Exploring The Vitamin Shoppe

Over the past few months I’ve made a 180 when it comes to nutrition, and I’m now constantly on the lookout for ways I can incorporate healthy nutrients into my family. I was absolutely thrilled when I was selected for a FitFluential campaign with The Vitamin Shoppe. They gave me a $100 gift card and......more

I’m A Boy Mom, And This Is How I Hope They Love “Her”

Please love her like your Daddy loves me. As I’m writing this you boys are 4 and almost 2. We are still in the thick of diapers, sippy cups, naps, and tantrums ....more

Introducing: MMT Academy

Three and a half years ago I had my first baby, and decided to leave my full time job as an event planner to become a stay at home mom. I’ve never regretted my decision. I love being at home to witness the tiniest milestones and the big emotions that are part of the......more

The One Thing I Never Leave Home Without

If you asked me five years ago if I’d ever leave the house without my purse I would have thought you were crazy. Then I had kids. And I learned that the diaper bag trumps the purse any day of the week ....more

What I Pray My Daughter Always Remembers

Most of us don’t have memories from when we were little. I think most of my memories from the time before I was 10 years old are only because of pictures and home videos. There have been times since having my daughter that I’m thankful she won’t remember these first couples weeks, months, years, etc....more

Tips & Tricks For Dressing Kids On A Budget

When I had my first baby, I had a closet FULL of clothes for him. Some were from baby showers and the rest were hand-me-downs. I don’t think I purchased a single item of clothing for him until he was around a year old ....more

Celebrating My First Momiversary

We recently celebrated a big day in our household....more

Drive-In Movie Night For Toddlers + A Cozy Coupe Giveaway

I have four kids under four, and it feels like we’ve been doing the SAME thing ALL WINTER. Spring is sort of...more

When Holidays Aren’t Picture Perfect

I woke up with the best intentions to get my kids dressed in adorable Easter outfits so we could walk into church looking our absolute best for Jesus. And let’s be honest, so I could post a cute Instagram picture. Then everybody woke up and one by one, each made their own desires and wishes......more

When It Feels Like God Is Making You Cry It Out

It’s 8:00pm. Which means my baby is both hungry and tired. She’s ready for her snuggles and her milk ....more