Quiet Moments

“Mommy, is Eli asleep yet?” I lay a hand on Eli’s tiny chest, feeling it move up and down ever so slightly with each sleepy breath. I did the same when Jonas was a baby. I still do it to him now when he is sleeping especially sound ....more

Final Thoughts

Life has been very much in the way of writing anything here lately,...more

The Power of Free

I haven’t written much about writing and publishing on this blog – and there are a lot of reasons for that. The primary reason is… *snorrrrrrrrre* Ahem. What was I saying? ...more

Fiction Friday – Book Update and More

Thanks to all here on the blog (and other places on the interwebs) for the positive feedback about last week’s sneak peek. ...more

Fiction Friday – A Preview

Trying something new today! In an effort to get moving on several fiction projects I’ve got going, I’m sharing a little bit of fiction with you all on Fridays. Some may be bits of works in progress, some may be brand new ideas, some may even be stories I’ll create just for the blog (remember […] ...more

A Day In The Life of a WAHM

Every time I type the letters WAHM, aside from visions of Carlton-style dancing to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”, I see a perfect scene. A stylish housewife, hair and nails perfectly done, pulling baked goods from the oven while she looks over his little ones painting projects, before sitting down at her sewing machine […] ...more

Lessons from Sushi – A Guest Post!

This whole raising two kids and working at the same time business has left me little time for anything else (including sleep). Even now, sitting at my desk on a Monday that I don’t have to work, there are a million things I need to do. And also, I have the plague ....more

Practical Pinterest: Breakfast for the Busy Mom

Thanks to technology and countless hours of nursing, I’ve been browsing Pinterest quite a lot lately. It’s a great way to realize you have zero time and/or talent for anything. I kid ....more

The One Who Wouldn’t Wait – A Birth Story

***apologies ahead of time for any typos…I think when it’s only been three weeks since giving birth, you’re still allowed to claim “pregnancy brain”, right?*** ...more

Even The Soft Parts

I avoid being in pictures like the plague. No, really. I’ve become rather irate with a person who insisted on taking my photo after I kindly asked them not to ....more