How Do Busy Moms Find Time For The Lord?

The other day I had the chance to spend the afternoon with one of my lifelong best friends. We live in different cities and it had been ages since we had the chance to sit down one on one and really catch up. She was in town and visited me at my house ....more

Momma, You Are More Than Ordinary…You Are Significant

My husband’s been working crazy hours lately. He’s often out the door before the kids wake up in the morning and doesn’t get home until after they’re in bed. And then there are other nights he’s out of town altogether ....more

Real Life Mom Moments: The Past Few Days

Well, I haven’t been posting real life mom moments everyday. I guess that’s real life. There’s never enough time for blogging as I’d like ....more

To Moms With Kids Under 5: THIS Is Our Time

I keep thinking about how great it would be to have a meeting with all the moms. Every single one of you. It wouldn’t be a meeting in a sterile board room with dress pants and hot coffee ....more

A Busy Mom’s Most Frequently Asked Question: HOW Do You Do It?

One of the questions I get asked most often when people find out I have four kids under three...more

Real Life Mom Moments: They Keep Going And Going And Going

It’s funny. When Baylen was born I remember thinking how hard the newborn phase was. Obviously it was hard in the sense that we were sleep-deprived and new at the whole parenting gig ....more

Real Life Mom Moments: Everything Feels Like Work

This afternoon after we all woke up from nap time (yes, Jake and I included…we rarely miss a weekend nap), we got ready to...more

Real Life Mom Moments: House Slippers In Public

Guess what? This was the first whole week I’ve been on my own with all four kids! And I survived! ...more

Real Life Mom Moments: What IS IT About Toilet Paper?

Ok but seriously. WHAT is it about toilet paper that makes toddlers all giddy? Maybe it’s the fact that they can shred it into a million pieces? ...more

31 Days of Real Life Mom Moments

I have four kids under three. At this point in my life, I have PLENTY...more