When Your Holiday Doesn't Look Like a Holiday Commercial. 4 Tips.

  Be Honest- Be honest with yourself and the people close to you about how you’re feeling.  You don’t have to be in a good mood for two and a half months just because it’s the holiday season.  Give yourself permission to have fun when it feels right and to take a pass on activities that don’t sound good to you.  But, fight the urge to isolate yourself.  Be honest about what you need from your support system. Even the most well-intentioned friends and family members can’t read your mind....more

The Do's and Don'ts of Online Dating

I bet you know at least one success story of a cyber-romance that ended in love and marriage.  But, I’m sure you’ve also heard at least a dozen online dating horror stories.  So, what’s a girl to do?  Whether you are contemplating online dating or have been using it for awhile, I hope you find these tips helpful....more

Have You Bubble Wrapped Your Heart?

I grew up being scared of a lot of things— participating in a sport where there was a significant chance of injury (or, even worse, embarrassment), spiders, snakes, skiing, roller coasters…the list goes on.  Every day before I left the house, my mom would wrap me in bubble wrap.  OK, she didn’t literally wrap me in bubble wrap, but between the two of us scaredy cats, I successfully avoided most physical injuries....more

Are Your Friendships Healthy?


Are You Dating Empty Calories?

It’s that time of year again. Many of us are starting to watch those calories a little more closely, the gym clothes are getting more wear, and swimsuit shopping is hovering over us like a big ol’ storm cloud. A cookie is no longer just a cookie-- it is an evil tool of seduction aimed at keeping us from fitting into our favorite sundresses. But empty calories can show up in other areas of our lives that have nothing to do with baked goods....more
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Why Should He Date You?

I once knew a girl who would literally go through a total transformation with every new relationship.  When she was dating the jock, she loved sports.  Smitten with the musician...out came the ripped jeans and leather jackets.  The all-time doozy was when she bought a stick shift car because "guys find it sexy."  Let's just say we usually ended up taking my (automatic) car anytime we needed to get anywhere.  It was frustrating, and sometimes a little sad, to watch her put on so many facades.  Because, at the heart of it, she did not trust that she was enough....more