A Blue Slip

Due to...more

Oh, Beths–I Get It Now

Tonight, when I was on my knees shoving a plastic knife up into the roller thingy of my carpet steamer in order to extract wet globs of dog hair…I had a moment. A good moment. A laughy kind of moment ....more

My Sister Is a Gift

I’ve written about my sister before, but there’s a special milestone...more

Mother Each Other

I’ve started doing this weird thing. When I hug someone, I don’t just do the hug and the pat on the back–I put my hand on top of their head and give a gentle pat. It’s such a mothery thing to do, the pat on the head ....more

Meet The Baby’s Baby

Every day as we leave his school, Carlos asks to stop and see the babies. We stand in the doorway of the infants room and Miss Morgan lets Carlos say hello to the babies as they bounce in jumpers or wiggle around on the rug. He says, “Hey, BABY!” to each one until they smile […] ...more

In Baltimore, You Hear What You Expect to Hear

The events unfolding in Baltimore–whether you...more

An Equation for Evolution, This Week At Least

25 + (20 – $5) + 20/20 ...more

Telling Stories

Another reunion weekend at Wesleyan and this one was a Big One. Twenty five years since the class of 1990 graduated. My last year as Alumnae President ....more