31 Days of Real Life Mom Moments

I have four kids under three. At this point in my life, I have PLENTY...more

To The Ones Who Raised Us

There are these people. Let me tell you about them… They were the ones who brought us home from the hospital as tiny babes. They spent countless sleep deprived nights...more

Snuza Trio Baby Monitor Review & 2 Snuza Giveaways

I can hardly believe my little Case is already three weeks old! And that he’s my FOURTH baby! I’ve been thinking back a lot lately to the early newborn days with my firstborn, probably because he was also born in the fall and the season brings back all kinds of sweet memories ....more

5 Tips To Get Back Into Running After Having A Baby

Getting back into running after having a baby can be overwhelming. Today I’m guest posting over on Minneapolis Running and sharing tips that work for me to get back at it after baby. I’m about five weeks out from exercising again and I can hardly wait! ...more

Case’s Birth Story

We had our FOURTH...more

A Letter To My Last Baby, Days Before You’re Born

My sweet baby boy, You’ve spent the last several months growing inside me, and it’s now only a matter of days, minutes, or hours until...more

Lululemon Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Melinda Schlosser for being selected as the random winner for the Lululemon Giveaway! As a busy mom of two boys, I’m so excited for her to get a little treat for herself! Melinda, I’ll be in touch via email soon! ...more

A Thank You Note To Stay-At-Home Dads

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called A Thank You Note To All The Good Dads. I received a comment from a mom who said she appreciated the sentiment, but if she wrote the letter, it would be from a very different perspective. Since I can only write from my own experiences, I told her I’d love to hear a similar letter from her point of view, which is a working mom who’s husband is a stay-at-home dad ....more

Experiencing “Firsts” As A Mom

Firsts can be scary. Today was the first time I had to send one of my kids to have surgery. This morning my oldest had tubes put in his ears ....more

“Momma, Hold Hands?”

My oldest will be three in October. Over the past few months he’s turned over many new leaves. I think (I hope) we’re on our way out of the terrible twos and on to an age that will still have its own challenges, but makes...more