How 2016 Will Be Different For Hillary... and the Glass Ceiling

Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she is officially a candidate for the presidency in 2016 was met by an explosion of excitement from her longtime supporters. Hillary’s accompanying video hit just the right note, celebrating an all-inclusive America and an upbeat, can-do attitude. The focus is on us, with Hillary running to be our champion....more
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Why the Media Madness Over Hillary's Emails is Just Another Smokescreen

Notwithstanding feverish media squeals about Hillary Clinton’s “private” email usage as Secretary of State, the fact is she adhered to the laws in place during her four years in that position.  The law insisting solely upon .gov email usage for government employees was not passed until nearly two years after Clinton left office, as Clinton made clear in Tuesday’s press conference.  Click-hungry pundits and agenda driven Republicans’ fear of Clinton’s “se...more
NichelleRae  You bet I do, Nichelle!  AP, NYT, WaPo and Politico have ALL had to walk back their ...more

I Want Your Vote!

The midterm elections are upon us and famously have lower turnouts, but it's more important than ever to vote. Midterms may not be as sexy. But they matter. If you get even one person into office who's better than the suit currently there, you've made a share my PSA: ...more

Have We Become a Botox Nation?

Oscar and Tony award winning actress Frances McDormand has always relied on her immense talent, remaining committed to a Botox-free existence.  At 57, she saw the need to develop her own material since the film industry has no hunger to portray women of a certain age, as if “older” should mean “un...more

Ending Domestic Violence: Talking with Anita Finlay & Jerry Doyle

CBS' anchor James Brown's statement on stopping domestic violenceRay Rice's indefinite suspension fr...more

Sexism In The Senate? Kirsten Gillibrand, Do Tell...

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, once famously called “the Senate’s hottest member” by Democrat and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, has a book coming out this month entitled “Off the Sidelines.”  In it, she shares that she has had to put up with sexual harassment and “fat shaming” from other male Senate colleagues and Congressmen....more
Quoted!  I feel like a VIP!  Hugs and Thanks!  Huge fan of Gillibrand, but wish she would have ...more

Are There Signs We Are Ready to Embrace Female Leadership?

Mighty Kacy Catanzaro (ht. 5 feet, wt. 100 lbs.) just made history on American Ninja Warrior as the only woman to complete the course at the Dallas finals....more

Is Maureen Dowd Necessary? Defanging a Hillary Basher via a Chapter from "Dirty Words on Clean Skin"

Maureen Dowd, arguably the most powerful columnist at The New York Times, has made a career of loathing Hillary Clinton, painting her in a negative light as often as possible, whether she has anything to do with the topic at hand or not.  Dowd's latest column bashes daughter Chelsea Clinton for the $75,000 fee she ear...more

Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Decision May Be a Disaster for Republicans

 Nick Anderson, Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist,...more