. Last week, I stopped at Willie’s for a steak burrito (no double entendre intended). The guy behind the sneeze guard looked like a boy I dated in college ....more

Seven Ways My Kids Are Like This Old Christmas Tree

They drop shit EVERYWHERE. As fast as you can clean up, they drop more. When you touch them, your hand is likely to come back sticky ....more

Is There Anything ON?

I got home from work today to discover the girls playing Sonic All Stars on the Playstation that’s been broken for almost two years. G had fixed it…Hooray! While they duked it out with controllers, Carlos played matching and sorting games on his iPad mini, just like the one they use in school ....more