The Blog Remains the Same: Things We're Still Concerned With 10 Years Later

I had the immense good fortune to have attended the very first BlogHer Conference in 2005. I was in my second year of my current blog, by then and I loved the idea of a bunch of women bloggers getting together to discuss the craft. I recruited my local blogger friend Cagey to go with me, and we headed to San Jose and plunged right in.   ...more
I'd love to be able to attend a BlogHer conference one day! logged since 2007 and still enjoy it ...more

Average Jane's Throwback Thursday: Bands

I recently went through some old photo albums and scanned pictures of bands that I've been in over the years.Here are some of them, from oldest to newest. ...more
Karen Ballum Sadly, no. I think it made its way to my younger sister and vanished sometime ...more

Average Jane Turns An Unnatural Color

I went to the doctor the other day and she fine-tuned my nutritional supplement list and added a post-dinnertime dose of niacin to my daily routine. Some of you already see where this is going, but for those of you who don't know, the side-effect of niacin is "flushing," which sounds more innocuous than it is.I knew about niacin's flushing effect and I thought I had experienced it when my face got kind of pink after I'd taken a multivitamin that contained niacin. Turns out, not so much....more

Average Jane's NaBloPoMo Catchup Post

I'm not doing a great job with the cross-posting, so here are my last few posts:Average Jane Goes to the ZooAverage Jane's Weekend Beverage Tours...more

Average Jane's Halloween

I've finally reached the age where my desire to participate in Halloween activities has certain limits. For example, I'm fine with parties but I don't want to wear a costume at work or anywhere else in public. I'll buy candy for trick or treaters at my office and in my neighborhood, but I don't want to cook anything with a Halloween theme.This year with Halloween falling on Thursday, Saturday was the big party day. My band had a gig at a bar that was having a costume party, so we all dressed in costumes as well....more
Heh. I love the dog sweater. :)more

Why You Should Join the National Bone Marrow Registry

Here's a situation where I'm pretty sure I can speak for the average person. If you're like me, you probably have always thought of bone marrow donation as something scary and heavily medicalized that involves drilling directly into your bones. Actually, it's not like that at all. Most donors undergo a procedure that's basically a blood donation. A few have bone marrow extracted from a hip bone, but they're sedated for the process and it's largely painless....more
Your post is definitely something to think about and consider. I know that I am one that has ...more

Small Blogs: The Art of the Personal Journal

I love to read different people's personal blogs (as evidenced by the 239 feeds in my "Personal Blogs" folder in Google Reader), and I think that the proliferation of electronic journaling is going to be a bonanza for future historians. I'm always fascinated by glimpses of other people's lives -- particularly from earlier generations -- and I'm obviously not the only one. ...more
I recently got rid of my journals. It broke my heart but I came to realize that it was a part of ...more

Average Jane's First BlogHer Conference

I remember I was blogging then and you asked if I wanted to go and I couldn't afford it.

But ...more

Something to help you plan for your NYC trip

Found this post: Five Manhattan cafes with free wifiCeleste