I am … Old School Blogging

Just when I thought I’d not be able to get words on the page, I came across this month’s Old School Blogging prompt from co-hosts Elaine at The Miss Elaine-ous Life and...more

Spring Day Musings

Before catching a flight to DC today, I spent some good time with Ava. We went to Target to buy her a new swimsuit because she is growing like a weed. We hit up our park in old town League City and played until the lovebugs and wasps scared her too much to stay ....more

You are good enough. Sometimes you just need to hear it.

I have always erred on the side of self-deprecation. Rather than giving myself credit for my highs, I make fun of my lows. But this week, something sparked ....more

I stopped blogging because of space

Sometimes, life just gets in the way. Or in my case, space got in my way. Most of you who know me know that space rules my house ....more

Very important post – help me choose a rug

You guys, I need some serious help. We’ve been in this house three years and the only thing I’ve done is paint the front room red and ...more

The one question you NEVER ask a woman

Scene: Hudson Books, Houston Hobby Airport, 5:30 a.m. (pre-coffee) “How far along are you?” the young girl behind the counter cooed at me. Five simple words that should bring so much joy. If I were actually pregnant....more

Dear person behind me in seat 6F

Dear person behind me in seat 6F,...more

I can’t say ‘Thank you’

I don’t take compliments well. I’m a master compliment deflector. You shoot a compliment in my direction and my snark-laden bronze cuffs will deflect each one with proper self-deprecation....more

A little blogging hiatus

Hi! Remember me? I blogged here back on May 7 ....more