Cracking Up

Y’all. I need to talk about something and I don’t know if it’s to vent or moan or ask for help or what. But I swear it’s cracking me, and not in a good way ....more

100 Words About Happy Things

(Casey at “Life With Roozle”...more

Going Places

I’ve been in Springfield, Missouri for the last 30 hours and WHAT FUN! I love going places. If you haven’t been in Springfield, MO for the last 30 hours, here’s just a taste of what you have missed: ...more

Family Phrasebook

Carlos: “Mommy, put my cold milk in the foodgerator.” (Refrigerator) Vivi: (while standing in front of our side-by-side refrigerator) “If this side is the fridge, is this side the erator?” (No, dear, it’s the freezer.) Carlos: “Mommy work on her punkcuter.” (Computer) Vivi: “Can I drain the spaghetti in the…in the…noodler?” (That’s the collander.) Victoria: […] ...more

A Sumo and a Sparrow Meet In a Grocery Store

Kroger is turning into my meditative place, like an ashram with a deli. I seem to have a lot of epiphanies there–about peaches and crushes, parking lot rage, or canoodling in the pasta aisle....more

Whatever You Polish Will Shine

I’m working on a new opportunity that is exhilarating and terrifying. I’m going to talk to a group of people. Live ....more

More Up, Please

Richard and I got married ten years ago today. All day long (and it’s been a LONG day), I’ve wanted a taste of wedding cake. Our wedding cake was made by Cecelia Villaveces’ bakery here in Athens ....more

Actin’ a Fool

After the kids were in bed, G came into the den and found me standing in the middle of the floor, watching “Godzilla” and writhing about. “WHAT are you doing?” I continued to flap my arms from side to side and wriggle my hips to the song inside my head. I squatted…rhythmically ....more

An American Soldier

Sometimes, the best part of traveling is getting to see your own country through the eyes of another people. Like that time I was standing on the back of a boat going down the Mosel River in Germany and struck up a conversation with a local man. He said, “Yes! ...more

Blind Spots and Fish

This weekend, I learned that nothing improves my driving like a 15 year old in the passenger seat. The girls and I took a road trip to Wesleyan and Victoria rode shotgun. She’s preparing to take the learner’s permit test so she’s paying attention ....more