The Online Learner’s Guide to Catastrophe

By Dr. Angela M. Gibson, Professor at American Public UniversityIf you are an online college student, you have joined the ranks of 7.1 million e-learners in the United States taking at least one online course (Allen & Seaman, 2013). Approximately one in three of all those in higher education are enrolled in an online class....more

Getting the Most Out of Working from Home

 By Francesca CatalanoMany people dream about the flexibility and familiarity of using their own space for work. Working from home means no time consuming and costly commute, no expensive professional wardrobe, and no being late to the office. Plus, there are tax benefits. Definite perks, to be sure.However there are considerations to remember so that time spent working from home is productive....more

Math Dunces and Other Myths About English Majors

Carol Froisy, Program Director, English and Communication at American Public University debunks three common myths about college English majors in "Myths of the English Major." What are the myths about your major? Share them here....more

Bumps, Bruises, and Other Sure Signs You Are Learning

By Kim Bessolo, faculty member at American Military UniversityChurning waves pushed the board into the back of my head, knocking off my sunglasses and filling my nose with salt water. A handful of sunbathers rushed to offer help as I stumbled to shore. This was the first time I’d had my stand-up paddle board in the waters off Malibu, and I made a memorable impression, though not a good one. When you’re a bathing suit wearing 50-something, you don’t want attention drawn to yourself—unless you want to keep improving....more

Advice I Wish I Got When I Was Earning My Degree Online

Are you working on your degree online? The experience is very different than attending a brick and mortar university and the learning curve can be steep....more

How the Publishing World Has Allowed Bad Writers to Flourish

By Linda Silva, Faculty Member, English at American Public University...more
So true, and so disheartening.I was a reader from as far back as I have memory, and I will never ...more

Breaking Down the Educational Roadblocks for Girls Worldwide

By Kate Brannum, Ph.D., Program Director for International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies at American Public University                                                                          ...more
Buck, Thanks for your comment.  I agree that there is a real need for NGO and IGO support..  A ...more

A Job Search Is Like Fishing

By Jackie Hott, faculty member at American Public UniversityA job search is like fishing; you cast out your line with the goal of landing the perfect catch. The comparison recently occurred to me as I watched my son fish. He was prepared with his pole, bait, and tackle box. He sat a while casting out his line over and over showing patience, persistence, and attention to detail.Fishing takes time, casting out many lines until you finally hook that fish. Just like preparing to go fishing by gathering the right equipment, you also need to prepare for your job search....more

Why Are the Liberal Arts Still a Strong Component of Higher Education Degree Programs?

By Dr. Linda Moynihan, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities at American Public University“What on earth are you going to do with a liberal arts degree?”  Every year, thousands of students are asked this question by parents and well-meaning family and friends, especially with the increasing attention given to STEM programs. But why does it have to be liberal arts vs STEM?...more

Find Your Passion, Find Your Career

If money were not an issue, what would you do for a living? Answering this question could be the path to unlocking your passion and finding the career that is the best fit for you.Career Coach Kristen Carter helps people tackle this question at American Public Universiy. Get her advice for finding your career passion at Never Work a Day in Your Life!...more