Spinach-Quinoa Patties

There are a lot of things about my life that have changed since I became a parent. I now consistently go to bed while it's still light out. I do adult things like pay for life insurance....more

Peanut Butter Monster Munch Halloween Party Mix

There is something about hosting houseguests that makes me want to go junk-food crazy. I guess I like to use other people kicking around my kitchen as an excuse to whip out all the foods I wouldn't normally eat. I like to live by the 80/20 rule of nutrition—80% of the time, you're eating healthy, fresh foods and 20% of the time, you can eat non-nutritive junk food like this ....more

How to Make a Birthday Beer Cake

Earlier this week, I told you all about the actual birthday cake I made for my husband's 30th birthday this past week, now, it's time for me to show you the other cake I made for him—a beer-thday cake! This was such a fun (and easy) gift to put together for him. We're craft beer lovers, and I knew for a while I wanted to get him 30 different brews for 30 years on the planet—but I couldn't quite figure out how to put it together in a fun way ....more

No-Bake Butterfinger Ice Box Cake

My husband and I met young. We were in our early twenties when he stumbled onto my blog one late night in February and left me a comment....more

Sweet Potato Beef Stew

Growing up, on the rare occasion that my parents went out for the evening, my brother and I would always eat Dinty Moore Beef Stew for dinner. We never had those kinds of processed foods growing up (I was very fortunate to grow up in a household that put a lot of value in high-quality, homecooked food), so opening up a can of beef stew for dinner felt very novel. I remember thinking it was pretty much the tastiest thing on the planet ....more

Printable Burlap Fall Bunting

There are a lot of annoying things about being a homeowner. Like, say, having to shell out the cash to replace your washing machine when it craps out (pun intended) in the middle of washing a load of cloth diapers. Or when you get a knock on your door at 8am from the water meter reader so he can tell you than you have a pipe leaking ....more

Garlic and Herb Breadsticks

I'm one of those bread people. The kind that thinks a meal isn't a meal unless there is a basket of something carb-tastic on the table. The kind that fills up on yummy, warm bread before the entree ever comes at a restaurant ....more

Apple Cider Shandy

I don't believe people when they say, "I don't like beer". I 100% believe that if someone says that, they just haven't tried enough different kinds of beer to find one they like. Laying down a blanket statement like that is like saying, "I don't like music" ....more

Pasta e Fagioli

Where I went to college, only Freshman had classes on Fridays. It wasn't some mean rule to punish the 18-year-olds, it was just that the incoming Freshman didn't know any better. It took a semester or two to realize that, hey, most people don't have classes on Friday, and plan your schedule accordingly ....more

Bourbon Persimmon Bread

I love free food. I don't mean the kind like the free hot dogs they were serving at a festival we went to this past weekend (the line went around the block). No, I'm talking about foraged food ....more