Meet The Baby’s Baby

Every day as we leave his school, Carlos asks to stop and see the babies. We stand in the doorway of the infants room and Miss Morgan lets Carlos say hello to the babies as they bounce in jumpers or wiggle around on the rug. He says, “Hey, BABY!” to each one until they smile […] ...more

In Baltimore, You Hear What You Expect to Hear

The events unfolding in Baltimore–whether you...more

An Equation for Evolution, This Week At Least

25 + (20 – $5) + 20/20 ...more

Telling Stories

Another reunion weekend at Wesleyan and this one was a Big One. Twenty five years since the class of 1990 graduated. My last year as Alumnae President ....more

Ten Signs I’ve Found the Right Biscuit Joint

Got the last spot in the parking lot at 9:15 on a torrentially rainy Wednesday morning. The car next to me was a genuine farm vehicle. How could I tell? ...more

The Left Way

“I cut paper wif scissors!” Carlos plopped down on the carpet in the den with a few pieces of white paper from the printer tray and a pair of green safety scissors. He held the silver blades tightly with one hand while he got the fingers of his right hand positioned in the grips. “Way […] ...more

This Is All My Fault

I started this post in February 2014. I figured out where it was going today. Back then, I was thinking about the...more

Mrs. Talmadge’s Backyard

Instead of walking down the sidewalk to my office, like I used to do, I’ve recently taken to cutting through Mrs. Talmadges’s backyard in the morning and afternoon. That’s not as rude as it sounds, because Mrs ....more

“Mama? Did You Know…”

Well, there’s only an hour left in Women In History month and here I have yet to write about it. Luckily, Vivi started a conversation at dinner tonight that showed me a perfect example of why it’s important for us to know more about the role women have played in the past so we can […] ...more

Catching Them When They’re Perfect

Last week was that one week out of the year when the Yoshino cherry trees bloom. It’s like one day they’re just bare and wintery trees and the next day they wake up as pale pink clouds skimming the earth. The blooms don’t last long ....more