Deck the Halls with Paper Chains

Have you been decking the halls? We don’t really deck the halls since we only have one hall and it leads to the bathroom but we have been decorating the living room with lots of handmade garlands and other paper ornaments. I love construction paper ....more

Unplugged String of Lights Craft

I don’t know if you noticed but I finally updated my header logo from falling leaves to blinking LED lights...more

DIY Art Kit with Printable

Mr. Doodles and Jots...more

Minimalist Snowman Ornament

I always say I am going to keep things simple this holiday and then I never do! Do you do that too? Well why not follow through by starting with this simple, minimal snowman ornament....more

Flip Your Lid Upcycle Lockets

Handmade Holiday Gifts: A Locket You’ll Flip For My husband thinks the new flip top milk lids are the most useless innovation to come along in a long time. I agree these lids are not going to revolutionize milk pouring and that design talent might have been better utilized elsewhere but I do like them. Since they stay on the jug as you pour, it is one less thing for me to drop or accidentally throw away ....more

Easy Leaf Turkeys

Thanksgiving Place Card Craft With the...more

Lois Ehlert Inspired Craft

Lois Ehlert is one of our all time favorite author/illustrators. Maybe you know Eating the Alphabet...more

Coordinating Colors of Fall

Fall really has a flair...more

Reasons to Repair

Why bother patching, darning, and making other sewing repairs? When I was a teen my Irish dad used to ask me and my sisters to...more

Make Play Bricks

The only thing more fun than building with real bricks is building with play bricks. They are much lighter and your mom won’t mind if you do it in the house. Don’t have play bricks? ...more