Tinkertoy Hack We haven’t played with our Tinkertoys in a while but when we...more

Baby Chick Printable

Printables are fun. You can find lots of printables at Doodles and Jots but up until now none for babies. All my printables, so far, have requires some big kid paper skills like cutting, gluing, and coloring in the lines ....more

Make Mini Pom Poms

Rah, rah!...more

Fairytale Printable Play

My All Signs Point to Fun post where I share printable traffic signs for kids is my most popular post...more

An Apple for the Teacher

Blogging has expanded...more

Bubble Wands with Natural Materials

Vines look for things to wind around and when the can’t find something, sometimes they turn and begin...more

Freeing Birds

…from my camera I finally got around to downloading several months of pictures from my camera. There were lots of birds in there who are now happy to be free! Click to view slideshow ....more

Little Stars

There are tiny star shaped flowers hidden in our grass. You would miss them if you were in a hurry. They reminded me of HOW TO CATCH A STAR by Oliver Jeffers, one of my kids favorite author/illustrators ....more

Fun with Magnetic Building Sets

VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure you do not have a recalled Magnetix set! To be sure contact Mega Brands at (800) 779-7122....more

Diamond Craft

I once worked with a woman who had the largest diamond I have ever seen. It was pear shaped and twinkled like crazy under the conference room lights. It honestly prevented me from concentrating sometimes! ...more