Easy Leaf Turkeys

Thanksgiving Place Card Craft With the...more

Lois Ehlert Inspired Craft

Lois Ehlert is one of our all time favorite author/illustrators. Maybe you know Eating the Alphabet...more

Coordinating Colors of Fall

Fall really has a flair...more

Reasons to Repair

Why bother patching, darning, and making other sewing repairs? When I was a teen my Irish dad used to ask me and my sisters to...more

Make Play Bricks

The only thing more fun than building with real bricks is building with play bricks. They are much lighter and your mom won’t mind if you do it in the house. Don’t have play bricks? ...more

Unicorn Book and Craft

Can Feminists Believe in Purple Unicorns? Feminism is one of those words that can mean different things to different people. To me it is all about having choices ....more

Fall Happenings

I normally don’t notice mushrooms when I am driving but these were giant mushrooms! The leaves of the smaller sassafras trees are turning fall colors. And some leaves are beginning to maker their graceful descent ....more

Apple Bushel Craft

Did you get to go apple picking this year? My kids didn’t. Maybe that is why my daughter took the leftover green construction paper strips from our paper pumpkin chains and made some granny smith apples ....more

Easy Pumpkin Garland

Decorating for Halloween is fun...more

Swirly Art