Candy Corn Popcorn Bags

Have you traded your microwave popcorn packs for brown bag popcorn yet? If not, you should! Martha Stewart turned me on to brown bag popcorn a few years ago. And ever since, it's the only way we make it. ...more
I love it! Very cute and healthier and tastier(to me!) than 'real' candy cornmore


 Fall is finally here.It’s always been my favorite season, for so many reasons. But mostly because it’s quite possibly the only REAL season we have around here....more

To The Mom Who's Pretty Sure She's Screwing It All Up...

Isaiah loves art. He’s full of imagination and he LOVES to create. (The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.)The other day I complimented him…telling him what a good painter he was. “Yeah. I am.” he replied.His response tickled me. And then it made me think. If only we could all have that kind of confidence. If only we could share that same sort of self-assuredness out loud, and not feel any shame. There’s a quote floating around on Pinterest. Have you seen it?It goes something like this…...more

I'm the Best Mom (and PS: So Are You!)

Just last week, I was in a conversation with a friend when she took a deep breath, sighed, and said… “You’re the best Mom.” I immediately felt my heart leap into my throat. The best Mom? What the whaaaaa??? It’s funny. You do a few crafts with your kids and write about them, and suddenly you are Supermom. Don’t get me wrong. I felt flattered. But I got all sorts of twitchy at the mere sound of those words. ...more
Amen!  Loved your post.  And I love that you love the "real" aspects of life and parenting. ...more

For All the New Moms (What I Wish I'd Known)

For All The New Moms (What I Wish I'd Known)4.03.2014 ...more

Surviving Stay at Home Mommy-hood: A Battle Plan

Surviving Stay at Home Mommy-hood: A Battle Plan3.09.2014 ...more

A Vow to Post the Ugly

I loved this quick article about ugly kid crafts. ...more

Big Boy Bed (and other milestones)

It was a big weekend for us at the Aars house. Isaiah made the leap from crib to big boy bed. ...more

In case of emergency...

So, we had an emergency this weekend. And I'm not talking running out of milk. I'm talking a full fledged, race-to-the-ER emergency. After church on Saturday night, I noticed Michael was pacing around our house. Nervously. (very unlike him.) Finally, after a few minutes, I asked if he was alright. Before he even answered I knew it was a 'no'. Ten minutes later we were headed to the ER, toddler in tow, for what we were sure to be appendicitis. ...more

What Staying-at-Home Is Really Like

Well, it's been almost six months since I made the huge life decision to become a stay at home Mommy. So I figured it's about time for an update. I get asked "how's it going" all the time. But every time someone asks, I'm convinced they want the abridged answer of "wonderful." So that's what they get. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about how it's really going. For the record, I haven't lied. It is wonderful....more Thank you so much, Robin!more