Blind Spots and Fish

This weekend, I learned that nothing improves my driving like a 15 year old in the passenger seat. The girls and I took a road trip to Wesleyan and Victoria rode shotgun. She’s preparing to take the learner’s permit test so she’s paying attention ....more

Crying Over Onions

Don’t judge me for this story but I HAVE HAD IT. Why was I standing barefoot in the 24 degree garage this evening, digging through the recycling bin in a desperate bid to locate an empty can of white clam sauce? Because I had had it ....more


We have a Sunday morning tradition at our house. Vivi and Carlos pile on to The Big Bed and snuggle up with G and me. (Victoria outgrew this a few years back and opts for a good ole teenaged sleep in until noon.) Carlos climbs up from the bench at the foot of the bed […] ...more

It’s Going to Suck

It’s been a tough week and it’s ONLY TUESDAY. Tonight, I talked with a friend who is going through a hard few months, and today was especially awful. I shared with her another bit of advice from my sage friend, Robin ....more

The Last Thing In Pandora’s Box

Little did I know that the 2nd grade play, “Pandora’s Box,” would leave me with much to think about all afternoon. But that’s the gift of great theater–it stays with you. Even when the actors are quite wiggly and need to speak up a little ....more

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Carlos rides on my hip across the parking lot and through the car rider line. As soon as we’re inside his school, I set him down and we begin the slooooooow walk to his classroom. We creep along the corridors, playing “I Spy” with the bookbags and jackets that hang neatly outside each door ....more

For Anne, Who Was Still Growing

For Holocaust Remembrance Day, I stood in the cool and cluttered pantry of my house. I took a few breaths and thought myself back thirteen years to the first time I visited Amsterdam. Then I took this picture of the doorframe: What does my dinged up pantry molding have to do with Remembrance? ...more

Love For the Sheer Joy of Loving

Wesleyan College lost a great light...more

Last Day of the Season

A few days of this beautiful weather and I’m already thinking about loading up the kids and Huck and heading for the woods this...more

Saturday Snort–Ain’t No Party Like a NASA Party

I think this baby looks like Prince George…except for the belly hanging out and the Sears photo studio backdrop. And that backdrop looks like it’s covered in dog hair, right? ...more