Latest Trend

There is a trend happening with all the beautiful flowering trees and bushes… Like with this forsythia that went from yellow to green. It is happening with all the pink trees too....more

Simple Backyard Bird Mobile

The birds are so loud. Have you noticed? This time of year I love to have the windows open but the birds are so noisy I can hardly focus on anything else so, okay birds, you win! ...more

Dropping In

When you are patient and really look and listen you can see all kinds of birds and other flying creatures especially this time of year as birds pass through and other return. Last week we welcomed back the Gray Catbirds and this weekend we heard and saw a Baltimore Oriole...more

Spring Leaves Celebration

For an extra long time our world was white. Then it was gray. Now, finally, we see pops of bright colors,...more

Quick Crochet Piggy Bank Pattern

Hey, let’s make cute little crochet piggy banks to keep all our money in! Before we start, I just need to let you guys know that...more


April showers have arrived. We started our...more

Bunny Book and Printable Game

It’s the season to read about bunnies and here are some clever ones! Everything seems to bother Buddy the Monster including the trees in his way, the hot sun, and the stinky flowers so when he happens upon a group of bunnies, he is ready for some emotional eating. The bunnies in our backyard are always on the lookout for predators and quickly hop away into the bushes but these bunnies look caught off guard by Buddy, maybe because they were about to make cupcakes ....more

Easy Easter Egg Suncatchers

Patrick asked me if it was cold out on Sunday. I said it was cold but the sun made it feel warm. With a confused look he replied...more

A Day in the Life of a Mom with Parkinson’s Disease

Today my mom blogger friend Valerie from Glittering Muffins and I are writing about our experiences with Parkinson’s Disease...more

Goodbye Snow

drip, drip, drip finally...more