Here's How ‘Allegiance’ is Totally Different from ‘The Americans’

At first glance, NBC’s Allegiance looks to be a painfully obvious rip-off of the FX hit, The Americans. Both feature a seemingly perfect, all-American family, Mom, Dad, older daughter, younger son – except Mom and Dad also happen to be Russian spies. ...more
I just read that Allegiance has been cancelled.more

Costner's ‘Black or White' Is Sadly Calculated to Be Stereotypical and Provocative

Black or White, which went into wide-release on Friday, January 30, is the story of a grandfather Elliot (Kevin Costner) who loses his wife in a car accident, and is then forced to fight off a custody battle for the granddaughter they’d raised since birth from her other grandmother Rowena (Octavia Spencer). I saw the film last weekend in a Harlem theater with my African-American husband.  ...more
I plan on seeing it.more

Why the Silliness of 'Galavant' Is Maybe Not the Worst Thing Ever

There are two ways to do a musical series on television.One is to set the musical aspect in a world where characters have a legitimate reason to spontaneously break into song. Shows like The Partridge Family, Fame, Glee, and Smash all took advantage of that trope, having their characters perform at any and every opportunity. ...more
I admit, I have a "sassy" sense of humor and just love this! I thought this show was just a ...more

Should You Take Your Kids "Into the Woods?"

My children didn't have much of a choice about becoming musical theater geeks. Show-tunes were pretty much the only thing I played around the house, with Stephen Sondheim far and away the most popular composer and lyricist. ...more
I love this post! I don't have children of my own (except furry ones), but if I did, they'd ...more

10 Secrets You Don't Know About Peter Pan

This Thursday, December 4, NBC will attempt to duplicate the success of their 2013, live Sound of Music broadcast by airing a 21st Century version of a 20th century classic.  The live telecast of Peter Pan stars Allison Williams (Girls) and Christian Borle (Smash), with voice-over by Minnie Driver (About a Boy), and something we all need more of in our lives, a singing, dancing Christopher Walken. ...more
Very interesting! And I'm apprehensively looking forward to tonight.more

How the Geniuses of 'Scorpion' Insulted My Intelligence

Twenty minutes into the pilot episode of Scorpion (Mondays on CBS), the titular lead, Walter O’Brien a.k.a. Scorpion, played by actor Elyes Gabel, somberly tells a waitress mom (Katherine McPhee), “I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news – your son is a genius.”Cut to commercial. Image: CBS ...more
Scorpion speaks to the real experiences people in the gifted comunity deal with. I'm not talking ...more

What TV Gets Wrong About Smart Kids (and Adults)

My oldest son goes to an NYC high-school that only accepts the top 2% of its 30,000 applicants. My middle son taught himself computer programming and is trying to prove his contrary theory that light is, in fact, not both a particle and a wave. And my youngest daughter completed the local library's summer-long reading challenge in the first week and accidentally wiped them out of all their prizes. ...more
I was enjoying this until the author referenced a character's persistence in trying to kill his ...more

Looking for Multiracial TV Characters I Can Show My Biracial Kids

Recent media on media coverage of the upcoming Fall Television Season (does TV even still have seasons? Doesn't it feel like new shows are just constantly premiering?) has focused heavily on television becoming a lot less "whitewashed," mostly due to the multiple productions of Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy) and a few others, including upcoming pilots with Hispanic and Asian leads. ...more
Modern family is also on ABC.more

Celebrate TV's Top 10 Fabulous Female Bosses

This month, Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg created attention for cultivating leadership qualities in women through the #banbossy campaign, saying, "When a little boy asserts himself, he's called a leader. Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded bossy." ...more
BlogHer Such a fun article! Some wonderful picks too. #TVWomen #FemaleBossesmore

Whom to Root For in Ladies' Figure Skating? History Says Look For the Best Story

Who is on track to win the ladies' Olympic figure skating competition scheduled for Wednesday, February 19 and Thursday, February 20? It's a tough call. There are, after all, so many elements in a winning program. Judges are looking at jumps, spins, footwork, spirals, connecting moves, musicality and artistic presentation. ...more
This is why I like objective sports. Crossed the finish line first? Great. You win. End of story.more