This Summer Rocks! Glacial Erratic

Welcome the the first installment of This Summer Rocks! The first of 7 geology and gem inspired adventures. For this adventure we didn’t have to travel far ....more

HOME Review and Cottage Craft

Even though my kids are nine and seven we still enjoy concept books from time to time especially ones that are geared towards the picture book crowd. HOME by Carson Ellis is an exquisitely illustrated tour of all kinds of homes. There are country homes and city homes ....more

Printable Golf Card for Dads

We went mini golfing last week with complimentary passes from one of my husband’s clients. He was preparing for a presentation so it was also good research. It was a strange night because it suddenly got very stormy plus I won! ...more

This Summer Rocks!

We are big fans of rocks here at Doodles and Jots. Rocks are fun and free,...more

Fun Gardening Book and Craft

My picture book pick for today is UP IN THE GARDEN AND DOWN IN THE DIRT, the follow up to OVER AND UNDER THE SNOW by...more

Latest Trend

There is a trend happening with all the beautiful flowering trees and bushes… Like with this forsythia that went from yellow to green. It is happening with all the pink trees too....more

Simple Backyard Bird Mobile

The birds are so loud. Have you noticed? This time of year I love to have the windows open but the birds are so noisy I can hardly focus on anything else so, okay birds, you win! ...more

Dropping In

When you are patient and really look and listen you can see all kinds of birds and other flying creatures especially this time of year as birds pass through and other return. Last week we welcomed back the Gray Catbirds and this weekend we heard and saw a Baltimore Oriole...more

Spring Leaves Celebration

For an extra long time our world was white. Then it was gray. Now, finally, we see pops of bright colors,...more

Quick Crochet Piggy Bank Pattern

Hey, let’s make cute little crochet piggy banks to keep all our money in! Before we start, I just need to let you guys know that...more