A Day in the Life of a Mom with Parkinson’s Disease

Today my mom blogger friend Valerie from Glittering Muffins and I are writing about our experiences with Parkinson’s Disease...more

Goodbye Snow

drip, drip, drip finally...more

My Tinker Sketch Month

I just finish up Tinker Lab’s Sketchbook Challenge for February and I thought it...more


My kids love...more

Lincoln Log Xylophone

When I was a little kid I discovered the most amazing collection of Lincoln Logs in my grandparent’s attic. Did you know Lincoln Logs were invented by Frank Lloyd Wright’s grandson? I love that you can build very realistic miniature log houses ....more

I Spy Snow

And a red bird on a curly branch, And a winter picnic, And a peekabo boy, And a ghost, I mean a gust, And quiet...more

Crochet Pattern for Marker Case

Besides my wallet, phone, and and other vital...more

Printable Spy Valentines

Printable QR Code Valentines for Kids I really liked the idea of these printable QR Code Valentines I created a couple years ago. I thought they could be a little cooler if they had sort-of a spy theme so I turned the...more

Blizzard Book and Painting

My kids had four snow days last week thanks to the Blizzard of 2015. We got over two feet of snow and over four...more

Crochet Valentines with Printable

My daughter made her friends crochet chain necklaces but when she tried to give them out, her teacher asked if she had enough for everyone and since she didn’t she couldn’t give them out. We decided they would make nice handmade gifts for Valentine’s Day so we went back to the craft store for some boy colors. Would you like to make these Valentines too? ...more