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Excuse me, but what is a fraction?


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I Taught My Students To Eavesdrop

 The other day I taught my students to eavesdrop.  I didn't ...more

How Much Do YOU Think Is TOO Much Social Media?

How much is TOO MUCH social media?by Bonnie FrankIs there such a thing as too much social media? How can you tell if you "suffer" from it?...more

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First-Time Blogger Mistakes #11-15

I Ended Hundreds of (Twitter) Relationships, and I'm Glad I Did!

The other day, I broke up with hundreds of people. I did it. I bit the bullet. I took that needed step and just did it. I was the one picking up the slack in these one-sided relationships, the one carrying most of the burden and I just couldn't take it any longer. I deserved more, and I knew it. I looked at the list of people, groups, and businesses I was following on Twitter and checked which ones were also following me back. There were over 350 relationships in which I was the one doing all the work! My Twitter life needed to change. NOW! ...more
Bonnie, WOW! Just what I needed! Very Helpful! Thank YOU so much for sharing this..<3more