CALIA by Carrie Underwood: Fall Active Living Clothing

The day before we left for Mexico a couple weeks ago, I received the most amazing package from CALIA by Carrie Underwood!...more

The Moment You Realize All Those Other Moms Were Right

This journey in motherhood…it’s something, isn’t it? Lately it’s been taking my breath away and tugging at the inner most part of my heart. Something deep in my soul is telling me to hug my kids a little tighter, and to live life with them to the fullest ....more

22 Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas for KIDS From Hallmark Gold Crown Stores

Last week Hallmark invited me to their store to check out their holiday selection! Going to Hallmark without kids in tow was like a mini-vacation. I could literally spend HOURS just looking at everything they have to offer ....more

Baby Brother’s Way To Keep Up With His Older Siblings

I was joking with my husband the other day that we should just get rid of all our baby toys because Case is far more interested in the toys of his older siblings! I guess that’s how it is when you’re the fourth child; you’re always looking for ways to be included with the big......more

Why We Really Love The Red Cup

This weekend I started seeing RED cups being posted all over social media. Swoon. WHAT...more

Soaking Up My Last Time In The Baby Stage

Now that we’re done having babies, every stage I’m in with Case causes me to get a little sentimental. Even though he’s still little and there is still so much to experience with him, there are a lot of important milestones we’re experiencing together that I’ll never get to do again. The last few months......more

The 10 Stages Of Shopping With Kids At Target

I have four kids under five and I take them to Target on a regular basis. When I say regular basis, I mean at least two or three times a week. Sometimes four ....more

When You Witness A Miracle

This week I came close to losing my dad. Just typing that makes my heart ache. Last Thursday morning, October 1st, at around 4:30am I was woken up by my vibrating cell phone ....more

The Sisterhood of Motherhood: Let’s Help Each Other Make Supper

Where I’m from, the temps today are in the low 60’s and just yesterday a beautiful little yellow leaf fell right next to my bright pink tennis shoe as I was buckling my little in his car seat. My pumpkin spice candle is crackling downstairs....more

All I Want Is My Kids To Live Love Out Loud

My twin girls are two years old and are at an age where they repeat what I say constantly. The other day I was carrying Emersyn from the house to the car and I dropped something. I said, “Oh shoot!” And the very next words from her mouth were, “Oh shoot, Momma!” Then there was......more