Apple Bushel Craft

Did you get to go apple picking this year? My kids didn’t. Maybe that is why my daughter took the leftover green construction paper strips from our paper pumpkin chains and made some granny smith apples ....more

Easy Pumpkin Garland

Decorating for Halloween is fun...more

Swirly Art


School of Fish Craft

My brother pointed out some large minnows swimming in a circle near the water’s edge recently. There were hundreds, maybe...more

Halloween with Pattern Blocks

Ever since I posted this...more

Observational Sketchbook Printable

Nature Sketchbook with Prompts and Saddle Stitch Binding I love my I Spy series even though it is not very popular and even though it is probably a little confusing since...more

Learning to Ride Book and Craft

Printable Paper Craft Bicycle and Picture Book Pick I like the title of EVERYONE CAN LEARN TO RIDE A BICYCLE written and illustrated by Chris Raschka because it is true (expect maybe in rare exceptions) but for parents and kids in the process of learning, it can seem so out of reach. My daughter had a few false starts with bike riding which I willingly take at least some of the...more

Fun with Reflections

Magic Mirror Craft and Snow White Picks Takeout food sometimes comes in the nicest packaging. I often save the paper or plastic...more

New Pages

Doodles and Jots has always been a bit of a work in progress. Blogging is fun. Blogging allows you to experiment and that is what I did ....more

Favorite Library Discards

Vintage Picture Books from Our Collection Libraries weed through...more