LISTENING: My #Defining Moment at BlogHer 2009

I sat in the dark and listened. An audience of hundreds and hundreds of bloggers communed together in silence, seemingly riveted, as each speaker read their blog post on stage. ...more
Denise Thanks, Denise!more

Marriage, Divorce and 'Parenthood:' Come ON, Joel and Julia

**Spoiler Alert: You might not want to read this if you aren’t current with Parenthood episodes**...more
Why is there no discussion at all about the fact that Joel was kissed by that slutty mom Raquel ...more

Announcing Listen To Your Mother’s 2013 Video Release with The Partnership at!!

Thanks to the support of The Partnership at, LTYM celebrates the release of over 300 new videos from our 2013 season on the LTYMShow YouTube channel.Our Mother's Day series of live reading events in 24 cities were heartening and spectacular. Now our videos extend the reach of those powerful stories of motherhood from our local cities across the globe—giving Mother's Day a microphone all year round. ...more

Let The 2012 Listen To Your Mother Shows Begin!

For me, now, Mother's Day no longer means brunch. It means community. Okay, it means brunch first -- likely with a mimosa-- immediately followed by community....more
LTYM energy is palpable...on line, on facebook, on twitter. I can't even imagine what it is ...more

The Maps We Draw to Get Back Home Again

I just came from breakfast with my Fodder Father at his regular haunt -- The Pancake House. We meet there often and each episode follows a similar script: I drive in the parking lot to see his car already stowed in one of his three usual spaces, park my VW station wagon alongside his Ford sedan (he’s a labor arbitrator, he buys American). Even when the waiting area is full, the proprietors wave me back “Your Dad’s waiting for you,” and I see him sitting with a cup of coffee, maybe working on the crossword with his reading glasses on, wearing a plaid flannel shirt or short-sleeved button down depending on the temperature. Regardless, he has his check book and a pen in the chest pocket....more
Thank you so much. @Jenifer Monroemore

Third Blogiversary "Mazel Tov"

Amy Wilson: On blogging, "Page To Stage" at BlogHer, and...her sitcom?

 On Friday Amy Wilson and I will lead a workshop at the annual BlogHer conference (the mother of all blog conferences) called "From Page To Stage." I took a moment to interview her so attendees can learn a little bit about Amy's background, and know what to expect from our session. ...more

I Want an UN-Nanny

Peering over the dashboard of Mike’s great blue hoopdee, I marveled over its girth. The hood seemed to take up both lanes, digesting the yellow centerline dots like a Hungry Hungry Hippo. Our big plans for the evening included viewing The Exorcist while eating stir-fry at Mike’s bachelor pad, situated atop a neighborhood bar. This may not seem like the makings of the perfect Saturday night, but I felt giddy with anticipation. I was nine. I was riding in the front seat. Mike was my babysitter. ...more

I've found that most of the sitters I've hired are doing it because they need the money. All ...more