Sid, the Christmas Kid

Yesterday, when I picked up Carlos from school, a little boy named Sid came tearing up to me. He leaned in close and whispered, “I bwought a secret present for Carlos. It’s a book.” Then he held his finger to his lips and said, “Don’t tell him!” Sid has twinkling brown eyes, an elfin face, […] ...more

Carlos Ate the Driveway

My mom came over this weekend so G and I could get our shopping done. We snuck off on Sunday morning and left her with Vivi, Carlos…and A Project. When we returned a few hours later, Vivi met me at the door with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face ....more

The Teacher Gift Taboo–What’s So Wrong With Cash?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year–the time when we parents find ourselves just a teensy bit busy with all the holiday to-dos. I mean seriously–it’s the holidays, the end of school term and the time to use up that money in the flexible spending account. This week my schedule contains...more

Love Dares You to Care

This post has been rattling around in my head for over a week now: a little bit of Freddie Mercury, a dash of David Bowie, Michael Brown, Alexander the Great. I couldn’t get my head around it until, just like when I was a kid, Mr. Rogers helped me understand ....more

A Chain of Causation

I haven’t written in over a week, but it’s really not my fault. I’ve been trying. I even stuck my head in the oven but to no avail ....more

Oh, We Rioted Too

I stepped onto an elevator at work today and caught the end of a conversation: “…and now that they’re burning down the businesses in their own neighborhood, they’ll have to go even farther–with their hands out!…Hey, Ashley!” I was ashamed of myself. In the trip between one floor, I couldn’t think of what to say […] ...more

Nailed It

It’s not really “home” until you hang stuff on the wall, right? I spent a few hours today at my friend’s place, helping her hang stuff on the walls. She’s one of the Cool Kids....more

Life is Sweet

Let’s have a moment of music appreciation today. This song got me out of a dark place today. Natalie Merchant, “Life Is Sweet”: It’s a pity it’s a crying shame who pulled you down again? ...more

No Milk, Two Sugars

The other day, I came back from lunch and I stopped into Nicole’s office to tell her that I had run into one of the Big Bosses on the stairs and had asked him about a situation that needed clearing up. She stared at my boobs. Well, boob ....more

Sweet Cheeks

He was born at 6:25 a.m., the morning after Christmas. The whole world lay quiet under a snowy blanket, glowing in the lavender light before sunrise. Eight pounds, five ounces ....more