Zucchini Chicken Burgers

Here's a confession for you guys: I've never, in my life, been able to grow zucchini. I know a lot of you see...more

Buffalo Blue Cheese Potato Salad

I've told you guys before how big of a deal the 4th of July is in my neck of the woods, right? It's huge. Like, if it's a slow news day, you'll probably see my hometown on the national news kind of huge ....more

A Day in My Life: June 28, 2015

4:12 am: I feel Juniper squirming next to me (we bedshare). I pull her close and realize she's soaked through her wool diaper cover. Craig wakes up and starts to change her diaper, while I nurse her to keep her calm and quiet ....more

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk. We are swimming in black raspberries. Literally, I think I could drain the pool of water, fill it back up with raspberries, and go for...more

Grilled Caramelized Onion, Blue Cheese, and Apple Butter Flatbread

This post is brought to by a Back to Her Roots sponsor. Time flies when you're having fun and eating apple butter! It's hard to believe, but we're closing in on the end of my time showing off some of the fun and creative ways you can use Musselman's Apple Butter in your kitchen ....more

One Pot Summertime Primavera

Confession time: sometimes I struggle to figure out how to use up all the produce coming off in my garden. I've gotten a lot better at it, but I think my decades of everything-always-in-season supermarket shopping has got me conditioned to really struggle to plan meals seasonally. It's easy when the first asparagus...more

Sriracha Almond, Bacon, and Sharp Cheddar Scones

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. I think my love for Sriracha is well documented on this here blog (um,...more

Juniper’s First Birthday Party

This weekend guys. This weekend...more

100 Things I’ve Learned in My First Year of Motherhood

If you can believe it (I certainly can't) today is my sweet Juniper's first birthday....more

Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam

This post is brought to you by a Back to Her Roots sponsor. When I was trying to figure out what should be the inaugural canning recipe posted here for the 1000 Jar Project, I knew it was going to be something strawberry-related. Strawberries are the first cannable produce to come off in our area, and it's normally the first time I pull out my canner for the year....more