Tangled T-Day No. 3

Welcome to another Tangled T-Day! In addition to this week’s bundle of tangling updates, I’ve got a fun bit of giveaway news to share with you today. Hope you enjoy! ...more

#MicroblogMondays 125 – MLK

→ What is #MicroblogMondays? → #MicroblogMondays 125 linkup here! The post #MicroblogMondays 125 – MLK appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

If we met for coffee

If we met for coffee, I’d say with a sense of relief just what perfect timing it is, since I’m currently all out of my favourite dark-roast beans at home and have been relying on No Name instant (blech!) for the past couple of days to get my morning jump-start. Better than nothing, but I’m […] The post If we met for coffee appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

Tangled T-Day No. 2

It’s been a fun and creative week of tangling, learning new patterns, and finishing this week’s page in my 2017 art journal. Welcome to another Tangled T-Day – hope you enjoy! New Tangles Since my previous Tangled T-Day post I have learned the following new-to-me tangles ....more

Reminder: 2017 Word of the Year Linkup

Hey, Alphabet Salad readers – in case you missed (or perhaps forgot!) My 2017 Word of the Year + Linkup post, I’m here with a gentle nudge and timely reminder to sit down and write your own word of the year post and then link up with other bloggers below. Only one week left to […] The post Reminder: 2017 Word of the Year Linkup appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

International Blog Delurking Week 2017

As I was reminded today by the fabulous Melissa Ford of Stirrup Queens, an ancient internet tradition called International Blog Delurking Week is happening… right now! This week! And you – yes, I really do mean YOU – are invited to play! ...more

Tangled T-Day No. 1

Welcome to my first-ever Tangled T-Day! OK, so it’s not really all THAT different from my previous Tangled Tuesday series – I’ve just decided to tweak the process a little (check out this post if you’d like more details), and to mark the transition I’m re-starting my numbering back at the beginning. Hope you enjoy […] The post Tangled T-Day No ....more

#MicroblogMondays 123 – Fresh Start

This morning I (along with a goodly portion of the population, I’m betting!) stepped gingerly onto the scale for the first time in a few weeks to face up to the damage done after a (mostly planned) spree of holiday indulgence. I nervously peeked through my fingers to see the horrifying results, and… actually, it […] The post #MicroblogMondays 123 – Fresh Start appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

New Year’s “Not Resolutions” 2017

Happy New Year to you, Happy 50th Birthday to me, and welcome to my first (annual?) New Year’s “Not Resolutions” post at Alphabet Salad! Why NOT resolutions, you might ask? Personally, I’m not so much a fan of New Year’s resolutions – the very word brings out my inner rebel and dooms me to failure, […] The post New Year’s “Not Resolutions” 2017 appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

The 50 by 50 Project: The Final Update

You might recall that toward the end of 2015 I shared my 2016 Word of the Year – Progress – and followed up at the start of January with an explanation of a project I’d conceived to help me put the word into action in the new year. My introduction to The 50 by 50 […] The post The 50 by 50 Project: The Final Update appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more