The Kids Are All Right

Modern parenting is in crises. We are raising a generation of selfish, lazy, arrogant, self entitled losers. British nannies seem to be subject matter experts. ...more
I agree, I played outside all day when I was a child and was not hovered over by my mom or dad.  ...more

How to Get Your Kids Eat Healthy (Just Kidding!)

We reached that stage when my newly one year old won't eat anything. Anything healthy, that is. I love all the advice out there about how to turn your children into little gourmets who devour arugula salad with figs, blue cheese and sherry vinaigrette, and politely chit chat about the nutritional value and the symphony of flavors, while sitting still, with endearing smiles on their innocent faces....more
Avery Lane Ah - the yogurt puffs! Both of my kids love them, plus I brought them to Europe with ...more

Politically (In)Correct

I opened the door to Kai's classroom and saw children running around with headbands made of paper and colored feathers. It was three days before Thanksgiving. "Kai," his teacher said, "would you like to make a Native American headband?"...more

Illegal Immigrants Are Humans Too

The Daily Beast published an article yesterday about immigrants who are held in border patrol cells in inhumane conditions. ...more
This is the most amazing, well-written post about immigration I have read yet and I just wrote a ...more

I Married For Love, Not A Green Card

I took my son for a haircut last week. I hadn't met the hairdresser before. After a little bit of chit-chat, she asked me where I came from and how I ended up here. This is a question I get asked all the time; I have an accent that immediately gives me away. In the last decade, my story has changed. It is getting longer and more challenging to sum up in a few polite sentences....more
CatB478 I think it's perfectly fine to ask where people come from! I am curious as well, even if ...more

Hooter Hider Caped Crusader

It has been four months that I've been tackling two kids at the same time. Multitasking became a new normal. I have read a study somewhere that suggested multitasking is not truly possible, that it is just what our society likes to boast about, but our brain is only able to focus on one task at a time. My brain is not able to focus on anything at all. Sometimes I doubt it is still present, but that does not mean I can afford not to do five things at the same time....more

On Having or Not Having Kids

Yesterday, my friend posted an article on Facebook about things people say when they hear somebody does not want to have kids. It's humorously written, but it brings out a serious issue - people find it so impossible to respect...more
What a great post! Now, if only more people that I know thought like you...!more

Second Child Syndrome

I have heard plenty about the second child syndrome. I have never doubted its validity. It was enough to go to the playground with Kai and watch. There was I, following one step behind him, my arms stretched out in a catch position, climbing up the playground structures and fitting through impossibly small openings and tunnels just to make sure he won't fall or bonk his head....more

How to Make Friends in Your Thirties

When I dropped Kai off in daycare the other day, one of his little classmates ran over to greet him and asked: "Do you want to be my friend today?" We hear this sentence a lot lately. Everything from toys to humans makes friends over and over. It's very simple and goes like this - a question is asked about whether the object of affection would consider friendship and then the object happily agrees. Alternatively, it is just announced that two planes/cars/animals ("aminals" per Kai) are now friends. ...more

Kate Middleton And Mummy Tummy

Kate Middleton gave birth and became an instant hero. Not for delivering the next king of the Commonwealth, or for just giving birth (which is a hell of an achievement on its own), but for showing her post baby body one day after her son was born. Per MSN News, this action delighted moms around the world. So what's wrong with this picture? ...more
I am ashamed to say that I noticed it too.  I had all three of my kids by C-section.  She seemed ...more