Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! Diana I love your comments and I read each and every one ....more

Cranberry Pear Recipe - Great for Holiday Entertaining

Our family has always loved cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving. We used to just open a can, slice it and that was it. However, one year my mom made cranberry pears and we all loved it so much that now it makes a regular appearance each Thanksgiving! ...more

Holiday Entertaining Made Simple - Crock Pot Thanksgiving

Last Thanksgiving I decided I wanted to make the our Thanksgiving...more

Simple DIY Candy Sweets and Treats for Halloween and Fall

Here is a fun easy treat to make without having to turn on the oven... I love using candy melts for dipping treats, it is so simple anyone can do it! To make these we went to our local craft store and bought different color candy melts, sugar eyeballs, candy sprinkles,...more

10 Days Without Internet... How Does One Survive?

Hi all... For over 10 days I have not had internet or a computer... Yikes ....more

Update - What's Been Going On

It has been over 100 degrees here for the past week plus. I can't even begin to think Fall decorating yet... It is still fully Summer here! ...more

Wow... School Has Started Time to Start Thinking FALL

The weather is still in the mid 90's where I live in Southern California and it's hard to believe that FALL is just...more

Finally A New Computer - Why I love my HP Envy

I'm sorry I was away for a bit. After my computer took a dump...more

DIY Blogger Challenges - My Laptop Died

When it comes to computers I basically have two. ...more

Summertime Drinks in Mason Jars

I absolutely love using Mason Jars in the summertime for serving cold drinks! Simply adding a cute Paper Straw...more