Small Changes Make "Fiddler on the Roof" Feminist Without Breaking Tradition

Though it lost the 2016 Best Revival Tony Award to The Color Purple, the number that this latest Broadway mounting of Fiddler on the Roof performed during the telecast did highlight one of the ways in which this production is different from previous ones. (Insert your own Passover joke, here.) ...more
BlogHer WOMEN WHO CODE for #treasurehunt make ‘LILITH': #feminism #GoldenLily #WWCode ...more

The TV Show That Gets ‘Will They Or Won’t They?’ Right

The names say it all. Sam and Diane. Dave and Maddie. Ross and Rachel. Mulder and Scully. Robin and Ted (or Robin and Barney, for that matter). George and Izzy. Chuck and Sarah. Nick and Jess. Fitz and Olivia. Danny and Mindy. You don't even need the show titles. (Though, for the record, we're talking about Cheers, Moonlighting, Friends, X-Files, How I Met Your Mother, Grey's Anatomy, Chuck, New Girl, Scandal and The Mindy Project.) ...more
I love Brooklyn 99. And you're right they've handled he relationship so well and I love the ...more

‘Heartbeat’ Is a Beat Behind in Portraying Professional Women

Heartbeat, which airs on Wednesdays on NBC, is based on the real life story of Kathy Magliato, one of the world’s few female cardio-thoracic surgeons. It is produced by, among others, Amy Brenneman, best known for starring in and producing Judging Amy. Which is why it’s such a surprise and a disappointment to see what a male fantasy this alleged tale of female empowerment turned out to be. ...more
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The Novelty of Hapless Dads Is Long Gone

It’s tough to say who’s having a harder time letting go of their '90s television obsessions, the network executives who keep remaking/updating/sequeling classic shows, or the fans who can’t get enough of them. ...more
As a mother now, I agree how ridiculous the media scrutinizes women who are not the "total ...more

‘Telenovela’ Shows What It's Really Like Behind the Scenes of a Soap-Opera

Prior to its official premiere on Monday, NBC offered a prime-time sneak peek of two episodes, and an online preview of the third, of its new sitcom, Telenovela. The show takes place behind-the-scenes of a Florida-based, Spanish language soap-opera, where star Ana-Sofia (played by Executive Producer Eva Longoria) is horrified to discover that her new co-star is her cheating ex-husband, Javier (Jencarlos Canela). Image: NBC ...more

10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘The Wiz’

Hot on the heels of their massive success with The Sound of Music LIVE and Peter Pan LIVE, NBC will be airing The Wiz LIVE, starring Queen Latifa, Mary J. Blige, David Alan Grier, Ne-Yo, Uzo Aduba, Amber Riley, Broadway’s original Dorothy, Stephanie Mills, and newcomer Shanice Williams in the lead role, on Thursday, December 3. ...more
Will I? What else is there to do when "The Wiz" is on? My whole family will be watching.more

Amazon's ‘The Man In the High Castle’ Makes Us Think About Racism, Anti-Semitism and Fascism in America

The good news is, if the Axis powers had actually won World War II as posited in Amazon’s new series, The Man In the High Castle, it wouldn’t affect my life much. The bad news is that’s because I’d be dead. Well, technically, unborn. ...more
I'm going to have to check out this series now...more

'Blood & Oil' Wants to Be 'Empire' But It Just Isn't Slick Enough

In 1986, the return of Patrick Duffy as Bobby helped Dallas win its first head-to-head skirmish with hip, Technicolor rival, Miami Vice. The prime-time soap continued to dominate for the duration of the season and beyond. Now, almost 30 years later, Don Johnson, who once made America safe for neon blazers and shoes without socks, returns to TV with a prime-time soap of his own, Blood & Oil, which debuted on ABC on Sunday, September 27. ...more
Great article! I grew up watching "Dallas" and "Dynasty."  I loved the new revamped Dallas and ...more

Can Neil Patrick Harris — and Live TV — Get America Watching Variety Again?

Can Neil Patrick Harris break through multiple decades of viewer habits and convince them to watch television live again by promising The Best Time Ever? Image: NBC...more

Here's to You ‘Mr. Robinson,' But Why Are Most Pop Culture Teachers Men?

With kids all across the country getting ready to head back to school, NBC is launching a 6-episode series, Mr. Robinson, starring stand-up comic Craig Robinson as a struggling musician who takes a day job substitute teaching a high-school music class to pay the bills. (Because it’s trivial to land a teaching job, and you don’t need certification or anything.) Image via NBC ...more
Oops, 'scuse me, that should be "Dangerous Minds".  "Gansta's Paradise"  was one of the tunes ...more