Favorite Library Discards

Vintage Picture Books from Our Collection Libraries weed through...more

Pattern Blocks Printable

Free Printable Mini Idea Book for Pattern Blocks Do you have pattern blocks? They are pretty fun and have loads of educational potential. If you want to get a set here is an affiliate link to a nice 250 piece wooden set from Learning Resources through Amazon (thanks for supporting Doodles and Jots) ....more

Knuffle Bunny Printable

Virtual Book Club: Mo Willems Today I am participating in the Virtual Book Club for Kids with a printable inspired by KNUFFLE BUNNY by Mo Willems. I am sharing a mini accordion-folded coloring book that you flip through to find Trixie’s favorite stuffie....more

Toy Parachute Design

While driving to a family wedding off Cape this weekend something in the sky caught my eye. I squinted at what appeared to be a toy parachute in the clouds. Wait no, that is a real parachute guy, possibly on his descent...more

Moon Shadow

Scientific Model for Kids I was humming Moonshadow the whole way home from my mom and dad’s house last night. It was late when we left, almost ten o’clock. Around this time of year I think about how it won’t be long before my parents will be heading back to Florida so we stay a little longer each time we visit ....more

This Toy Rocks!

We have a toy that didn’t cost any money. It is completely customizable, educational, tactile, durable, loaded with interesting detail, and open ended. You can find it anywhere...more


Tinkertoy Hack We haven’t played with our Tinkertoys in a while but when we...more

Baby Chick Printable

Printables are fun. You can find lots of printables at Doodles and Jots but up until now none for babies. All my printables, so far, have requires some big kid paper skills like cutting, gluing, and coloring in the lines ....more

Make Mini Pom Poms

Rah, rah!...more

Fairytale Printable Play

My All Signs Point to Fun post where I share printable traffic signs for kids is my most popular post...more