Luscious Lemon Cupcakes

Last weekend was Mom's weekend at my daughter's sorority.Oh my goodness it was fun....more

Sloppy Joe Cups

Last night, the hubby and I were talking about food we used to eat as a kid.  TV dinners were hot and we both recalled how the back used to pop up into a scene of some sort.  Kind of like a tv screen.  Then there were fish sticks.  I didn't enjoy them as much, but the hubby just loved them.  How about Sloppy Joe?...more

Mini Cauliflower Pizzas

I have made cauliflower rice, but have never tried using shredded cauliflower as a pizza crust, which is totally trending.  Until now.......more

Strawberry Shortcake Muffins

Creamy Lemon Herb Dressing

With the sun shining and the birds chirping, I can't help but be excited about Spring.  It just lifts my spirits to see the daffodils making their appearance and the fact that I can leave the house without a jacket!  I say it every year, but each time it seems like winter is a little harder...maybe it's just my age....more

Muffin Tin Madness Round Up

In keeping with the theme of the blog, celebrating the little things that make life sweet, it isn't just about my approach on life.  It is more than just's also about my love of little goodies, sweet or savory!  One of the best ways to make these little sweet and savory treats is with your muffin pan.  Great for portion control and, let's be honest here, yummies from the muffin pan are CUTE!...more

BLT Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Time for an old fave...Really it's a combo of two and perfect comfort food for those chilly, rainy days that will eventually turn over to blooming trees, pretty flowers and sunshine. ...more

Mac n Cheese Pizza

My daughter attends a university about 3 hours away.  An easy drive to go for the day and return home at night.  Whenever we go, we have our favorite hot spot for lunch.  A trip there isn't complete without a visit to this pizza place.  It's totally a college hangout, but if you are in there anytime before 10 pm, you won't totally stand out.  Ha!  Ha!...more

Coconut Key Lime Pie Bites

One of my favorite desserts (actually there are many), is key lime pie.A bite of key lime pie is like a little tropical taste of Florida.So, I took my key lime pie recipe and jazzed it up a bit.  Added some coconut and made that favorite pie into mini bites of tropical paradise! ...more

Grilled Chicken Pita Salad with Tzatziki Dressing

Who's ready for bathing suit season?If you could see me, my hand would not be up!...more