Working Toward a Degree in IT? Find an Internship

In the IT war for talent, an internship can provide excellent opportunities for hiring managers and employees alike to find the right fit. As a student or recent graduate, an internship is your opportunity to gain valuable, real-world experience.As an employer—you can freely observe the working performance and long-term potential of a candidate. A robust internship program may also enable you to:...more

5 Great Travel Ideas for the Lifelong Learner

Travel can be a great way to learn about new places and ideas. Latanya Hughes, Faculty Member, Hospitality Management at American Public University offers an enticing list of five great places to visit for the tourist who also wants to be a student....more

School Success Tip: Ask for Help

By Nichole AhlstromI often wonder why it can be difficult for students to ask their instructors for assistance, when in reality just asking a question can alleviate unnecessary stress. The fear of asking for clarification can be overwhelming to some students. Asking for assistance is not only a fundamental life skill, but it also allows the student to initiate a discussion that can lead to greater success....more

Justice and Healing: A Khmer Rouge Survivor’s Story

By Chanda ChannIn war, there are no winners, only survivors.I am a Khmer Rouge survivor. I fled the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia in 1975 with my mother. My father died shortly after Khmer Rouge seized the country and five days later, my one-year-old sister died from lack of food and medicine....more

Leadership and New Ventures

By Marlene Weaver Faculty Member, Management at American Public UniversityA new business venture idea is discussed with friends and attorneys, documented in business plans, presented to financial backers, and finally, it may become a reality. Employees are hired and the new venture opens for business.  Now what? ...more

Is FMLA Enough? Or Do Fathers Need Paid Leave?

We know that FMLA provides unpaid leave to parents within the first year of the child’s birth. But what about the families in which the father’s income is essential to the household’s economic stability? ...more
I work at a Fortune 500 company as an ADA/FMLA Consultant. Our company has offered two workweeks ...more

We Can All Share Our Passion for Science and More as Informal Educators

If you have a passion for science or any other topic, you can be an informal educator and share what you know in settings like camps, museums, Girl Scout meetings, and more.  Read how one mom shares what she has learned about science through tending a butterfly garden with her son and more in The Passion to Ignite: Being an Informal STEM Educator....more

Making Connections in an Online Classroom

By Michelle Watts, Faculty Director at American Military UniversityThe experience that you have as an online student depends on your own learning style and preferences. You can choose to limit your interactions with other students or you can become very connected to both classmates and the instructor. While neither approach is wrong, as an online instructor I have found that students who choose to interact have a richer education experience. Think contact, interaction, and collaboration....more

Do You Want to Know What’s in That Value Meal?

By Sheri L. Hernandez, Program Director, Hospitality Management at American Public University...more

Military Spouses: Options for Paying for School

As military spouses, we wear many hats and we change them by the minute. We often put ourselves last and that means we often go years without thinking about our goals. Balancing military family life and education is hard, but it isn’t impossible. Once you make the commitment, the next hurdle is the financial one. Can your family afford for you to go to college? Will you need to leave your job?...more