For The Love of Jen Hatmaker and Book Giveaway

  Back in March I was selected to be part of Jen Hatmaker’s launch team for her new book For The Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards. I had never been on a launch team before and had no idea what to expect. I didn’t really care because, hello, Jen Hatmaker....more

Education: On Second Thought

Our family loves to watch home renovation shows. Our favorite show is Fixer Upper. I love that show so much visiting Magnolia has been added to my bucket list but I digress. Without fail, no matter the show, if there is a family searching for a home their main requirement is to be in a great school district. It used to define where we would live too....more

I'm In Love With US

Yesterday Mr. C and I celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary. In those twelve years I have fallen completely head over heals in love with us. I’m especially proud of how hard we both work at being man and wife....more

Another Housewife: My Backstory

 Hello!My name is Jenniemarie and I turned 39 in January. My husband, Mr. C., and I will be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary at the end of this month. We have four children: Kaleb {22}, Karisa {13}, Kaiden {11} and Kailey {7}. It’s safe to say we have our hands full.I am the oldest of five kids. My parents separated when I was five years old while my mother was pregnant with my youngest brother. Technically she was responsible for our care but in reality she did very little caring....more

The Word of the Year: PERSPECTIVE

In the last couple of months our dryer stopped working two days before Christmas, I was rear-ended the same month we paid off our car and we had a foundation slab leak that left us without hot water for more than a week....more

New Year’s Resolution: Being a Better Version of Me

I love how beginning a new year brings so much hope and enthusiasm. The new year allows us to renew our dedication to accomplishing goals, new and old. We make new years resolutions and a how to plan. We dust off the remnants of the previous year and move forward....more

Oh September...

Today as I was sorting laundry I began to cry and it wasn’t because I was behind on laundry, again! It was a cry I was all to familiar with. It was the kind of cry that has been consistent for weeks. The cry that comes at the most awkward of times. It was a cry that comes even in the midst of great joy. It is the cry of depression....more

The Truth About Parenting

Mr. C. and I are parents to four children. Our oldest son, Kaleb, is 22 and out on his own but we still have three kids living under our roof, Karisa (12), Kaiden (10) and Kailey (6). It is natural for me as a blogger to write about our adventures in parenting. However having children does not make me an expert on the subject....more

Ten Summer Break Activities

For 75 days my children are on Summer Break. That means I will be out numbered three to one. You know what that means? More coffee. That and a neurotic type A style plan to keep them busy all Summer. After years of trial and error, we have a system that keeps the kids looking forward to Summer traditions year after year....more

5 Guidelines for Step-Parents to Raise a Blended Family

Today is my step-son’s 22nd birthday. Twenty-Two! That is just crazy. I feel honored to have spent the last 14 years watching him grow into a wonderful young man. When I think about the last 14 years I get overwhelmed. Being a step-mom is not easy. I have sacrificed so much of myself, questioned my self-worth, and bit my tongue more times than I can count. The relationship I have with my step-son today makes it all worth it. ...more
Dr E Imperfect Nirvana, I love the truth in that statement. Thanks for the added tip!more