But What About Saturday? Finding Hope in the Wait

 This post originally appeared at http://ashleydoylepooser.com.Mom Confession:Easter week has completely caught me by surprise this year. My excuses reasons: (1) We are on Round Two of strep throat in the last month. That would be six cases of strep in the last four weeks. That's 120 doses of antibiotics. (2) We are on Jake's eleventy billionth shift in a row. (3) Each kid has had a different school project. (4) Full moon. (5) No sleep. (6) First Easter away from family and our regular traditions. (7) General loss of mind....more

7 Old Wives' Tales Tested!

When we were three days away from our big gender revealing anatomy scan, all of my patience went out the window. I suddenly could.not.wait to find out if this baby I'd been carrying was a boy or a girl. So like any other logical, educated, practical mom-to-be, I took to the Google.I could not believe how many gender prediction theories popped up. Those wives may be old, but their tales live on eternally on the internet....more

Poor Duchess Kate! 7 Things You Need to Know About Morning Sickness

Oh morning sickness, you heinous beast, a rite of passage for many moms-to-be.  I have a love-hate relationship with it because on one hand, I’m miserable.  On the other?  It’s a great sign that everything is progressing well. As the weeks slowly pass and the nausea remains every minute of every day (just like Duchess Kate, I'm told, I’ve had a few thoughts on the subject. ...more
Oh morning sickness is the worst! I actually got sick before I even missed my period! Since I ...more

Mommy Groups & Cinderella

When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the story of Cinderella.Here was this girl who had a rough go of it but she worked hard and followed all the rules and her life turned out happily ever after. She made it seem so easy.As a teenager, I assumed that if I worked hard and followed all the rules, my life should turn out happily ever after, too.  Makes total sense, right?(I know, I know. Quit laughing.)...more

I Stopped Monitoring My Blog Stats, and I Can Finally Breathe

I wanted to encourage any readers I had by being honest and real. I wanted to help others know they weren’t alone in what they were feeling or experiencing. But something got in the way of that simple goal. There was one little thing that I naively added to the first website. Just like an adorable gremlin, I thought it would be this interesting little thing that ended up being a controlling, freaky monster. My stats monitor became my measuring stick of how "good" I was. ...more
I keep a stats page, that I usually update monthly, but I haven't remembered to update it for ...more

The Talk - How We Told Our Son About His Autism

It started like every other night.  It could have been any other ordinary day.  Any at all.  The same instructions had been given.  The same teeth-brushing arguments, both pro and con, had been repeated.  The blessed melatonin had been given.  We sat down and pulled open the devotion book but we never read past the date – April 2nd....more

Dreams: Chase or Let Go?

Dreams are a funny thing....more

Ninja Skillz - Originally posted at StinkerBabies.com